Mug Shots

Come over and check out my friend Lori Phillips new ceramic shop and blog! It was a nice surprise this morning to see that Lori has gone full on, into Ceramics- my favorite medium! When I flew over to her new Etsy store, I fell in love with these two lovely mugs. Aren't they great!?? so fun and colorful! I am really excited to get them in the mail.

I can see some jewelry made in these colors! It's nice to be inspired first thing on a Saturday morning!


  1. Very cute! Going to check out her shop now... :)

  2. That first one is sooooooo cuuuuuuute! I mean, they both are, but I'm nuts for that scale pattern. (btw, did you mean "two lovely mugs" or "too lovely"? sorry, i'm a dorky english teacher and easily distracted.)

  3. DOH!
    I rarely do that. I fixed it, it should have been TWO not TOO!

  4. Thank you so much for blogging me! :D I can't wait to pack them up all purdy-like and send them out!

  5. LOVE how the bright colors are presented in muted tones ... it's so easy on the eyes! I agree, they would be wonderful in a piece of jewelry - especially including some ceramic beads. Very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your latest find.


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