Saturday Worth Spending

I'm try to make this short and sweet.  Facts:

I got to play with the cutest kittens today at my Aunt's apartment and will try to remember to take pictures of them tomorrow to show you.

I went shopping for pearls at the bead shop but walked out with several strands and findings that I didn't really need.

I beaded all afternoon while Joe was out at a football game. Go 'Cuse! 

I was on a roll creating things for Marsha's mom's shop, My Mom Pattie. I made 3 more things for the shop today.

I also created a necklace and matching bracelet for my own shop, using some new colored wire from Soft Flex Company. It's great wire, if you've ever used the crappy stuff, you can see a huge difference. LIKE, I mean HUGE. Highly recommend the cool Trios they sell at several venues.  They have 3 different colors in each package.  These projects, I used copper and light green.

Because Joe is away, I eat really bizarre dinners like warmed up roasted veggies, and a glass of wine.
If I lived alone I'd probably starve to death.

oh yea, one more thing- Make sure you hop over to Art Bead Scene- I wrote  cool tutorial on making cool photo collages with your pictures. Like this one!