Golem Design Studio DESIGN Contest

I just found out about a cool new Desigin contest- Vlad and his wife Kremena of Golem Design Studio, are holding a contest for people who design with their beads. You can read all about it on their Facebook page. Basically, you use their beads, create pretty jewelry, or ornaments using at least one of their beads, and then email the photos and your info to Vlad's email.  He'll post the pictures in an album on FB and then people can vote for their favorites. The highest votes, will receive gift certificates for their online shop!

You can find Golem Design Studio beads at Artbeads.com, and  GolemStudio.com

You better believe I'll be participating, I LOVE Golem beads- they are always interesting and colorful and they are constantly coming out with the coolest stuff. I just got a small baggie of beads from them this week, and look forward to putting together a little something for the contest.

Happy Designing!


  1. Kathryn10/06/2010

    Hi Lorelie. I have never heard of Golem Studio before you listed this. I looked at their website and love their goods! What eye candy! How do jewelry artists find out about bead sources? Maybe it would be fun to start a list of bead sources and everyone can add their favorites to it.


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