making him smile

 this is me with my 15 yr old brother, Bren

bren doesn't say much.
he hates talking to me on the phone.
and i can rarely make him smile.

that's why i bought him this ugly doll.
 i mailed it to him today.

so if the doll doesn't make him smile....

maybe these photos will. ;)

have you made someone smile lately?


  1. Ok, that last photo of you biting the ear made me spit out my coffee. That totally cracks me up!! If Bren doesn't laugh at that he is NOT HUMAN!

  2. oh good! well maybe i'll actually get a chuckle out of him. ;)

  3. well, you certainly made me smile! I'm sure your brother will too! That's just a great Ugly Doll.

  4. I love it when people can have fun and don't care what they look like! That's probably why I like Jack Black so much. Funny pics!

  5. Anonymous10/21/2010

    You are HILARIOUS!

    and you made me smile, that's for sure.

    I love this.... I need to send one to my brother!

    You are my kinda gal!

    Take Care silly.

  6. this reminds me of my son who is 14... maybe he needs an ugly doll too -

  7. Love the Ugly Doll. Someday soon he will make some young woman smile!

  8. For some reason all I can think of is pistachio ice it pistachio flavored??? I agree the last one is the best. To get a laugh out of my twelve year old I have to pretend I'm talking to my self - then he'll laugh..that's probably why little old ladies talk to themselves - they've had too many teenagers!

  9. OMG - that is too funny! I don't know if ANYTHING works on teenage boys in the smiling department, but it made ME laugh ;-)

  10. Betty S.10/21/2010

    Great idea! I have a non-smiling 16 year-old, who look s a lot like your brother! Think I'll hunt one of those beasties down. Gotta love those pics.

  11. That is chuckley you biting the ear lol. I hope he loves your gift! He will!

  12. I think he will grin inside--even if he doesn't let on to his big sister!

  13. I think your little brother looks a bit like Jake Gyllenhaal.... and he is just as serious looking...

  14. LOVE IT!!! I agree, he may actually smile - inside - but not let on to anyone else...
    Those Ugly Dolls are so wonderful... wish they didn't have such a big minimum order wholesale, or we'd carry them in our store...
    Hope you didn't get bitten back! ;~)


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