a sad sign

i was pumped.
so so sooo pumped.
i was ready. 
i was going to leave work tonight, hop into the Imprezza
and zip over to the mall to the apple store.
the iPad was going to be miiiiiine.

then i talked to the IT guys at work.
my excitement grew.
i was totally in.
gonna do it.

then i made the phone call.
to see if they had the one i wanted, in stock.
the dreaded answer.
"we can put you on the waiting list"....
"it's the best way you will be able to get the one you want...."

dreams crushed.
i don't want to order one.
i don't want to be on the waiting list.
i wanted one tonight.
so i am taking it as a sign.


make me feel better.
come over to the etsy shop and enjoy a flash sale.
buy anything in the shop and get something else (equal or lesser price) for 1/2 off.


1/2 off.

check out, don't pay. i'll send a revised invoice.
put ipad in the notes to seller!

flash sale ends at midnight tonight.


  1. Don't take it as a sign! Get on the waiting list...we did exactly the same thing - actually went into the Apple shop, asked to buy one and were told about the stinky list...but we only waited a week for it to arrive and now we have a pretty iPad, Taggart, in our home with us. And we love him!

  2. ... and there are lots of cool ipad cases on etsy...

  3. I like Cindi. She's an enabler!

    Seriously, we were only on the wait list for a day before they emailed and said "COME GET IT!"

  4. Order one...then you can get what you really want:)

  5. Do you guys have Best Buy out in your neck of the woods? They had them out the wazoo!

  6. Oh so sad (but love the poetic flair!) ~ Laura (Moags)

  7. Sorry you didn't get your new toy but do as the others have said and get your name on the waiting list.

  8. Well, bad words, bad words, bad words.....sorry about the iPad!!!! But I am really sorry about the sale I missed! I knew there was a downfall to me working evenings now. Too bad, as today is payday also.......burning a hole in my pocket already!

    Good luck with the iPad!!


  9. Awwww (sympathy), you'll get one soon!

  10. Don't give up! It only took two weeks to get mine and I love it!


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