The Muse is now in the building

The last couple of days, I've felt that my muse has come back into the studio after a long visit elsewhere. Maybe she went on a vacation to the beach, or possibly went to visit her Grandmother.  She seems to have returned, and beading has never been  an easier "flow" as it has been the past few days. I suppose the best thing to do is save these lovelies for publication. I'm got some time before the deadline for a Spring issue, and it's funny that I would have something done this far in advance.

Anyway, I can't ignore my Muse. She's pretty adamant. And although what I should be doing is writing up projects for a special project I'm working on, I can't quite seem to get into that frame of mind to finish those. Instead I blindly follow my Muse over to my desk, and sit down with her, and get lost in  Sia Furler's We Are Born... singing along and getting lost in the beads.

The Worst part of this return of the Muse, is that the lovelies want to be shown off. But with the recent copycatters who stalk me, I can't show them here, like I normally would. I have to keep them hidden, and that's hard for a person like me who really thrives on the support of my peers.

I will say, I'm very very excited for you to see the latest pieces. Maybe at one point I'll show little sneak peeks.

In other news, my Momma's birthday is this Saturday. We are going down to see her on Sunday for the day. I'm excited to meet the new baby pygmy goat, Alfonso. And get some good pictures of the Alpacas, Victor and Charlie. And of course see Ruby (mom's Lab) and the chickens. My sister and brother will be around too, so it will nice to spend a little time with family.

Hoping you are all having a great week so far. I just want to say thank you for all of the moral support you gave me in comments on Monday's post. I wish I could have responded to more of your comments but when I hit reply, I don't get your emails- instead I got a no-reply-blogger address. Did you know you can update your email address in blogger so that it's easier for Bloggers to respond directly to your comments? Kelley just blogged instructions to do this, check out her post! 



  1. I'm glad your muse has returned... can't wait to see what the two of you have come up with!

    ...Can you ask her if she saw my muse while she was gone... and where the heck is mine and does she plan on coming home??? I know... in due time... but I miss her so...

  2. Wow...that necklace is different! I am hoping to reunite with my muse when we return from BeadFest!!!!

  3. this necklace is gorgeous.
    glad your muse is back ,perhaps she was at a Muse Con..and that's were the rest of our muses still are right now.
    mine always take a VaCa during the summer..returning at the first twinges of fall loaded with pictures and lots of chatter.

  4. Ladies - I think I saw a few muses in the Galleria in Dallas, they were eating big green apples that had been dipped in carmel, nuts, and then drizzled in chocolate! They can't do that forever, they will be back!!

  5. I'm hoping my muse is having a wonderful time in Paris. If she's not going to be here, I want her to be happy, having a great time, and bringing back lots of inspiration. She'll probably be dead broke when she comes back, though.

    Is there a way to password a flickr account? If so, you could have people e-mail you for the password, and then you'd know exactly who had it. You chould change it from time for security purposes.

  6. This necklace is quite divine with it's opaques, transparents, and lovely contrasts. I really am so sorry that you are feeling hemmed in by the copy cat. That's just not right.

  7. I recognize some of those beads :)

    Lurve what you did with them!

  8. I've been in your shoes... I'm sorry that the place where you've built to share yourself and your work has been sullied by an unethical and immoral act.

    Do what your heart tells you and what feels right and everything else will fall into place. Celebrate your Muse and all that she offers!

  9. Woohoo for Miss Muse! I think mine is lost in a tower of boxes and a stack of receipts that refuse to be sorted and filed. I know she lurks there somewhere. Maybe after Friday I will be able to drag her out of hiding and coax her into sitting on the shelf where my chain resides so that she can whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
    Enjoy the day!

  10. this necklace is stunning!! that's my opinion and my husband and two kid's opinion!!! wao!!!

  11. Well, at least your muse returned in good condition and ready to work! Mine tends to run off to host drunken orgies in the Carribbean and returns jet-lagged and missing her underwear.

    Love the new piece - great combo of unique elements! Your forte!

  12. Your muse is serving you well. So many elements yet they all work so well together. Happy creating...

  13. I'm sorry about the thieves stealing your designs. A shame, since your creations are too beautiful to keep hidden.

    I'm so glad your muse has returned.


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