Lima Beads ROCKS

Well, whatdayaknow!! Another super cool awesome place to pick up some of my favorite art beads! is now carrying Jangles, Humblebeads, and C-Koop beads, along with my favorite Green Girl Studios! Looking for a coupon? Head on over to Art Bead Scene today, there is a promotion there you won't want to miss! go there, NOW! Quick!


  1. Thanks for pointing us in that direction, it was fun to set up my picks. Kristi

  2. Ok...that was fun. Don't know why at 5pm on Friday I would be thinking about Monday morning, but here is my fresh pick:

  3. I *love* Lima Beads and order from them quite often. The Big Green Machine has amazing deals, but can be rather addicting and time consuming, as things change every 5 minutes!

  4. I order from Lima Beads all the time. I love when they have 20% off Vintaj and Green Girls beads are in the big green machine all the time.


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