New Favorite Blog

This is my new favorite blog:

Just read the first 3 posts, 
I guarantee
you'll be hooked

just as I was.


  1. Beautiful. I love this baby journal thing. There is a blog that I read occasionally called Pacing the Panic Room. It's written by a guy and during his wife's pregnacy, he did a photo shoot each week with their thoughts as commentary. Right now he's posting a 2 min video for a year of their daughter being herself, candid no, posing just here being 18 months old at the start.

    I'll definitely follow this one. This sort of thing makes me teary happy!

  2. Well, isn't she just the cutest little thing? Thanks for the tip!

  3. Wow Lori..thanks for sharing. The writing and photos are amazing! Definitely following this one!

  4. Thanks for this! Her photos are gorgeous.

  5. Thank you for sharing this absolutely beautiful blog!

    Her beauty is ethereal, her photos exude tenderness and her absolute joy during this most exciting time of a couple's life is contagious and I LOVE IT!

    Thank you!


  6. Oh dang, well I HAVE to go to a recommended blog. Just have to.

    Hope your weekend was splendid.

    P.S. Check out my blog - you may be interested. :)

  7. I've been reading her blog for such a long time now, and I love it!

    Although - I've been trying for ages to figure out HOW in the world she makes the photo collages with coloured text blocks.

    Does anyone know how?!


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