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Available for sale: Set of 5 Lindstrom Pliers- Chain Nose, Round Nose, Flush Cutters, Flat Nose, and Long chain Nose; All in excellent- New shape, the cutters and flat nose pliers were moderately used. The Long Chain nose, regular Chain nose, and Round nose pliers barely used at all.

I am selling this set because they weren't comfortable for me, They are excellent pliers, one of the top brands you can buy. I have added a Buy it Now button here on the blog, you can purchase the set right from here, for $230 plus $5 for shipping.

I am only selling them as a full set, and will not be willing to sell the pliers individually.



  1. I'm so intrigued - what pliers do you use? I have these very pliers and I love them - they are comfy for me and I would find it hard to use anything else now. So I can heartily recommend these to any prospective buyers!

  2. I am with Rebecca here. Other pliers made my hands hurt and I invested in Lindstroms two years ago and I love love love them. So I can recommend them too.

  3. Anonymous11/15/2010

    I'm drooling too. Glad you found a new owner for them! Just curious how you added the buy it now button (which I missed :-) ) and wondering how you like your Big Cartel Site... I have been thinking of doing something other than etsy, it is so time consuming to list each item, so I only list items I can remake, but the majority of my work is one of a kind pieces...wondering if the buy it now button would be a better option - attached to my blog. I am very interested in how you did it. Might be a great topic for your abs blog too. Thanks as always for your feedback! You are an inspiration!


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