New Acquisitions

Ohmygoodness. The studio these days is a real mess. There is stuff everywhere and that is exactly how the inside of my head is feeling these days. I'm not sure how I can work effectively in this atmosphere, but I do have hopes of cleaning it up tonight.  Organization needs to occur, but in order to do that, a destash may have to happen, as well- to make room for new stuff.

I have been trying to purchase a little at a time, some new strands of beads. I got a package from yesterday.... glass pearls, freshwater pearls, blue agate rounds, chrysoprase tumbled nuggets, bronzite rounds, Russian amazonite nuggets, and my favorite- Lemon Chrysoprase faceted ovals.

I also ordered some cool enameled pieces by C-Koop Beads- large rings, and flower pairs, one of which I used in this pair of earrings from last night's session. I am digging how they turned out. How do you like the more feminine look of these? Too outside my box? I love anything layered lately.

I also placed an order for a few more gemstones today, from I chose some green kyanite, faceted pearls, rutilated quartz, Peach Muscovite, and some prehnite ovals.

So now, I must make room for these in my bead bins. Now.... what to do with all these unwanted beads..............


  1. one persons unwanted beads could be another persons treasures:) I'm sure many of us would help you find a loving home for beads that needed to be relocated.

    I love your new acquisitions and can't wait to see what you do with them.


  2. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Love the earrings. They are a great color and sure to be someone's go-to earrings for years to come.


  3. Love your new beadies, esp. the rutilated quartz (one of my faves!) and Russian Amazonite. I have some recently purchased RA nuggets sitting on the living room table waiting to be used too! I am totally digging your earrings too. Gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Love the pearls, the faceted ovals, bumpy purple rounds and LOVE the Earrings!! Very Pretty!

  5. NO don't clean the mess! Crazy, I know. I was a clean desk nazi, but I found that the little piles on my table inspired me more times than I can count. Leave them there and see if they talk to the new beads your ordered when you get them in the mail ;)

    Pretty beads! I can't wait to see what you make.

    I love the flower earrings they are very feminine and totally your style :)

    Much love,


  6. I LOVE the layered earrings! Never too much. They're just gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you come up with using all your new supplies.

  7. Oh ya, love some beadies!! I think my fav is also the lemon chrysoprase faceted ovals. Those green kyanite also caught my eye, I don't usually go for nuggets but these almost look more like small sticks, I like!!

  8. I love the new earrings and the new gemstones. Are you moving in a new direction?

  9. I too love the new earrings. They seem to me an off shoot of the Harbinger collection. Similar in feel, different in age, i.e. more of a Victorian vintage look. So to me they are very you.

  10. Great stuff Lori! I've never heard of Are they good to work with? Quality beads?


  11. The earrings are fabulous!!
    So are all the new pretties. It's so inspiring to have a bundle of new beads to play with :)

  12. Wonderful acquitions, you made some good choices there! I'm fortunate enough too, to have a place in my home for my studio and it desparately needs organizing, it would then look like the wonderful place that it is. I read alot about this subject and glad I'm not alone.

  13. Love your new beads. You have an eye for just the right thing, for me. If you have beads you don't want you could send them my way... LOL! You could cover them with fabric to change their appearance and use them in a piece. Sometimes in quilting the ugly fabric is just the right thing, and helps the design. Hope this helps.
    <3 Terri

  14. Oh, the yumminess! Can't wait to see what all these lovelies become!!

  15. The flowers on the ear-rings look great with the design on the metal, not too girly at all!

  16. Thanks for this post on your new acquisitions. I also love the gemstones you ordered today.


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