What Vacation Looks like PART 2

I was fortunate to be able to get together with my most awesome friend Erin Siegel of Erin Siegel Jewelry, while I was in Massachusetts. We got together last year as well, but this year we got to spend a little more time together.  We went out to lunch on Monday, did some antiquing where I got some awesome new tins,  and an old file to add to my jewelry tool repetoire.  On Tuesday we got together at the Riverwalk Bead Shop and Gallery, where we picked up some beads for a little challenge. Use some sort of textile in a project. She chose leather, and I chose linen cording. We headed over to her apartment and had a blast putting together our necklaces, taking lots of little breaks for stories, chatting, gossip, and sharing tips. Erin showed me how to do some square knots for a toggle loop, and also showed me how to make my own wire end findings for leather cording!
Here are the necklaces we created, both care free, both SUMMER inspired, both fun and wearable!

Tuesday night we got together with Erin and her husband Josh for a delish meal at Agave Mexican Bistro. Boy, that was a great meal. We had fun with them, and of course, totally wish we lived closer. Although it would be nice to live closer to the ocean, we would never be able to afford to buy the type of home we have now...the housing prices are outrageously high on the east coast.  We are looking forward to making this trip out to that New England town, an annual Anniversary trip.

Going back to Monday night, we also go together with Keith O'Connor, and his wife Laurie for dinner at the Portsmouth Brewery. A fun evening, spending time with beady folks with much in common with us. Joe enjoyed chatting with Laurie about gardening and I talked Keith's ear off about beads, and bead shopping.  Of course, after dinner there was a beady exchange out of the trunk of Keith's car, that looked much like a drug deal. ;)   I got a few more of these lovely red beads for my Harbinger Collection earrings... these were just like the first ones I showed on the blog a few weeks ago when the collection was revealed. I have lots of these beads, so if you want a pair with the floral bead caps, let me know, I'll whip some up for ya!

A great trip overall, with some beady exchanges thrown in. You couldn't ask for a better vacation!


  1. Yay! A fun time had by all! Looking forward to sharing more together! ;)

  2. Anonymous7/09/2010

    You and Joe should collaborate more often! Those are gorgeous!

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all. I'm SOOOO jealous!

  4. Whoa, lucky you! Getting together with Erin and Keith plus spouses sounds like a blast! The necklaces are gorgeous!


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