Treasures found

Sunday morning I headed out with Joe to a small town about 40 minutes away, to go to one of my favorite antique malls- I was on the hunt to find either wooden boxes, or some sort of rustic props for my display table at my upcoming show. Remember last year, when I used the old window? I'll be using that again this year as well- but I want to also use some more vintage finds instead of manufactured jewelry stands. 

Joe had the eye that day and found this really awesome time card slot. Ooookay. Can you believe how cool this is??  AND the color is amazing!! I think it will be fab just hanging on the wall when it's not in use, but I have visions of this holding timecard-size cards punched with holes, holding earrings. I plan to make some cards for it, and then stamp the prices and maybe an owl on each card for a bit of character.


I thought I could use these small manila tags, but when I slip them into the slots, they slide all the way down preventing them to showcase the earrings clearly.
So, I'll have to make my own. I could get fancy and create eyelets, and add string to the ones I make, not sure if I will put all that time into it though knowing that people may just ditch em when they get home.

I also found this cute little wooden bench. When displaying jewelry, I like to have things at different heights so that people have a variety of things to look at when shopping. It adds nice dimension to the table and the rustic look of this will work perfectly. I also think it might make a pretty cool photo prop so I may try that out today.

And then lastly, I found this old wooden toolbox, the best thing about it, the leather strap handle! How cool is that!? I haven't seen anything like that before, and this piece is really kind of "off" which I also love. I'm unsure how I'll use this one in the display, maybe if I had prepackaged earrings on cards or something- who knows. Leave a comment if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

From a previous antiquing adventure, I also have this long wooden tool box that has a long metal pipe type handle. I think I might use it, and attach bracelets to the handle for a display.  Next thing on the docket, to find some appropriate non-fancy, rustic lamps for the table. And table coverings. And then I should be well on my way!!