Reappearance of Owls

My love of owls has ended up back in my designs lately. I don't know why it resurfaced, or why I am feeling more able to let things go, especially an influx of owl beads and pendants from my stash.  I can also tell you that the necklace I made for my challenge with Nancy from Sunday, also features an owl.  That's all I'll say about that, you'll have to come back by the blog tomorrow to check it out!

Last night I put together some of my favorite ceramic components, creating this "Sittin' Pretty" necklace. It's now listed at Big Cartel.


It features a porcelain owl from Nancy. I struggled with what to add to that bottom hole- and just couldn't come up with anything so I left it alone. I wire wrapped him underneath one of Melanie's Earthenwood focals. It's kind of rustic, with the bolts, almost making it seem like a piece of wood from a treehouse or something.  Up one side, copper chain, with an Earthenwood leaf dangle, and knotted leather up the other, with wood and filigree beads. The clasp is a button from Leann of Summers Studio Etc.   A nice little pop of color at the back of the necklace, is always a good thing.

See you tomorrow for the big reveal. :)


  1. Lovely! I ADORE owls right now as well... have been loving them for the past year. I keep trying to draw them but they come out looking like cats! It's very strange and quite off topic.

    I think I'm in love with that Earthenwood focal. It pairs so nicely with the owl! What would be really cute at that hole at the bottom would be a baby owl. Or a tiny egg... but thinking on it, it might be overkill O_O The necklace works so nicely already!

  2. Owls are a totem animal of sorts for me and I love the way you incorporate them into your designs. Glad to see their return!
    I have yet to use all the little cuties I have in my designs - maybe someday! As always, your designs are absolutely fun!

  3. LOVE this! Fabulous over-all design. It's so fun and perfect for the season!

  4. love your color combinations and the leather with the chain..

  5. Love this!!! What a great design and the little owl and branch are beautiful.

  6. So cute! Love the pop of the blue owl against the earthier background.

    Oh, and I'm wearing the bracelet you made me to work today. Lots of compliments on it!!

  7. It's one example of how we are all loosely connected on some very subconscious level with the wider society... being the release of "The Guardians of GaHoole" or whatever the name of the movie is, meaning that there are owl EVERYWHERE in popular culture right now. They have also been making a comeback with retro stylings, and they are also a symbol of autumn. The short of it is, it's just the right time for them now. :)

  8. Lorelei,
    I love that. I especially love the copper chain. Something very "Fallish" about copper. I love how you put things together...really talented, you are!

    I have about five vintage owns at home, ready to make into necklaces, and here I sit, far away in Croatia. We are here for the wedding of our exchange student son.
    Very thrilling!



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