Linen and Lace

Yesterday I headed out to the big local antique mall in Westmoreland, NY. They are located in a huge red barn, 2 floors of vendor booths filled to the brim with antiques, knick knacks, junk, you name it. I was on the look out for tins, lace ribbon, buttons, keys, or whatever I could find that I can re-purpose into jewelry.

The first treasure I found, was this enormous jar of buttons. It's filled, right to the top. And the kicker? It was only $7!

I took some buttons out of it yesterday afternoon and made this bracelet!

The next thing I needed was vintage lace ribbon. I had found some here before, and was really lucky to find more of it, even from the same vendor! I have to create a special wedding necklace for Kylie Parry, and this was the last thing I needed to get started. 

The extras I found were some small packages of buttons- one collection of shell, and one collection of bone? maybe wood? I'm not sure. I loved the patterning. Also found some pretty Jet faceted ball shank buttons... 

I also found some awesome doilies, one- that I plan on cutting up. You'll SEE!  and the other one is a pretty khaki linen doily that has embroidered flowers on it, which turned out to be a pretty awesome backdrop for my photographs! 

Ceramic Frame pendant- Chinook Jewelry
Pewter bird- Green Girl Studios
Pewter button- Mamacita Beadworks
Silver wire
Leather lace
Lampwork glass- The Orange Bell

I am really enjoying my weekend, making the best of it. Not sure what's in store for me today, but whatever it is, I plan on making it fabulous.
Hope you are making the best of your weekend too!


  1. Dear Lorelei,that jar is a brilliant buy,fab bargain.I love the lace.I am designing some ribbon wrapped bead bracelets and necklaces.I am travelling to Portugal and Spain this coming week and hope to come across some flea markets or the like.I was looking going to look for some vintage ribbon and lace.If I see any bargains will post to my blog(crystalriverbeads.blogspot).I can,t wait to see what you design with yours.Cheers,Anne.

  2. what a fabulous haul you made.
    the button jar on it's own is pretty cool.
    i am in love with the embroidered linen.
    beautiful necklace

  3. You are so wise to go with a specific list! Great finds.

  4. great finds Lorelei! I did the same yesterday and found only one cool thing, but it was totally unexpected, so it made my whole day!

  5. Lorelei - Sounds like a wonderful day, love your new treasures!

  6. Cool buys, great bracelet!

  7. Woohoo on the great finds! They are awesome. And I love that button bracelet. No one does buttons quite like you Miss Lorelei! You are so inventive and cool. I found several original packages of filigree brass buttons you would die for...I thought when I found them "What Would Lorelei Do?" and the answer was "Why, buy them of course!" You are an inspiration ;-) Enjoy the day!

  8. My grandmother believed that every woman should own a jar of buttons. When I got married, she gave me my own jar of old buttons and it sits on my hutch in the dining room. Man, what you could do with those. The bracelet is lovely.

    I'm so glad you're having a good weekend.

  9. L.O.V.E. the chain. ANd the bird. And the button. All round great in fact! As usual :-)

  10. Yeah! SCORE on everything! :) Love the necklace with the suede, too!

  11. You are lucky to live on the East coast for things like that. Out here people the two flea markets we have are so overpriced, it's not even worth the trip! They think because they are rare they can charge whatever they want :( Not cool. Times like this I miss Montreal!


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