My in-laws are visiting for the weekend. So, it's been busy to say the least- the kids are ALL ABOUT the beading, and have begged me to let them bead since they arrived.
Here they are laying out their designs. Of course, I don't have any stretchy string so I've been stringing their pieces on linen cording which doesn't work that great with no clasp- but they are quite occupied, either way.
I gave them a bin of lucite to work with. Probably the cheapest beads I could find in the stash- he he he! But Alexandra keeps trying to get into the artbeads in the bead cabinet when I'm not looking! :)
Maxwell is very symmetrical in his designs, he's always been very meticulous with anything he works on. Alex is a bit more like her Aunt Lori. I'll show you some of their finished designs tomorrow.
This morning I was able to sneak away to put a bracelet together. Forget me not... will be going into the shop momentarily.


  1. Everyone needs an Aunt Lori like you!

    Enjoy the day.

  2. that is so pretty. I love the colors. I love the knotting as well. I want to make a necklace using that technique. And the green girl pendant goes great with the piece
    Alice of Alice's beads and baubles

  3. Beautiful bracelet! Can't wait to see what the kids create. Enjoy your company this weekend.

  4. You are so sweet to share your stash with the kids! They will remember you forever for inspiring them like that. You are passing it forward!!

  5. beautiful! I often have my kids beading next to me - and they usually ahve great ideas!

  6. what a beautiful bracelet!


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