Bad Day Turned Good!

I had a rotten week at work. I am still slowly adjusting to my new responsibilities which involves talking on the phone more,  and being in the spotlight more. I am much better at being behind the scenes. It will take time to learn certain phone etiquette, and learn the ins and outs of processing loans- something I've never done before.

Thursday, after an extraordinarily crap-ass day, I got home and pulled an unexpected package from my mailbox. A lovely blog reader, who has won a few of my blog giveaways, Sharon of Moon Rae- sent me a lovely package containing 2 pair of earrings...

Aren't they lovely??! I love the colors in the etched copper, and little purple irridescent dangle earrings are perfect for every day wearing.

Sharon also sent along a couple of etched pendants, and offered them up as a giveaway opportunity on the blog!  They are really cool, and I can see them in some fabulous designs!

What a great idea! I haven't had a giveaway in a while, so leave ONE comment on this post, and tell me what good happened to you this week, and I'll draw a random winner next Saturday for the pendants!
Thanks for participating, pass the word if you feel like it!


  1. hope this next week is better..
    it was a rough one for me as well.
    but some good things did happen..i got a new account for the rattles and next month i am going to be the feature for Lori Andersons personal to put my thinkin' cap on to make her some different beads..hmmm
    that always takes my mind of jerky stuff..

  2. Sending wishes for a much better week to come. Sometimes we actually learn more and take away more from a "bad" week...we appreciate the good ones so much more. :)

    These copper pieces are beautiful and you are blessed to have such a talented friend!

    The best thing by far that happened to me in this week we've just had was my 1 year follow up with the surgeon who had my mammogram results which said no evidence of malignancy, which means I am now going into my 6th year cancer free. Yippee!!! :)

  3. I had a bad week too. The first week of every month at my job, we close out the books for the previous month. Long hours are a must, and this one report I do never seems to turn out right. But, the week ended well. Last night I went to listen to a really cool band (free outdoor concert). They are called The Ragbirds - you can check out their website. I'll be listening to the CD I bought as I putz around my house today!

  4. Loans, that's what I do, so if you have questions let me know. The high point of my week was hearing from a long time customer after almost a year, who had a back injury and had to retire and is on the way to recovery. I wish you a good weekend and a good work week. Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Sorry about your bad week Lorelei,
    I have those days too. We have had a ton of rain and flooding here and widh it would go to places that need it. I got to have yesterday off and got lots of stuff done. Tonight we are going ot listen to a great band play that we are groupies for. Have a great day.

  6. My sister (and her two girls) and my brother (and his wife) and Jamey and I all tackled some major canning projects together this past week. I'm so thankful for awesome siblings and that we all get along even in the midst of a hot, sticky kitchen.

    The pendents are lovely. What a great idea. Hoping next week is better:-).

  7. Hi Lorelei,
    So sorry to hear that you had a bad week. I'm sure it will get easier once you get used to all your new tasks and responsibilities.

    I'm in the middle of trying to leave my full time job and go back to school... and the best thing that happened to be this week is that I found out my financing is set. I get to go to school (which is good since it starts in a little over a week).


  8. I opened up my kiln the other day to discover that after busting my butt to get the thing loaded, everything came out great in this firing, including the custom orders. It was like opening up a good present on Christmas morning (ie not the socks ;-)

  9. My week was great, had a carefree visit to Dallas to visit my daughter and her husband! Enjoyed some female bonding time, shopping for brightly colored zippers for a project, long lunches, cold drinks with 'bubbles'! Came home to some special packages from my etsy friends, esp. you!! 'Winner-winner-chicken-dinner!'

  10. SOrry to hear about your bummer work week!

    I have to say, my Friday was the best either, I ended up leaving early and taking personal time, just to get up out of there! The high point of the day.... getting a pedicure to get my toes back to pretty! And of course coming home to my hubby!

    These pendants are really neat looking, and think that they would be neat in some fabulous designs!


  11. Here's hoping you have a better time this coming week. I am away for the summer and feel like every day is good. I painted a really great abstract this past week, exercised, went swiming and visited with friends. Who could ask for more. I am so thankful when thinks are going good!!

    The pendants are wonderful and I love the earrings - just beautiful.

  12. Sorry you had a bad week!
    My good thing is my family came home after being away for a week. I was in this big house with just the animals (there are plenty of those) for a week while they went to visit family and go to a wedding. I could not go, and I also could not say on line that I was solo, so it was kind of lonely

  13. Glad there was a bit of sunshine in your week!

    As for mine, I received compliments (someone called me talented!) on a bag I recently sewed for a clubbing night and I do believe it's jump started my affections for both sewing and jewelry making again!

  14. Sorry to hear abour your week - hope the next one will be much better. I found a beautiful cashmere cardigan for less than half of the price - the shop had summer sale. Lucky me:-)

  15. I know what you mean. I'm a happy background gal, too. You will adjust and thrive. I'm sure.

    Okay, one good thing. My business seems to FINALLY be picking up steam. Yay for that. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  16. Hope next week is fantastic! Life is ups and downs, the downs make us enjoy the good things more! At any rate, my good thing this week was that my son was home!

  17. Good things happened to me this week! One I quit my job that had become very distasteful to me. Free time at home for now..time to get my Studio all done. I got great beads in the mail lol. And Dear Sweet Molly from the Owl Box on USTREAM had another baby last night named Ashley. And the last but the best is that the Lord has blessed me! Lorelei "this too shall pass"..have a great weekend!

  18. It is so strange how many ups and downs we get thru in our everyday life. I had an extraordinarily good week for a change. Got a job, sold a few things to a boutique, and had a wonderful day trip to San Francisco! Next week it will be your turn!

  19. took my dad to his cardiologist appt at 9:30am only to find out when we got there that it wasn't until 2:15pm! good news though...he doesn't need surgery!

    such nice pendants! i hope everyone has a beautiful and healthy weekend!

  20. I confirmed my new job & I start Monday! You'll get in the groove of your new job, hang in there

  21. Anonymous8/07/2010

    So sorry to hear you're unhappy at work. There are few things worse than being miserable doing something you have to do. My week was great since I was on vacation, and one really good thing was reconnecting with old friends at my high school reunion.

  22. I am healthy and feel good. Found out I don't need the Radiation I thought I needed for Breast Cancer. I am done with treatments.

  23. I got my kids registered for college two weeks early! Yea! No last minute, waiting in long lines this semester! Hope next week is much better for you. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  24. After my position got cut as a teacher, I've applied to over 30 jobs this summer and had no calls for interviews. I felt hopeless... no one wants me.

    With only 3 weeks til the start of the school year, I began to accept the fact I probably wont have my own classroom this year.

    I recieved 2 calls for interviews this week! Here's hoping that Monday and Tuesday result in something!

  25. Hi Lorelei,

    Sorry for the crappy week. I've had a pretty crappy one also (two deaths in the family recently). The really good thing that happened was opening the mailbox and finding a sympathy card from one of my blog followers (Lori Anderson). I was very moved by the way the virtual/digital world became real with that touch of kindness.

    artymezia AT yahoo DOT com

  26. Oh no, I'm sorry you had a such a lousy week! It will get better, I'm sure of it!

    Hmm, the best thing that happened to my receiving my first college diploma in the mail! Whooo, 2-yr down, Bachelor's to go! =)

  27. It will get better, new is always stressful. I had a great week, went to Okla. to visit my Mon and Sis.

  28. Hope you have a fabulous week coming up! I was turned on to your blog by Nan at Spirited Earth. My sister is visiting from South Africa! I haven't seen here for 3 years and I love her SO much. It's a good MONTH for me.

  29. I had a great week. I got to stay up late reading and sleep in and then I tackled cleaning out my kitchen cupboards - that part isn't great as I don't like cleaning - but the feeling of accomplishment when it was done was excellent! And I received 2 lovely bracelets in the mail from you. Thanks Lorelei! Next week will be better!

  30. I had a very fun lunch with my boss and a coworker friday!

  31. the crappy part: 2 weeks of only meetings with my aspbergers syndrome boss (think of a cross between someone incredibly anal, and a bossy Rain Man). The good part: a bunch of sales. the best part: my classes start next week. no more meetings, just time w/my lovely students.
    Oh, and I changed all my shipping to priority, and my life's already easier.
    hope next week finds you calm and confident.

  32. Sorry to hear about your bummer week - sending positive vibes for a better one starting today!

    I've had a perfect ending to my strange week!

    After several breakdowns in our little ol' RV - including a several day delay in none other than Roswell, NM - we were able to get things going and continue our trek to see family and friends and end up back home safely and with wonderful memories and lots of great pics!

    Now I can get back to making great jewelry and satisfying my creative side once again!

  33. Bad week, I can totally sympathize! But what a lovely treat to get the gorgeous pendants and other goodies in the post :-)

    I have been sick for a week solid and the high point this week was sleeping through the night last night--yay!

    Success to you in all you do, Lorelei and thanks for this sweet giveaway opp!


  34. Hope that next week is much better.

    My 9 year old son and I were on holidays this week at home. He is a very high energy intense kid and I was worried he would only want to play Wii, DS or watch TV all week. He did want to do some of this but we planned outings together every day and had fun. So the best part of my week was spending time with my son. Back to work on Monday...

  35. The best thing that happened to me this week was that I figured out why I have been so unhappy for the past month - grumpy, angry, unforgiving, sad: I remembered that I am still grieving the loss of my best friend, Gail, on June 9 of this year.

    I hadn't forgotten she was gone. I think about her and miss her every day. But I had forgotten that I was still going through the process of learning to be without her.

    When I remembered, suddenly, it was ok that I was feeling sad and depressed and angry. God has a purpose for that grieving process - to gradually get used to our loved one not being there. It's ok for us flounder without them at the first - and for as long as it takes. Somehow remembering that I was grieving made it all ok again.

    I know that sounds weird, but really, that was the best thing that happened to me this week.


  36. Here's hoping your next week is better at work. My week was so-so. But I am trying to look for little things that were good - I was healthy, I had air conditioning when it was over 90 degrees and I got a bead package in the mail. Hang in there!

  37. My week wasn't too great either. My manager told my dept. that he was resigning and there are rumors of more layoffs at my job. But what was good was I thought of some great entrepreneurial opportunities and I am excited about my future plans. I'm not worried because I know God will provide for me and my family as he always has.

  38. Something good that happened was when I was at the Symphony with my father (a very rare treat) and nature punctuated a long sustained note in the orchestra with a small, perfectly timed "boom". It was magic.

  39. Sorry, you had a bad week. I started the week coming home to PHX from 2 months in Kansas. It is nice to get out of the humidity, but I will miss the hubby. My daughter had a sleep over with her Girl Scout troop on Friday and it was the first alone time I have had in 2 months! Nice! Sorted beads, had a couple of glasses of wine and watched Casablanca. Excellent end to the week!

    Great pendants!

  40. Work is crazy for me these days so I empathise, but try not to let it get you down. Good luck, and I hope that it settles into a rythym and you start to enjoy the new position.

    This week, our new house finally settled (hooray!) so I am focusing on home renos to counterbalance my frustrations. :)

    Laura (Moags)

  41. Sorry to hear about your crap-ass day! I hate days like that. I had a migraine for the past two days and when I finally was able to get on the computer I found out mom and I received a blog award from Juls. That made my week soo much better! Love the copper pendants and the earrings you received.

  42. The good thing about my week is that I have not given up.

  43. Lorelei - so sad to hear you had a rough week... as you said, adjusting to a different job can do that.
    My good thing(s) this week are (1)my vacation started at 5:30 tonight! and (2) I did NOT get a fish hook stuck in my shin this week :~D and (3) I have over 50 entries in my own giveaway since Sunday evening!(One more week to go!)
    BTW - LOVE the etched copper!

  44. Bah-Humbug...I hate having consecutive "bad" days! Hopefully next week will be better! What a great surprise to find in the mailbox...I love the pendants. I on the other hand had a great week...vacationing at our place in PA, and having some fun one on one time with my little princess!

  45. We paid off one of our cars this week and that felt awesome. We also reeled in the girl child after a bumpy first two days of school and that felt pretty darn good, too :)

    Fantastic surprise to come home to with this package. I agree, I love the copper dangles and all their reds!

  46. well, I bought a FAB - U new office/desk chair for home, and I didn't sit next to anyone smelly on my bus ride to work this week. all is well in the world.

  47. Sorry you had a crappy week. You will get the hang of the phone etiquette in no time!
    My good thing that happened this week came out of something crappy. My daughter (13 months old) fell out of her very high crib onto the hardwood floor while I was getting ready for work on Tues am. She suffered a black eye and a scraped cheek.
    How could this even turn good? She was not severely hurt and hearing what happened my in-laws gave us a crib and dresser set they had in their basement. (my crib was a hand me down from my sister) My daughter was in very good spirits all week, I think is was all the extra attention she was getting because of her shiner!

  48. Those lovely surprise gifts would give anyone a lift! Beautiful pendants too. One of the good things that happened this week was that new renters moved into our rental house "Up North" and we won't have to pay for the heat. Just going for an evening bike ride with my hubs is a very good thing :)

  49. Spending time with my family!

    Know that each day will get better... one day at a time!

  50. While I'm new to beading, I'm not to loan processing, so let me know if you need help! It's a tough job right now! As for me, the best thing that happened was leaving the office at 5:00 pm on Friday, after working over 60 hours this week. I came home to my boyfriend who has been sadly neglected the past few weeks and we had a wonderful date night.

  51. You know what, Lor - the best thing that happened to me this week is I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years who is a judgemental asshole- how about that/???

  52. Two good things happened this week - got a "most awesome party ever" compliment from my son after his 8th birthday party, and just this evening I had my first "NAS" (my husband and chief financial officer coined the tern - non-acquaintance sale) on Etsy. I read the interview in the Fall 10 Stringing with you about Etsy and was so inspired - little did I know that my first "real" sale was right around the corner :-)

  53. This week? So many things... but the best had to be our trip to the beach. Living on (near) the Alabama Gulf Coast and avid beachgoers, my husband and I were severly disappointed by the oil spill. We were afriad it would be MANY years before we'd be able to enjoy the waters of our gulf. We rejoiced today as we set up our umbrella and chairs, then splashed in the waves. It was a very good day!!

  54. What great timing for you to receive her awesome package! Talk about karma! The earrings are gorgeous.
    This week I received a note that was sent to me from someone I don't know via my church. I run a huge garage sale every year with another gal. This person enjoyed our sale so much that he sent us a not telling us how much his son and he loved everything about it and wonderful the 'workers' were. What a wonderful surprise.

  55. Sorry to hear you're having a bad week. Your blog is on my google reader page and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your creations they are truly inspiring. Anyway, I just came home from a fabulous didgeridoo concert. Sounds odd, but it was really amazing AND I was able to schedule a great summer train trip through the rockie mountains. I'm so looking forward to it.

  56. Just come back from holiday.One of the cars we were travelling with had a blowout on the motorway and had to come back on the back of a lowloader truck.Then got separated from some of our luggage.Did get it back in the end,though.Got home,checked all 843 e-mails and discovered that I had won a bracelet in a blod give-away,brill!

  57. We got new cabinets put in our kitchen on Thur - they are truly beautiful! We're still waiting on the counter top, so no sink until Mon, but it's sooo doable since we're one step closer to a finished kitchen!!
    Love the etched copper pendants & your earrings are lovely!
    Love your blog - so inspiring!!!

  58. I have recieved an electrical three wheeled scooter from the counsel, as a benefit. It is great fun to drive. Gives me an amazing amount of freedom. I have given him a name already, coz he is my friend. I call him "Vrål-åke" or shorter just "Åke" (Vral-ake or Ake).

    The name is a pun. Ake is a man's name in Sweden. And also when you are going somewhere you "aker" there. To aka is to drive. A really smart and flashy car, like a sports-car for instanse, is called a "Vral-Ak". Vral is referring to the vroooooooom noice a fast car makes.

    So my cute and friendly scooter is my own Vral-Ake from now on.

    Speaking of funny word verifacations - for this post I got "nuttism". I don't know ... maybe Google wants to tell me to not drive like a nutter on Vral-Ake ... as if I would ... eh ...

  59. I had a job interview....fingers crossed!

  60. Ups & downs - whether expected or unexpected - and the constant adjustments we need to make to accommodate them can be TOTALLY draining. I encourage you to take some DEEP breaths, then go SCREAM & SHOUT while running/skipping/dancing/jumping... 15-20 minutes of that will send some "happy" endorphins flowing through your body and you'll FEEL ALIVE, LESS STRESSED, and READY to take "IT" on again - REALLY!

    My own down/up experience for the week:
    I recently became a CPFT (certified personal fitness trainer), which is GREAT!

    However, I've discovered that since I began training others, my own fitness is declining! This was a REAL surprise - and not a happy one!

    What's happened is that the time I used to devote to my own training is now being spent on training others - though I do work out with them, it's at a much lower level of intensity than I normally train myself.

    I will DEFINITELY have to re-balance my time and effort to fix this!

    This UNhappy discovery was totally offset, however, by the return of one of my FABULOUSLY-SUCCESSFUL CPFT clients whose stated "main goal for 2010 is my health" (a desperately NEEDED goal - but one that immediately disappeared once the high school reunion was over).

    It's TERRIFIC if she's really "got her head back on straight" - I'm cautiously CELEBRATING!

  61. Well, I found out this week that the soonest I would be full-time at my job is Jan. of 2012. Not good news. But, plenty of good things happened this week...I was published in 2 jewelry magazines, and I got to spend some fun times with my hubby and dog :)

    It's great to get unexpected packages in the mail! The etched pieces are very pretty!!

  62. My parents took the 3 kids for their first joint sleep over...


  63. I had a remarkably good week. We're moving into an apartment and making a lot of progress - yesterday, we found an air conditioner (after hours of searching an hour away from town, since there weren't any in town), AND I found a really neat, gently-used leather jacket in my size from Goodwill! :)

  64. Hallo Lorelei,
    a small comfort: every season has an end.
    So, everthing is gonna be alright.

    The last few week I felt very tensed(trying to get a full time job)
    but last monday I had a nice little moment:
    My workmate had his 25th working anniversary, so I gave him a little humper (filled with self baked cookies and other sweets)
    He didn't expect this and so something strange happend:
    he went speechless!!
    What a rare moment ;)
    But he also was really touched- which touches me.
    Mostly he plays the tough guy),
    just a little thing but I keep it in mind.
    Okay, that's it.

    Best wishes for a better week(it surely will come)


  65. I am sorry about your week - that kind is a real downer and you are such an upbeat person. My grandkids are here - heaven!I am making a very special necklace with my 8 yr.old granddaughter - jewelry meking doesn't get any better than making something special with a loved one. Hope this week is better for you.

  66. There's nothing better than getting a sweet package in the mail, whether it was expected or not.

    This weekend my kids and I, along with my sis and her kids, got to spend time with my parents. We took them to a large pond on my uncle's land, where the kids learned to 'steer' a row boat, and swam in the cool pond. My mother, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, enjoyed watching her grandkids play together. Eventhough it was hotter than a firecracker, she was overwhelmed with joy at the sight. Soon there will come a time when she will no longer be here to enjoy these little ventures.

  67. One of the many good things that happened last week: my mom and I made corsages and boutonnieres for my Aug. 28th wedding. We used felt, buttons, and other thrifted goodies to make one of a kind pins. My fiance's family's items are all in baby blue and my family's are in yellow.

  68. What happened good to me this week may not sound so good at first. My truck broke down and left me stranded on the way to a doctor's appt. The good part was that I was close to home (instead of an hour away at my destination) and it turned out to be only a battery which was easily replaced. And the doctor's office fit me in today! So it all turned out well. Thanks for the chance to win one of these lovely prizes!

  69. my babe cooked me dinner twice this week, that was nice!

  70. Well - to start, I found your blog! I'm trying to make the transition from having a Job to having "multiple income streams" and I'm feeling a little more confident and in control this week.

  71. swopemelmel8/13/2010

    Good things this week: I visited my Mom & Dad and bead with mom, I work in an Elementry School Age Camp Program and we are having a super fun "Back To School Bash",
    My Niece turns 18 ths weekend and she is really excited, And finally, i'm not sure how I feel about my 25 year class reunion in a few weeks but the bold statement necklace I planned to create for the occassion is turning out awesome. There are still some "unfun" things going on right now but thanks for making me look for the good. May all your days be blessed.


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