Catching back up

I lost some steam after the hubbub of the weekend craft fair and have yet to put my studio back together, clean it up, arrange everything into working order... last night I found myself laid out on the couch watching the tube all night. That wasn't part of my plan, but that's what happened.  Luckily I can still list some new items (such as these pretties) in my shops as I catch my breath.

I really do hope to get back to the studio maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow night- but I can tell you right now, I am feeling like I could crawl under this desk and take a loooooong nap.

I have my open house coming up right around the corner, on Dec. 4th, and will need to create some new stuff for that... but also I need to do some custom orders that I got this past weekend at  the show...and start getting my thoughts together on my projects for the first deadline for the Jewelry Accord book. Might I mention that the deadline for your entries for the contributors is December 1st! That is only 3 weeks away, so I really hope you are all feverishly creating fantabulous designs featuring cordings!

DOH, I also have to come up with  a cool topic for this Saturday, since it's my week for Studio Saturdays at the Art Bead Scene. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment on this post!


  1. These earrings are lovely. You will catch your breath and carry on. :)

  2. I think it's perfectly understandable that you'd need a bit of a break after a show. I know you're quite the jewelry-making-machine, but even machines need downtime and maintenance ;-)

    LOVE those earrings - they are too cute and such pretty colors!

    Oh - what're ya watchin' on TV? Because I'm all nosy and stuff like that.

  3. I've a big show on Saturday. Actually two, but my sweetie does one for me. So I totally understand the I need to lie on the sofa, mindlessly watching whatever. I'll be having a jammie day on Monday. So ABS blog post? Why don't you talk about the show you just did with some little tidbits about how to do a show?

  4. Rest well Lorelei, you and Erin are going to have a hard job picking some fellow designers for Jewelry Accord there are some awesome designs.

  5. It is totally understandable that you would need to rest, it looked like you did a ton of work!
    I agree that you should do a post on doing a show, for those of us who have never done one they are pretty scary.
    Love my earrings btw, thanks so much!

  6. Those earrings are stunning.

  7. I enjoyed your posts on the show. What I would be interested in for Studio Saturdays is creating assymetric jewelry; the design aspects of it but also the practical aspects like weight. Sometimes I look at assymetrical necklaces and the materials used and wonder if it looks pretty in the picture but in real life it hangs lobsided.

  8. I love the little cards that you used to put your jewelry on. I'm always looking for interesing ways to display my stuff and would love to know how you made them. I like to see what other people do.

  9. I think showing off your display ideas for shows would make a great studio saturday. Post-show slumps are normal - you'll be back to whipping up new stuff before you know it!

  10. Display and show ideas would be great but if your burnt out on that - How about your favorite tools or findings? I always love to hear about peoples favorite things. : )

  11. what about beady christmas ideas? garlands,snowflakes, etc


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