love bravely

New Listings at Big Cartel!

I love both of these!! The Love Bravely link is so cool situated
at the side of this longer style necklace, opposite the lampwork
wing ding beads from
Genea Beads.
The pewter winged heart goes along with the whole LOVE
them of this piece. I picked a few different brass
chains for this design.

This bracelet features some new stones that I got at Bead Fest.  Nothing was labeled so I have no idea what they are but they look like some sort of impression jasper. I used Brass tube beads from Vintaj Brass Co., and attached some sliders (leaf charm and wire wrapped coin pearls) That was inspired by this cool bracelet at the Vintaj Brass Co. idea gallery. The leaves with the owl seem to go hand in hand.

Stay tuned for pics of my craft show purchases from today!