Friday Randoms

* I was only half paying attention when beading last night, because I was trying to catch up on my favorite show, Friday Night Lights.

* Excited to get doughnuts for my coworkers this morning, trying to boost morale at work!

* Only 7 more days til Bead Fest, and I could not be more excited!! (by the way, I have free shipping in my shop til next Friday!)

* I had an appointment with my Cardiologist yesterday. Isn't it weird that at 36 yrs old, I have a cardiologist now? Who I have to see every 6 months? Anyway, the EKG and physical was all great, no issues. But I still have to take this damn beta blocker.

* I hope to rearrange my office to make it more useable for me, today. And I'm finally getting a flat screen monitor, to save some extra space on my desk!

* FINALLY finished and shipping a special project out today, it took me FOREVER to finish it during this past crazy few weeks. Sorry- no teasers, yet!

* Thinking about saving up for a new camera after Bead Fest. Not really sure I know what I want, but this camera looks pretty cool.

* Feeling superstitious today on Friday the 13th.


  1. Are you not in love with those dice beads? I have no idea what I would do with them, but I wanted some...hhhmmm...I might could string them together and hang them from my rearview mirror...hhmmm..

  2. Such loveliness to wake up to. I love your Harbinger collection. I am feeling the need to buy myself some jewelry that I have not made (my Muse has NOT been in my house. Is she playing over at yours?)
    So glad that the cardiologist says you are in tip top shape. Take good care of you.
    Enjoy the day!
    (This Friday the 13th is going to be great for me!)

  3. That is a nice little camera!! I hope you find one you are totally crazy about :) Happy Friday the 13th!! Try having it for your Birthday!! Spooky!! ;)


  4. Gorgeous as usual. Loving that heart bead! Happy Friday to you :)

  5. love the designs and that polka dotted heart bead is adorable! You know, getting old sucks. I just turned 37 this week. I don't have a cardiologist (thank goodness!), but had my first mammogram a week ago. Then they called me back for another look the same day. Fun times. However, I would not trade 37 for 22 any day. I am a happier, somewhat wiser, more comfortable in my skin person than I was at 22.

  6. #1 - I also love Friday Night Lights!! I think the season's over now. I'm gonna miss it.
    #2 - I will look for you at Beadfest, so if a blonde woman walks up to you and says hello, it might be me!
    #3 - More scary than having a cardiologist would be needing one and not know it. It's always better to be well informed. Glad all's well with you.
    #4 - That camera looks awesome!!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I was on beta blockers for ages, now after the birth of my girl (12 years ago) I am on a different bp medicine. Beta blockers are very safe because they have been used for a long time compared to some newer bp medicines.

    I love your harbinger collection. Is the tin silkscreened or printed or painted before you cut it?


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  9. Try this again.

    I like your jewelry designs but really like the bracelet. Once you get your desk organized the way you want, I hope you would post a pic so we can see the right way to keep a work space.

    I am personally “work space challenge”
    As far as a new camera, I have a canon rebel xsi and I really like it but my brother in law has an older version of the olympus you are looking at buying and it zooms better and takes as good or better photos than mine.

  10. Love the colors you are using - very the blues - I am blue challenged!! :) Have a great weekend...

  11. Oooh...I heart that bracelet, especially.

  12. You can buy me Krispy Kreme doughnuts to boost my morale any time.

    P.S. Guess what I magicked to myself? An antique chandelier! One of the family relations sent a message the day that I made the suggestion about the pergola that he had one and asked me if I wanted it!

  13. These are gorgeous! Just wanted to say, I got my copy of the Fall issue of Stringing, and your work looks fantastic!! (I'm also floating on a cloud because of the whole double-page owl layout.) :3 Anyway, loved Love Letter. Lovely work, as always!

  14. Gorgeous new pieces! I picked up the new issue of Stringing and looked quickly to see if there were any of your special creations inside...delighted as always to find some!

  15. Oh, I love those earrings! Incredible bead caps! Happy Friday!


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