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  1. I'm sorry about your personal pictures! But, any pictures that you've uploaded online (banner, etc...) should be on the websites and you can download them from there! Good luck with your new iMac, let us know how it goes!

  2. I know how your feel, my external hard drive, that had all my newer jewelry photos (30-40 hours of work) on it just crashed on Saturday. I am having Best Buy trying to retrieve the data now and we will see what happens. You might see if Best Buy could help or another computer company or a IT tech or friend.
    Again, I am so sorry about the lost of your photos, I know that is devastating!
    Though your iMac looks like it is going to be super fun! Have fun with it!
    Take care!

  3. Marti C.9/21/2010

    To lose all your pictures and things is so heart wrenching! Know how you feel, happened to us without backup too...not anymore, lesson learned! Hope you can get it back! We love our Macs too!

  4. I'm so has happened to me, too. I am glad you are up and running!


  5. In a strange twist of timing, I just saved all my photos to a disc last week. I really hate it for you that you may have lost yours.

  6. If the first IT guy who looks at it can't retrieve any information, don't stop there. I know several people, including one whose computer was damaged in a fire, who asked a second, and sometimes a third person to take a stab at it, and they got their information back. In fact, the woman who had the fire, had her information retrieved by her 12-year-old grandson. It's always worth a second, and sometimes a third opinion. Ask around!

  7. That is one snazzy new computer!

    Sorry that you lost all your stuff. I am going to do a back-up tonight!

    Laura x

  8. Lorelei you can retrieve all the stuff off your hard drive even if you did not back it up. You have to find someone that knows what they're doing, but it is possible.

    Congratulations on the new imac. My freaking computer is so old I think it's a Commodore. Remember those?

  9. Yay, new Mac! Boo, lost STUFF! Losing tons o' stuff happened to me about 4 years ago...still kicking self...BOOT!

  10. Congrats on the fancy new mac, but what a bummer to lose all your stuff.
    You really should see if there's a local computer repair shop that can get that info off the old one. I used to work with some guys that did that for people and it was possible sometimes to get that stuff. Best of luck!!

  11. Sorry to hear that you may have lost all your pic's and other stuff. Mine crashed a few years ago and I lost everything too. The IT guys couldn't get anything out of mine, hope you have better luck. How come we think things on the computer will be there forever?


  12. Sorry to hear you lost all your old info, hopefully your friendly IT guy can retrieve it all for you.


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