New Head pins

 I finally was able to use a few of Kelley's new glass headpins last night in this copper chain necklace. I picked out some coordinating colors to go with this Jade Scott connector. The thing I love about the head pins, they look just as good not holding other beads, but just wire wrapped as their own individual dangles.

 Love all the different frit colors she used on the glass. They are FUN! You can buy some here.

This one, the green and purple frit was left bumpy on the glass. I think it's a cool contrast to the smooth orange frit on clear round from Gardanne Beads.

It's been a fun morning at work. My friend Tara and I went around the museum snapping pictures of the employees wearing similar eyeglasses to that of Phillip Johnson, the Museum building's architect.
We are gearing up for a new show at the gallery featuring models, photographs, and imagery from the time period, and Phillip Johnson's other well-known buildings. The curator found matte finish round eye glasses (Harry Potter glasses actually!) that will be used as fun party favors at the opening this weekend. 
We plan on putting the photo collage of everyone sporting the glasses on the new blog. Yes! Munson-Williams has a blog! It just launched this week. It's going to feature all of the different voices of the Museum/School of Art/ Education departments- I will be doing future posts there as well!
Be sure to click the link so you can follow the new blog- I know you'll be fascinated to learn more about what I do with my free time when I'm not beading!


  1. I am overlooking them I guess ... where are the glass head pins....?

  2. Love your jewelry designs! Thanks for the update on teh new product...they look completely integrated!

  3. Hi Pepita,
    you can find them at kelleys etsy shop

  4. Just love that copper necklace! Beautiful piece!


  5. Love those dangles and no bead holes to clean.

  6. Will you be listing the green and purple frit bracelet? Great b-day gift for my sis!

  7. Those head pins look great. They don't even look like head pins, they're too fabulous! I just love the way you used them here. What a unique piece :)

    Many different artists seem to be coming out with fabulous head pins. Very exciting!


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