New Harbingers Listed, and Weekly Links!

I have these new Harbinger Collection pieces now listed in my Big Cartel shop in case the online shoppers want in on that action before I sell it all this weekend at my show. I know, thinking positively! ;)
I forgot to post last weeks bead blogger links- I am so sorry about that! I need to be better at being consistent with that, and I appreciate your patience while I work it out!

Also - I have barely any ads for November so if you are interested in getting some ad space on the blog for your art beads, contact me!

Hope you are having a good relaxing week!


  1. I love what you are doing with the tin discs.. It is just so happy! Love the pops of color!

  2. I love your riveted rings! Awesome!

  3. Beautiful. I love this collection of yours.


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