Stay Calm, Carry On

That's me today. Stay Calm. Deep Breathing. Carry on, like normal.  Okay, who the F am I kidding here. I am totally not staying calm. After 3 different meltdowns yesterday at work, I am hoping that today will be calmer. But I can't guarantee it. You ever just feel defeated, when the shit hits the fan? Several times yesterday, I was hoping I could crawl under my desk, close and lock the door and come out at 5pm.  It's going to get easier right?
At least my jewelry has a calm feeling. Last night I created the Paloma link bracelet with some pretty jasper beads, and Tierra Cast bird links...and some sweet little silver earrings to match. Then I realized I had never listed this wood toggle necklace.  All three are now in my shop.
TGIF! I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at home, a party with friends tomorrow night... and hopefully getting my head back on straight so I can concentrate on a super secret, extra special project that's in the works. More on that at a much later date. Sorry to tease you!!


  1. Holy Cow! I thought I was going crazy yesterday too! Seriously!!!

    Woke up to another bat in the house (in my basement studio at least)...
    Vent cleaners were here for 5 hours sucking and blowing very high pressure air - got nothing done during my "one day a week studio work day"...
    One guy broke a small figurine of my grandma's (little bunny one) by accident...
    Neighbors are clearing side hill (taking out EVERYTHING!) I had to run with shovel to save some plants... They want a "clean" garden :(

    I so thought I was going crazy and that hormones were taking me to an ugly place because I was going nuts and wanted to freak out and cry all at once.

    What's up with that? Is something going on with the moon right now? Dang!!!

    Hope your today is much better!

  2. These pieces are beautiful! Keep calm, it'll be ok. I've been in your situation in the last year and I understand how stressful it can be. You're doing great by using your jewelry as an outlet!

    It's tough to not only miss people you work with, but I assume you're also doing more work for no pay raise and that can be really difficult! Hang in there, and I'll try to comment more on your blog, I'm a big fan but I need to be a more active reader!

  3. sorry to hear this week was so stressful.
    hopefully time will sort it out..
    or maybe bring about a change in your own self, sometimes one change brings about other unexpected ones..
    just try to stay centered in the wake of all this.
    does aroma therapy work?
    lavender's calming i've heard.

  4. I think yesterday was a bad day for alot of people it wasnt a good one for me. It was so good it was over! I hope today will be alot better for you! There must be some bumpy ground now that people have left...hang in there! Time heals..and heres to a good good weekend!

  5. is patchouli! deep breath, hold on, stay focused, be positive and find three blessings in every day no matter how small!

  6. Anonymous7/23/2010

    Hang in there -- I worked for the same publishing company for close to 13 years, and like clockwork almost every fall it seemed there were a series of small layoffs (and sometimes big ones). That type of change is sooooo stressful, but keeping your eye on all the positive things in your own personal life is a great coping strategy. Hope if gets easier soon.

  7. Okay .. I have to say there has been something going on with the moon, or something because I think there has been streams of stressful days for everyone. I hope today is better, and the weekend relaxing!

  8. You may be right about the moon! Although I loath to blame it on the moon! The new pieces are beautiful and isn't it nice to have that creative piece of mind! Maybe you just need a bigger fan! Of course I would be hard pressed to keep my inner potty mouthed sailor from rearing its ugly head! Maybe a margarita beading party is needed! It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

  9. I know the feeling - been there on both sides. Slowly laid-off all my staff couple years ago; I left; came back to a different position and year later company decided to close the whole dept; 57 of us - puff! Year and half later, still no job. Be thankful, you WILL get through this. You have a wonderful opportunity to take on new responsibilites and run with them. There's more in the cards for you...

    Great pieces. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Well, I could cough on you and then you'd get my cold and have to stay home...but I'm not sure that'd be an improvement. Hang in there! Only a few hours to go until the weekend!

  11. Hope your weekend leaves you refreshed and ready for next week - sounds like you have a good one lined up! Shit days at work are THE worst. Hope it all gets better. Keep your chin up!

  12. one thing that is wonderful, though, is this this world of creativity and blogging, where you can share the good and bad and there'll always be all of these beautiful supportive women who totally get it. (are all we creative types just unstable? Is that stereotype really so true?)
    btw, the clip you posted yesterday had me literally lolling and clapping and thumping my desk. didn't think 80s humor could do that!
    sending my love love love and astral chocolate.

  13. Gotta say that Thurdays was an awful day for me too.. 11 hour day trying to get drawings out, 6 display boards ready for a client and teach a grad how to use glue...anywhoo....
    Miss L, I know what you're going through - it is so unsettling to those who stay and so unfair on those who lose their jobs. Hang in there, it is a rough patch but I'm sure there will be a sunny day for you soon. Have a peaceful weekend amongst your beads :) Vicki

  14. It must be the alignment of the planets, stars, or something like that. My Thursday was bad too, a co-worker almost lost her job, but thankfully it did not happen. Today was better, very happy about my rainy weekend with 'Bonnie' visiting the gulf. Love your jasper jewelry, i particularly love the solitary blue lace agate nugget among the jaspers. Have a relaxing restful weekend.

  15. One of my son's favorite books when he was younger was Dinotopia. It truly is a masterfully illustrated book. One of the greetings the people there use is "Breathe Deep, Seek Peace" as well as "Breathe Deep, Fly High". I like to remember those two. That is what I am wishing for you.

    Breathe Deep.
    Seek Peace.
    Fly High.
    Look for that 'something good.'

    Enjoy the day.


  16. All three pieces are lovely. I hope your weekend is all you need it to be and that Monday morning finds you ready to take on the world (or at least your job).

  17. I know that feeling! Just gotta hang in there and be thankful you have a creative outlet that many don't have to unwind with.
    Also, really glad to hear you like the mugs and are putting them to use! :D

  18. it must be the silly season OR a full moon

    after a disaster start to the year i have been feeling the best i have for years. feeling appreciated, supported and really happy at work. then.. last week it started.. an unfounded accusation with no substance or truth. and it continues.. i came home on friday ready to have a total relapse to my early-this-year-depressed-ready-to-commit-myself-self.

    why do people try to destroy their colleagues?
    work life can be the best and it can be the worst.
    these times really make you doubt any self worth.

    so Lorelei. i know just how you feel.
    all one can do is wait till the sun shines again.


  19. that was exactly the kind of day i had! i got some sapphire gin, a bottle of tonic water and a lime and ahhhhh....(it was after 5, so I'd slayed all my dragons and deserved a big fat cocktail!) Sometimes all we have to do is just survive those poopy days. Ugh. Must have been some weird cosmic spin out! Thank God we have our lovely beads to make us happy!

  20. It was a rough week for sure. Maybe it's the moon or planets or something like that. Love the bracelet - the colors in that jasper are incredible.


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