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  Ronna Sarvas Weltman, author of Ancient Modern Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry,  is an amazing artist.. If you haven't picked up a copy of her book, I would recommend it. It's very inspiring, I was just looking through my copy a few nights ago. I was inspired by her wire work for this and this!
My favorite thing about Ronna's projects are that she creates such organic forms with clay.
The beads are large, and speak volumes in shapes and colors.

Ronna now has a few videos out, and I had a chance to watch them last night. You can buy them at the Interweave store.

 Metalwork: How to Shape, Texture and Antique Wireworked jewelry

Ronna covers all of the basics in this video about what kind of wires are available, tools that are helpful and great tips like what gauge to use for things like earring wires.  I think it's a fabulous video for beginners, easy to understand, interesting, and Ronna is a treat to watch. I love that she gives little stories here and there, and tips and tricks to remember how to remember certain techniques.
Polymer clay beads do go very well with wire and metal, especially darkened metal. Ronna shows how to patina wire with Liver of Sulfur. I think this is great, especially having not seen it done correctly before (I just wing it) and it's really cool to see the metal turn different shades each time she dunks it into the mixture.  Another fun section of the video, is Ronna's instructions on making a funky copper wire ring from start to finish.

Mixed Media how to make Polymer Clay Beads

Another fabulous video for beginners! If you have ever wanted
to play around with polymer clay, I highly recommend Ronna's
instructional video. She covers the basics of conditioning
and curing the clay, mixing colors, and creating beads in cool
organic shapes such as discs and her famous Hemisphere
beads. These are my favorite, and I was pretty excited to find out
that you can bake the clay, and then bake it again - a technique she
uses when making the hemisphere beads.
Ronna has clever ways  of cutting the clay, and gives great tips on
forming evenly sized beads and perfectly round beads.

Marbeling clay is a fascinating process that can be altered in your own design style to create your own unique beads. I love that Ronna keeps the techniques loose, and open for interpretation for your own ideas and color choices. Forming beads in her distinctive style, but with your own twist, is important when sitting down to create polymer clay beads.
I also enjoyed the cane technique where she shows how to create two different types of cane, to embellish the other beads you've made.

I hope you enjoyed these short reviews,
don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about
the dvds.


  1. The cover alone is stunning !!! I've just been playing with this stuff the last few days - what awesome timing I have to go check these out.

  2. I enjoyed your reviews, Lorelei. The pieces you made from the inspiration in the book are B E A U T I F U L!!

  3. I LOVE GENEROUS PEEPS! And you are one of them. Cool of you to offer such positive reviews ... makes me want to hug you (yes, I can get a little enthusiastic ... lol.)


  4. Great review Lorelei.
    Ronna's book is fab and is a great source of inspiration. I bought it the minute it came out.
    Working with steel wire opens up a whole new world of designing (and selling). Just need to have a separate set of tools - at least they're cheap.
    Brenda Schweder has written a steel wire book scheduled for delivery next Spring. She's also a great teacher.


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