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The title of this post has nothing to do with the contents of this post. That's okay though. I promise to dazzle you with pictures of new stuff. Last night I colored my hair. It's dark dark brown, from Garnier Fructis or whatever the heck you call it. I had to do SOMETHING, the grey hair was taking over. Seriously. Where are they coming from? I don't even have kids!  I do really like how it turned out, the greys are all covered, and I think this worked better than when I had it colored in the salon!
It looks more auburn in the sun, but overall- it's a cool color.  Will have to keep it mind next time I need it.

Last night I created a bouquet from my garden. One thing that I seem to do well, like- really really am successful is growing roses! They do so well in my yard. Right now I have these pretty pale yellow roses, and I paired them with some of the hydrangeas from my hydrangea trees.  I thought it was gorgeous color and some good inspiration to share with you on the blog. 

Pretty, huh?? Couldn't you just eat that color!?
I have to finish up this blog post so I can list several new items.... Such as this cool egg bracelet featuring Kelley's egg beads.  I needed to use several together in one piece, I have been dreaming about them! I added a little extender chain with a small bird charm. Eggstra special!

...And I also used some of my copper patterned sheet metal that I got at Bead Fest. I oxidized the discs, and as I was doing it, I was wondering how to get that multi-colored effect that I sometimes see on patinated metal. I left the discs in too long I think, because they were a deep dark grey when I took them out of the Liver of Sulphur concoction. Once I buffed them, they weren't really looking very copper like at all. But I still dig the effect that the darkening caused. And you can't beat that lovely wood grain pattern! I used some small blue faceted glass beads, and a handcrafted Shibu clasp from Saki Silver,  that I also got at Bead Fest.

Okay gotta go, or I'll be listing forever tonight! about 11 new items coming to Etsy momentarily.


  1. How many people can say they are really, really good at raising roses!! I can almost smell them, do sniff extra for me :) Your entire yard looks wonderful. Also love what you did with some of your new loot already! I still marvel at the amount of things you accomplish. I would like to invite you and anyone who reads this to visit my very new blog and leave any advice you can think of. http://goinoffthebeadinpath.blogspot.com/
    Feel free to put me on your lists or whatever. Thanks!

  2. Hey Lorelei! I bought the same sheet metal, lol. I am usually able to get the multi-hued look you are speaking of by dipping my metal in the LOS and then rinsing it in cold water and then repeating over and over. I'm able to get blues and purples this way. Hope that helps!

  3. Those flowers are so beautiful! You are multi-talented!!!

  4. You've got a couple different options. The temperature of the metal before you dip it in the liver of sulfur will produce different colors and effects. The same goes for the temperature of the solution. If it's too hot or too concentrated, it'll go straight to black and then turn gray.

    Another way to get rainbows on copper is using a torch. Lightly hit it with a flame. Make sure it's on a piece of cold metal for best results. Flip it over and repeat.

    And to get it looking like a shiny new penny again, use Sunshine burnishing compound and a quick tumble in steel shot will sparkle them up magically.

  5. Oh! And I'd like a cutting off your bush. I'd love to grow some sturdy roses. I've had the problem of buying things that are fickle and die with the slightest change. But knock on wood, they have been few in number so far.

  6. Lorelei your bouquet are beautiful!!! your roses are precious!! I can imagine your secret garden!!!

  7. Gorgeous photos. I love those old fashioned roses with the gathered petals!! Your color palette is scrumptious!
    I am really fond of the egg beads. The copper and blue is a delightful combination too. If you need a little laugh come on over and check out my post and giveaway.

  8. hey heather,
    can i get a link?

  9. The hydrangea and rose combination is beautiful. So soft and welcoming.

    I sometimes use a bit of household ammonia and a dash of salt in my LOS to get purples and blues on copper. Also some of those flashing colours are from heat with a torch. Oh, I just saw that Andrew posted some of this. And a candle warmer can keep your solution warm longer which can help. Patination is something of a mystery that you just kind of develop a feel for. It's fun! Keep at it. BTW, I think your pieces look lovely.

  10. Oh, look at those gorgeous flowers! Beautiful colors there. Yellow isn't a color I'm normally drawn to, but the combination of those colors was wonderful.

  11. That Egg number is a sweetie, and I like the gray with the copper too..
    Enjoy the weekend and those beautiful blooms.

  12. Love those flowers! We can't grow those beauties here in Florida. I love your copper bracelet! I'm giving away a set of lampwork beads this week that would look great with that copper sheet. I'm new to blogging so any suggestions are soooo appreciated. Come take a peek at havanabeads.blogspot.com. Thanks!

  13. Great roses Lorelei, that looks like an old fashioned variety.
    Try heating the LOS or your metal before putting them in the solution, and take them out quick you might get some blues and greens that way. If you don't like the effect just put them in longer.

  14. Call me Miss Black Thumb. Those are damn fine roses, L! I love them!

    I have a book by the O'Briens about patinas for metal that include using potato chips and other oddities. I need to sit down and have a play date for sure because I am with you on the patinas. Heat is what works though if you are of a mind to torch things, or make creme brulee. I am fearful of the flame but I like candles. Maybe I should just light some candles and hold the pieces in the flame!?

    I love your new haircut. I am going to cut back and do my own color from now on. Would love to know the name of that color you used as I think you and I are of the same coloring.

    I am getting my hair straightened though. That is the only splurge I will make until early next year!

    I need my muse to come back from vacation already. She has been gone way too long. Love what you are doing, plus now I am lusting after a set of earrings you have, dear girl! When this silly Paypal thing gets resolved I think there will be more than one thing in my cart.

    Enjoy the day!

  15. Love your hair color!! Garnier is my fav, too. I'm about ready to do my again.
    Your flowers are georgeous. I have huge dried hydrangeas that I bring out every fall for my table vases. They last for years. Looks like you have great healthly plants.
    Copper patina is fun. Like everyone said above try the different heat, water temp combos to achieve different hues. Mary Hettsmansperger does a great job of showing/talking about copper patina in her books.
    Those eggs are just eggceptional!!

  16. As usual, all your jewelry is so interesting. I love the asymmeticality (is that a word?) of it.

    Your flower shots are gorgeous and seeing them caused me to blog a good tip for cross-pollinating on flickr to bring new eyeballs (potential customers) to our work.

    Also, to anyone considering coloring your own hair...DO IT! It's so easy, you'll wonder why you've been paying way too much money to have someone do it for you all these years. My secret weapon: an old toothbrush gets the color to your roots!


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