New Collaboration Stage 1

Marie of Skye Jewels, contacted me several weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in collaborating with her on some jewelry. So we each created a semi-finished piece of jewelry and swapped them for each of us to finish. What you see here, is her start to my necklace. Here's the one I sent to Marie:

I love that Marie used one of her own handcrafted pendants, and wrapped in brass filigree. Below the owl pendant dangles a handmade brass wire nest with pearl eggs. A clever addition to this earthy and stylish necklace. Marie knows I have an obsession with owls, and that was great of her to incorporate them into the theme of her necklace. 
Up one side, she beaded a strand with a ceramic nugget (looks like Mary Ann Carroll's bead, I'm guessing) some nuggets of jasper? and some glass seed beads. She incorporated a nice beaded toggle ring- would be great for a button or handmade toggle of some sort.
Up the other side, Marie added some pretty yellow peanut seed beads, (another favorite!) and a few brass links. 
I hope to be able to add my additions to this necklace sometime this weekend so come back and check out the finished piece next week!

Go to Marie's Blog to find out what she ends up doing with the one I sent to her!


  1. That is awesome Lorelei! I am doing the same thing with Marie right now. I keep pulling apart what I am working on for her. Once I started one and finished it! Couldn't stop myself! Maybe I need to add just one more thing...;-)
    I love what she has done for you. Great to collaborate and challenge yourself.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I love Marie and her talented designs! I am hoarding several of her ephemera charms until just the right idea comes to mind. This is such a neat concept...happy collaborating!

  3. What a cool thing to do!! That is very nice. It will be fun seeing the progress.


  4. Your pictures are amazing!! So much better than mine. Can't wait to see how you complete your necklace!!


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