BOC EVENT- don't miss it!

This event held by the Beads of Clay group is so fun, you should definitely attend if you are around this afternoon. I am definitely going to try to be there. There are giveaways and great sales on ceramic beads- a great time to stock up on all of your favorites!

Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Yesterday I made this:

I love how it turned out, very earthy and feminine. I am going to have to get more of that cool  brass bicycle chain, it's the coolest.

I went around the house and took some pictures, thought I'd share some of my home with you. Maybe they'll be inspiring photos, who knows.


  1. Love the necklace - what a fab selection of beads! Beautiful photos of your house too - you clearly have a very lovely home :-)

  2. The necklace is just beautiful! I like that bicycle chain too and will have to find some.

    Thanks for sharing photos of your home. I especially like the quirky little additions such as the owls and pig that are place around. I'll bet you smile every time you see them.

  3. Debby B.10/24/2010

    I love these pix of your home!!! Thanks for sharing! Shows a side of you that I feel I already know and love!!

  4. Thanks Lorelei! See you this afternoon. Love your house pics. Want your yo yo quilt!

  5. I love your necklace but I am seriously lusting over your flying pig!! I would love to stay in you house- Bed and Breakfast anyone? Very nice photos- thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the flying pig! And, even before stopping in, I was inspired by you...I love that you keep your banner fresh with new designs and I've been wanting to do my own different things. I FINALLY got some time and got the photo to do what I wanted...THANKS!! Jen

  7. This is a beautiful necklace Lorelei!! Thanks for sharing a little of your home,it's wonderful.
    My Christmas cactus blooms twice a year,it bloomed the end of may and now it's getting it's little holiday buds.
    I really enjoyed the BOC event and CONGRATS on winning!!

  8. What a great necklace. I do love that bicycle chain a lot!
    I am sorry I didn't check earlier for the open house...I am so in need of new stimulation!
    Your house looks so clean and fallish. How do you manage that with all you do?

  9. Kathryn10/25/2010

    Hi Lorelie! What great photos! I agree with Suz - how in the world do you keep your house spotless? I love the atmosphere you've created. Very warm and rustic.

    The necklace is also great. I like the combination of the two brass chains. May I ask where you found the bicycle chain?


  10. I love the house pics! Chloe picked out a similar (may be the same one) winged pig for our garden back in my on "our" birthday when we made a trip to a small boutique then Longwood gardens… Can't wait to see your christmas tree this year again!!!

  11. OH, your house makes me swoon!! I love the folk-artsy-ness of it. I'm constantly looking for ways to make my house more "me/us" since we inherited a lot of our furniture when my uncle passed many years ago. His style was way more traditional, posh, and shiny. We're more country cottage, vintage, rustic than he was. Thanks for the interior inspiration, it's lovely!


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