A day off, Locked in the studio

My first show of the season is coming up fast, November 6- I  am selling jewelry at the Raise the Roof fundraiser at Temple Beth-El again this year. And it's literally right around the corner. So with that in mind, I stowed myself away in my studio and vowed to make as much as I could.  This doesn't mean that this is only for the show, if you see something here and you want it, just say so. I'm willing to part with them early.


  1. What a productive day you have had, and so much beauty to show for it. Good sales to you at the show!

  2. I love how you have everything displayed, you have done a fabulous job and have obviously been very busy. All the best with your sale. I have one that I am doing next weekend too, I am crossing my fingers for luck.

    Take care,

  3. The "mad beader" is at it again. Stand back!

    Great stuff as always! I envy you your speed! ;-)

  4. Everything looks great! I think you will have a fantastic show! I have three big ones this year, hoping for one more, so we will see. I don't think that with my health the way it is right now, I could do more than that.
    Just have to say that the bracelet with the square dangled chain, is fabulous!!
    Have fun!

  5. Oh my,
    You amaze me! You are like a machine. You produce one creative piece after another...I guess that makes you a VERY creative machine!!!

  6. Beautiful pieces! :)

  7. Lorelei, I love your style. Everything you create is so unique! My fav are the peachy-red earrings....beautiful! Best of luck on your upcoming show, though I know you won't need luck, you will do well.

  8. Lurve all the earrings!

  9. Everything looks beautiful!!! I really like the aqua and blue disc bee bracelet. I'm soooo jealous, though! I have a show coming up and it's taken me a week just to make 2 bracelets and a pair of earrings! I need your motivation. :)

  10. wowee! you have such a great style...everything is beautiful!

  11. Absolutely wonderful. Looks like a great day was had.

  12. isabelle10/12/2010

    such beauties!!! my favourite is the last one, with the wood beads, so if you don't mind let it find another house!!


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