Etsy Editing App

I just found this cool app one day on etsy and thought I would share it with you! It's an app on the website called Craftopolis, and it allows you to edit all of your listings at once. Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me!  Here, I'll walk you through it.

So, first, go to Etsy and on Your main Etsy page, scroll down to the last link on the menu at the left, called Featured Apps.

This link will take you to a list of all kinds of cool Etsy apps, but amongst the list, find Craftopolis.

 This site allows you to check out who is hearting you, how many items sold on a given day, taps into your tags, taps into your google analytics, and then also does this cool editing thing. Click the Quick Edits tab at the top.

You can edit listings in a few different ways. You can edit the prices of each item by altering the drop down menus at the top. So you can take a few bucks off each, or you can discount by a percentage.

But you can also edit listings descriptions,  and titles too! I haven't found something this easy in a long time- I love that you can do it all at once. Now if they would allow you to change and store your banners here too, I'd be all set!

Happy Etsying!