Saturday Worth Spending

I'm try to make this short and sweet.  Facts:

I got to play with the cutest kittens today at my Aunt's apartment and will try to remember to take pictures of them tomorrow to show you.

I went shopping for pearls at the bead shop but walked out with several strands and findings that I didn't really need.

I beaded all afternoon while Joe was out at a football game. Go 'Cuse! 

I was on a roll creating things for Marsha's mom's shop, My Mom Pattie. I made 3 more things for the shop today.

I also created a necklace and matching bracelet for my own shop, using some new colored wire from Soft Flex Company. It's great wire, if you've ever used the crappy stuff, you can see a huge difference. LIKE, I mean HUGE. Highly recommend the cool Trios they sell at several venues.  They have 3 different colors in each package.  These projects, I used copper and light green.

Because Joe is away, I eat really bizarre dinners like warmed up roasted veggies, and a glass of wine.
If I lived alone I'd probably starve to death.

oh yea, one more thing- Make sure you hop over to Art Bead Scene- I wrote  cool tutorial on making cool photo collages with your pictures. Like this one!


  1. As usual, I love everything you make. But I just gotta say the necklace with Marsha's twisty shards rocks. I can see that with a scoop neck top or over a nice wooly sweater.

    I'd starve too if I lived alone. OK, maybe not starve but I'd live on cereal and peanut butter toast with a nice glass of wine :-)

  2. I love the new pieces!! I have to say that I have always wanted to learn to do photo collages, so I may just have to go look at that tutorial of yours!!

  3. all gorgeous! I especially love the teal rings one!

  4. I really like the way you worked with the Marsha Neal ceramic pieces esp. the one with the shards. And to see how you used the colored wires make them seem great. Never have tried them.

  5. I esp. like the necklace and bracelet set with the glass discs! I'm off to check out your tutorial. I've been wondering how to make photo collages. Thanks in advance!

  6. As always, Lorelei, Beautiful jewelry, and the tut was good, too!

  7. Thanks for the kind words about our beading wire. What a nice compliment!!!

  8. love how you use the soft flex trios! so pretty and you photo collage tutorial is great, thanks!


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