Sunday Night Creations

 This first necklace was a similar design to one I have done in the past, with a Lisa Peters owl pendant. Instead of Lisa's pendant, I chose a Lilla Jizo painted pebble pendant that I created by adding a copper bail.
I love the pairing of the pendant with the drilled stones, almost as if they were all found on the same beach somewhere.
 A recent Jade Scott Hot air balloon acquisition ended up in this colorful diddy.  I quite like the contrast of tarragon green with the blues and teals of the other stones. I titled it Homeward Bound- as if I was riding that balloon on a journey back to my roots, my homestead, my past.

I recently ordered a few squirrel beads from the Green Girl Studios line, and paired him with a matte teal/brown shard from Round Rabbit Extra.
The jasper top-drilled stones, were a gift from Kelley at this past Bead Fest!
I created a "nut" by the clasp with a copper bead cap, and brass metal bicone, wire wrapped on a head pin.

A gorgeous set of lampwork beads, squandered for many months, finally found their way out of the bead cabinet and into this wire wrapped bracelet featuring one of Heather Powers Humblebeads, and a carved amazonite flower. The lampwork are delicious gray beads with teal frit from Blue Seraphim.
My new favorite find, some gunmetal wire from Ornamentea, a great inexpensive alternative to oxidized silver!

These items can now be found in my Big Cartel shop.


  1. Each unique and beautiful. You really have a gift for complimenting beads. Happy week to you...

  2. Gorgeous, and you make some beautiful statements with your jewelry.

  3. All lovely...I especially like the earthiness of the owl necklace.

  4. Lorelei, all of them are super duper nice! And very nice to read about the making also. That is so much appreciated! Please keep doing that. Lilla Jizo, have to check her shop out again. And Blue Seraphim too.

  5. Busy Gal! gorgeous pieces, Lorelei!

  6. I love the double drilled stones! What a creative use of them and the squirrel bead??? :) Gorgeous.

  7. I have become obsessed with owls ever since taking the kids to Guardians of Ga' many cute owls !!! Beautiful pieces !!!

  8. Those are fantastic. I adore the pebble one. You know, I have so many beads that you have there...including the pebble ones...and I keep wondering...what am I doing wrong that I can't create such lovely things in a way that you all seems so effortless!

    You have got it, Lorelei. I am impressed. They are beautiful. They are current. They are "go to" pieces.



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