I heart Lynn Davis

Lynn Davis never ceases to amaze me, and inspire me! I can pick up any one of her lovely handmade creations and feel transported back into a different era of time. I love the vintage flair of her work- I think we fit hand in hand. Thanks Lynn for your inspiration, and your talent! Above, a new bracelet that features one of Lynn's large polyclay focal connectors with eyelets on either side. I created a bangle style bracelet by attaching the focal to a 14g brass wire. Dressing up the wire with some patinaed wire from Miss Fickle Media, it adds a bit of interest and texture to wire. Before doing that, I banged the wire up with some taps of my ball peen hammer to age the look of the metal. I wire wrapped some dangles, a lampwork drop from Gardanne beads, and a brass shell from the Industrial Chic line. On the other side, I wire wrapped a small ivory lampwork glass flower from Blue Seraphim.
Lynn is in the process of moving to Louisiana but you can check out her sold section at her Etsy shop, here.


  1. lynn certainly is inspiring... her work is vast in scope and meticulously created... i too admire her so very much...

  2. I have bought so much stuff from Lynn that I probably financed her move LOL! So far, though, I am hoarding it all to myself. I love what you did with that connector piece!

  3. You are a match made in heaven, Miss Lorelei! I love everything Lynn does. But what you have transformed this into is nothing short of pure inspiration. I can never think of things that clever! I didn't realize she was moving. I have half of a drawer in my printer's cabinet with her things in it. Time to stop hoarding and start creating! Enjoy the day!

  4. This is a beautiful piece made with such beautiful components.

  5. That is an awesome piece of jewelry!
    I didn't know Lynn was moving, she was the closest to me of all my online acquaintances!

  6. and i heart lorelei! this looks so very great. The simplicity of the bangle form, with a couple little 'perks' along the way. beautiful.

  7. Lorelei, thanks for making such a lovely out of the component, you always know just how to pull things together.

    Yes, I'm moving to be nearer my grandbaby and her parents - it's been planned a long time but my daughter can't wait any longer, and neither can I.

    I'll have a whole new studio, all set up in a special building for me, and I'm looking forward to getting unpacked and getting CREATIVE again ... moving is a lot of work!

    Thanks for showcasing the work and mentioning the relocation! HUGE HUGS


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