I puffy heart Keith O'Connor

Beware, this may be a jealousy- inducing post!   Ceramic bead artist, Keith O'Connor had some business yesterday in New York State, and offered to stop by for me to be able to have my own little personal trunk show. I have never seen all of Keith's beads all in one place and was amazed at the scope of his work, that I had no idea about. Did you know Keith makes buttons!? and Cabs!? And may different pendants and shaped beads? 

So he arrived last night and pulled all the trays out and laid them on my dining room table, for me to peruse. It was all I could do to not climb up on the table and roll around in them all- they were so beautiful all together. Keith agreed that pictures would be cool and so, here you go.

I know, it's pretty amazing isn't it? I could have died.  Unfortunately I didn't have a whole lot of cash to spend so it probably wasn't really that worth it for him to come here but I bought what I could and am happy with what I chose, and know the beads will be put to very good use.

I have to say, there is nothing quite like shopping for beads in the comfort of your own home, with a glass of wine in hand. 

This pic above is my favorite, of all of them that I took. There is something so calming about seeing long skewers of beads in every color of the rainbow. I basically took 2 beads of almost each shape tried to pick colors that were in a variety of shades and not just the teal and greens! 

Below, are some of Keith's newest beads, I am LOVING the floral patterns on these and did buy a few in red and teal, and a few purple too.

Keith told me last night that The Beadin Path, of Freeport ME, now has a large selection of Keith's new beads. You can see them on their website here.

It was somewhat daunting having so many choices all at once.  It took me quite a while to actually pick which ones I wanted- trying to think of how I would use them, and what colors would be cool to have on hand.  

I tried to get Keith to just take them all upstairs to my studio and he could go on his merry way, but that didn't fly. ;)

I am looking forward to buying more of the small rounds in many colors, after my show next weekend. 

And here is most of the selection that I purchased last night....

I'll be away from my computer for the weekend so I'll meet you all back here on Sunday evening when I pick the winner of the 30 Minute Necklaces book giveaway!
Oh, you didn't know about the giveaway?