Jewelry discussions

After few days away from the studio, I was starting to feel a bit on edge. I finally got back into it last night. In the past few days, a few things have happened.  First, we are redecorating the office!  I figured, I need a pretty wall color to go with my new pretty computer. The room was a dismal dark olive green, on a side of the house that gets no sunlight. Not a very good combination. Down right depressing, really. So I picked a pretty bright pale greenish blue color, quite similar to my studio color. The walls are painted and the few main ingredients to the room are moved back, like the desk, puter, hutch and I've added a long sofa table. Next up, I have to find 2 nice lamps for some decent additional lighting, a smelly candle, an extension cord for the stereo, and possibly a chair or another piece of furniture to fill some empty space, and hopefully an area rug. I'd love to also get some new prints for the walls- if you have any suggestions of great 2D artists on Etsy, let me know. I hope to have the room closer to done this weekend, and I'll try to get some pictures of the new space.
The other big of happening news, can't really be discussed quite yet. But suffice it to say, I am tickled pink, and am chomping at the bit to let you in on my secret. BUT at this point, mum's the word. Sorry!! And no, I'm not pregnant.  Why is that the first thing people think of when I say I have a secret? Ok, I know why. But, that's not it.

So Let me show you what I created last night, and I'mma add in some randoms with each. I feel like I don't talk enough on the blog, and I want people to stay interested, so...

Here is a pair of earrings that I put together last night. I took advantage of a recent Art Bead sale at, and picked up a few pairs of Lilly Pilly's etched shell pendants. I was instantly drawn to this pretty orange color. I tried several different colored beads with these and finally settled on some amethyst. Some of you might be wondered why I went with purple out of all the colors I tried.  I love the regal color of purple, and I think purple can be paired with any other color and look pretty fabulous.  I also was digging the texture of the beads- pretty faceted sparkly paired with the shell. I also tend to reach for purple when I use too much green and teal. I sometimes swear I could open separate shops, one of all teal jewelry, one of all bird jewelry. I just keep gravitating towards the same things, and that can be dangerous- I hate the idea of my customers getting bored of the same ol' thing.
So there ya have it. That's why I picked purple beads for these. Interesting stuff, I know.

See what I mean? It's pretty, and it's teal- my favorite. I used a few of Nancy's new shards, and I like how this one turned out. The shards are just the right size, so you can use them in any style piece. I used linen cording in this one, and the
Love is a Bat Field necklace below, I just added a jump ring and strung it onto a beaded necklace. She's got some cool new shards for sale at her shop. I love the pinks and yellows!

I don't really have any insightful things to say about my bat necklace. How can you not love that bat. Look at him in all his wing-spread, batty glory. I might even venture to say that he's kind of cute!
I like the blue glazed paired with the orangey tones of the wood rounds.

Ahhh yes, and finally, another necklace featuring a Jade Scott pendant. I collected a few of these smile shaped pendants during Jade's last shop update. After attending this week's update, I now feel like I can let one of them go. Because I bought this one.
Is it just me? Am I the only one that has this completely weirdo, obsessive compulsive bead shopping habit where I can't use something until I know for sure that I can acquire another one?

Just one more thing I want to mention. Thanks for sticking with me in this super wordy post, by the way. 
I am gearing up for my annual show that I participate in at the local Jewish Temple this November. Which means, I need to get my ass in gear making a lot of jewelry, some I'll post and some I won't.  I am thinking about new ways to set up my tables. I really did like my display last year, and want to do something similar to that again this year, but with more earthy elements.

 Check out these cute WOODEN tags I found at Ornamentea! I think these will look great holding my earrings, I think I'll embellish them with some organic type material like raffia or something. I'm not sure if I should give them to the buyer, or just take the earrings off and use them only as display. What would you do?