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 smart bird studio

 alissa clark

 lori phillips ceramics



  1. Oh my, I love all the pottery. I'm a closet pottery fanatic. Should think about coming out one day, right?

  2. The beads at the top look like Smarties. I just want to string them on a fat piece of yarn and walk around all day munching on them while wiping multi-colored drool off my chin....can you tell I spend a lot of time around my niece and nephew?

  3. Lovely things! Yellena is wonderful! Is she famous in USA? I know she is a well publicated illustrater. But i just stumbled upon her on etsy over a year ago. That bottom bird is so nice too. I want to have it on my wall, next to yellena. And the pottery on the mantelpiece (although i dont have a mantelpiece. )

    I might also post my "wish-to-have-s". Really nice to see. Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. these are lovely, you selected a couple of my fav's as well.
    geninne's paintings are amazing.

    for collecting pottery is a very affordable is sculpture even if functional. these are great picks.

  5. LOVE the colors & shapes of those beads from outwest!

  6. Wow, great picks! I'm in lust too!

  7. Gorgeous! Love the beads and that Lori Phillips vessel! So pretty!

  8. absolutely yummy picks! I want those pink beads!

  9. Love the listings. I love your blog and check it often.

    I submitted a comment yesterday, but can't seem to find a listing for July 20. I inquired about a good disc cutting set and whether or not you use a tumbler.

    Your designs are wonderful and i do appreciate the information on supplies. I've gone to many of the listings.


  10. Yummmmmm
    I love the Yellena illustration. It's flowing designs remind me of Dora Schubert beads. (Yes, it's always about the beads with me!)

  11. Ooh I love the striations and colours in those Outwest beads. Just gorgeous!

  12. Love the lust-worthy stuff on this post!
    Even though I don't comment all the time, I am reading your blog. I've even started using an RRS reader thingy, so I won't miss anything!
    Keep on blogging!

  13. Yummie!!! They very first one reminds me of the candy necklaces, oh how I just love those candy takes me back to my child hood summers at our beach house for me :)

  14. Oh WOW the Alissa Clark set - I LOVE IT!!!

  15. Ummmm, yum! Those should bump you out of your rut! I think it's just July - I can't wait for it to be over...

  16. I L-O-V-E the soft, rich hue of the beads! I just ordered my first set of beads from MermaidGlass ( and I've been drooling over the colors on the screen, just like these ones make you do! Isn't it fun to have color like this "on the way", the anxiety of using them in my designs is just too much for me sometimes! Great, feel-good picks!

  17. Oh, for shame, making us lust right along with you. Those beads, and the pottery......
    goodness me, I am flushed!

  18. Anonymous7/22/2010

    Wauw I love the colors of the beads on the first pic! Great list of pottery!

    the Netherlands

  19. Woah..Love that set from alissa clark


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