Solid Gold

I always watched Solid Gold on Saturday mornings, I loved it! I wanted so badly, to BE a Solid Gold Dancer. Loved the music from the 80s and still do! Enjoy your Saturday, and Enjoy this FLASHBACK!


  1. Thanks for the flashback! I used to LOVE watching the Solid Gold Dancers too. I thought they were great!
    Have a great and long weekend!

  2. What I think is amazing, is that while watching stuff like this, I had no understanding whatsoever of what a luxury it is to be that lithe and supple, and how one day, it would almost make me hurt to watch it! I understood I was headed for grey hair and wrinkles. I didn't know I would miss flexibility even more than perky boobs!

  3. The 80"s were such a great time for music and dance! I remember all those songs, so happy, and upbeat. The big hair I had, my husband still craves. Loved those long curly locks! I sure am glad we all, especially men stopped wearing spandex though!*#? LOL Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. omg! thanks for the flashback! this was my saturday evening pastime (i had no life). the 80's ROCK!!

  5. You had me at Van Halen!!! :)

  6. this cracked me up! I used to think they were so awesome. I would imitate their ridiculous kicks and jazzy moves.
    btw- the breakdance song won an emmy? really stood the test of time that one...

  7. I got so nostalgic yesterday I forgot to tell you what I set out to share. If you love to dance and want the very best one hour work out in the world today. Go try a Zumba class. I am addicted. The music often includes old standards depending on the teacher. Everything from salsa, mambo, hip hop, and routines to Can can and thriller. It is sooooooooo fun!

  8. Makes me appreciate the influence of Michael Jackson on music and dance, especially during that decade.

    And, I agree, thank goodness the hair and spandex have disappeared!

  9. I remember solid gold - on Saturday's - I was thinking it was on sometime right before Saturday night mass....funny - the clothes - oh the clothes...


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