Craft Show Loot

I apologize! I never took pictures while I was actually there at the show, I was just having too much fun visiting with Nancy and eating my pork schnitzel sandwich, and enjoying the weather, omg it was so beautiful out! But I did buy a few things and wanted to show them off here, so... let's get on with it, shall we!?

First up, my first pit stop was to the lovely Nancy Schindler's booth- which looked fabulous, well stocked with lots of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even brooches, which I had not seen in person! There were approximately 40 pairs of earrings I could have easily come home with but I ended up buying 2 pairs:  A white with black decoration hoop style , and a pair of green glazed floral studs.

I also picked out one of Nancy huge ceramic disc necklaces, on a silver hoop- I eye these everytime I see them in person and thought, I MUST HAVE IT. I picked one with a nice neutral color palette- earthy brown with a bit of gold and blue flecks.

Then I went 2 booths down and met Maryanne, who works in the same pottery studio as Nancy- the two of them are a real team, and paired up on a great collaboration of bowls- M threw the pots, and N did all the glazing. Just look at the colors in these! I couldn't help myself and bought a set of 3 which seemed to all match perfectly! (Don't be too jealous, Andrew!!)

And we also snagged one of MaryAnne's tealight holders, and hung it on the pergola above the table. So pretty!

A great day had by all! On the way home, we even got ice cream! It was delicious- something called Grandma's Cake and boy, was it tasty!