Running on empty

Let me take you to 3am this morning, when I awoke to a sore throat because I had been coughing hard, in my sleep. This led to a full on, wide awake coughing fit. I go to the bathroom. Get a drink of water. Take another Sudafed. Go back to bed. I'm still coughing.

Joe: : "Tomorrow, you're going back to the Dr."

This spurs a full on meltdown with crying, and I pull my pillow from the bed and apologize for keeping him up, and go down to the very cold living room to try to stop coughing. I get back to sleep for maybe an hour and he wakes me up to get me to go back up to bed. I sleep for 35 minutes on and off,  and then, it's time to get up.

<-- this is how i look this morning. work is going to be a real challenge today. I have no intentions of going back to the doctor. this is just post nasal drippage. it's a huge pain in my ass. i need it to stop.


Ok, rewind. After dinner I stow myself away in the studio, and it takes me a good hour to get into anything. I feel panic set in as I realize all these people are going to be showing up this Saturday for a great "STOCKED" open house, and I have to deliver. I crank out a few pieces before bed. Whew.  Hopefully I can create several pieces each night this week- then I'll feel good about the weekend. I am looking forward to it. I found out Erin Siegel is coming up with her husband for the weekend- we'll be picking our book contributors.  You have until the end of tomorrow to submit pieces to the Flickr group for Jewelry Accord! I hope you are all working on fabulous, unique, and funky designs to submit!

Camera update. I sold my Olympus camera and will be shipping it off to its new owner today. My new camera, a shiny fabulous Lumix should be arriving this week, hopefully before the weekend. Which means, no photos for a few days, but I have some books to give away and maybe I'll do a tutorial for ya too.  So plenty of blog content coming. No worries.

Hope you are all getting lots of rest this week. I'll live vicariously through you all. And if anyone has any brilliant solutions for post nasal drip, please tell me before I lose my mind, coughing.


  1. Have you tried a neti pot? If you don't know what it is, google it. It has worked for many included. And if you are prone to sinus infections, I would take garlic pills- they have a natural antibiotic. I have used them for sinus infection with great sucess. Rest, don't worry, take vitamin c and let your body heal.
    Many blessings!

  2. I feel your pain Lorelei, I've had an undiagnosed sinus infection for months, among other things, just felt sick ALL the time. I'm on my second course of antibiotics, 30 days this time. Hope it kicks it!! Will know soon. Feel better!!

    Glad you sold your camera, I almost bought it but I'm now on the look out for my new camera, a Christmas present from my husband. So I'm happy you put it up for sale, it got me going on something I've wanted for awhile. Take Care!

    PS Neti pot is helpful, I'd definitely add it to whatever else you are doing to get yourself well.

  3. I have been fighting this thing for 3 weeks now. I still have the occasional coughing fit but cough drops are helping now rather than cough syrup. Whatever it is that is going around is brutal! Everyone seems to have it. My office sounds like an ER.

    I hope you feel better soon. This thing won't go away gently.

  4. sorry you are still dealing with this sinus issue.
    salt is probably going to be your friend..neti pot to irrigate the sinus, gargle hot as you can stand it salt water, on the go>drugstores have saline nasal sprays.
    my mom would also be dosing you with hot toddy before bedtime
    lemon juice,water,whiskey and honey heated up..drink that down and"no flitting around"after drinking said toddy.please don't ask me why about the flitting..
    oh emergenC is really good stuff too. unfortunate timing to be sick.
    feel better quickly.

  5. Hi Lorelei. So sorry to hear you are still suffering from the sinus infection. They can be nasty. I, too, use a sinus cleaning system. I don't use the neti pot, but the Ayr system which I bought at CVS. It sounds weird at first, but it REALLY helps. In fact, my two sons also use them on a daily basis. You can feel relief almost instantaneously. As far as meds are concerned, I cannot take Sudafed because it keeps me jittery and I cannot sleep. My doctor recommended Mucinex (OTC) which is an expectorant and it works for 12 hours. It is wonderful! Give it a try if you can.

    Hope you feel better soon. I'll say a prayer for you.


  6. I inherited from my father, (and his father and so on) a nasty tendancy to produce an ungodly amount of drainage, whether I have a sinus infection, or a cold, allergies, and sometimes for no reason at all. I like to take Sudafed D during the day and Niquil at night (I asked my pharmacist if this was OK and he gave me the green light-but you should ask your doctor or pharmacist). During the day I drink hot tea with honey and lemon, and load up on the water. I keep a bottle of water and cough drops next to my bed just in case. Sometimes I sleep at a slight elevation to keep the drainage going down (kinda gross) rather than sticking in my throat. Using a saline nose spray also helps. But really it just takes a lot of time for it to work itself out of your system.

    Take care of yourself and get lots of rest so you don't get worse.

  7. Anonymous11/30/2010

    Hi Lorelei,
    I am not a doctor but sinus infections are serious and can knock you on your a** for 10days or more.
    I know you have a big weekend but if you don't rest it will take you a long time to get well and you will be out of commission for a while. I found to sleep take a puff of an asthma puffer and it will let you sleep like a baby. Tell your doctor about coughing and not sleeping.Allegra is the best med for nasal drip and it doesn't make you feel sick. It is only by Rx in the USA. Hope this helps and get through the weekend and rest or you will only feel worse@!

  8. Hey Lorelei, I hope you feel better fast. I wake up sick every morning from sinuses too so I feel your pain. I admit, I'm jealous because even when you are feeling like crap you manage to create great looking pieces, lol! Go have some tea and try to rest for a bit after work ok?

  9. For a few days, stay away from foods that create mucus: dairy, grains, meat and soy. That doesn't leave much but citrus fruits and grapes are a mucus-cleanser. Stick to veggies and fruit. Feel better!

  10. swopemelmel11/30/2010

    I can get pretty comfortable on the love seat sitting propped up. ( Must have Blankies!!!!) Being upright seems to help me a good bit. As far as meds go I prefer Alka Seltzer Plus, it works really well for me. And speaking of husbands, why after they have understandably banished us to the sofa, do they wake us up after we finally settle in ???????? LOL lying down flat will only start the cycle again. Feel better my dear. Mel

  11. what stacilouise said - the neti pot!
    To hear someone use one is disgusting, but they are very effective for clearing stuff out. My husband has had incredible relief from cold and allergies...

  12. Anonymous11/30/2010

    1. Consider taking Mucinex to cut down on the secretions. There are different kinds, so look carefully at the packages.
    2. Why not check in again with the doctor? You can probably do it with just a phone call. What can it hurt? The doc may have information about which meds (including OTC) are most effective against what's currently going around.
    3. Call in sick and GO TO BED. Rest is the best and cheapest healer. I wish I'd figured that out 25 years ago. It really makes a difference.
    4. Don't let a young person's natural tendency to deny illness, to cause damage to your body. Long story short, every respiratory infection I get goes to my ears...and with each successive infection, it takes longer to heal and more damage occurs. Prevent it. You do not want to scar your lungs, etc.

  13. My Gosh! I've been battling this gosh darn upper respiratory "thing" for over a week! I got out on Saturday and EVERYWHERE I went EVERYONE said they had it also...some for 2 weeks, some longer! I think I'm on the downhill side...meaning I've stopped the gosh awful coughing and I shall get well! I am determined! Hang in there sweet lady!

    P.S. You're still gorgeous!


  14. Hi Lorelei. I know that coughing attack thing you're talking about. I hate it. I haven't had it in a few years, but it seems uncontrollable when it happens. During the day, cough drops helped me, at night, I seem to remember taking benadryl and that prevented it.

  15. I agree about the neti pot. and it sounds like you are like me when it comes to going to the dr - my hubby always tries to get me to go and i refuse unless i'm near death.
    on another note - i especially love that orange bracelet

  16. Awww Sweetie, I'm so sorry! Sounds awful! Yes, go home EARLY from work today and rest!!! Call in sick tomorrow and rest, rest, rest! I need you well for the weekend! Actually, Nora is a bit sicky. She has a case of constipation and she's been extra fussy the past couple days, keeping us up so we haven't gotten much sleep, either lately.

  17. 3 things Lori! 1. Neti Pot 2. Over the counter Clartin (24 hour Redi-tabs) and 3. Delsym cough med (12 hour....fantastic!!!)

    I am really hoping you feel better!!!


  18. Lorelei,

    I FEEL YA! I got super sick and managed to fight off the intense part of it in 5 days, but have been left with just enough of a sticky bit of snot that won't either go out my nose or down my throat. It has just continued to choke me and drive me CRAZY! I just keep coughing :( Yuck sorry for the tmi! I just wanted to let you know I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY!

    You look fabulous for being sick. I wouldn't have known otherwise!

    Whatever you have for your open house is FINE, promise! I am super hard on myself like this too and you know what, all of those last minute things you make before shows usually aren't the ones that sell anyways. It's always the stuff that you have had the longest. So DON'T STRESS HONEY, you are doing great!

    I'm so excited to see who you all pick for Jewelry Accord! I have had such a wonderful time creating, submitting and seeing what everyone else has posted :D Thanks for this opportunity!

    Feel better! Be sure to take care of you!

    Much love,


  19. I really feel for you! I havent been sick with a cold for sooo long. My husband was sick recently and what helped him alot at night was Nyquil Nightime formula. Helps relieve symtoms and get a proper sleep. Maybe you need to see the Dr again and if tommorow you are still sick stay home. Rest rest rest!

    Hey do you want to know what the word Verification is that I have to type is? For real it is: restes!

  20. I swear by Zicam Extreme Congestion Relief. It is the ONLY thing that works on my sinuses!

    So sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope it clears up soon.

    I got my entries in today for the book competition and can't wait to see how it all turns out - there's some fabulous stuff on the Flicker site!

  21. Two words: BLACKBERRY BRANDY. (listen to me, I know my brandy. you will sleep like a kitten and snore like an old Ford truck. )

  22. LOL @ Nancy. Hmm maybe I need to try this too?

  23. You poor things! I used to get horrid sinus infections (spits on the ground twice, turns in a circle three times, throw salt over my left shoulder) and I was told to get antibiotic ointment (over the counter) and basically snort it up there! It sounds gross but it worked like a voodoo charm! Something about oral antibiotics not getting in the sinus cavity... Feel better!

  24. @Gaea, wow never heard that before, but totally worth a try!

  25. I feel your pain...the same thing was happening to me, coughing all night. After the second sore throat came I went to the Dr. and got some antibiotics and a script for PolyHist DM, worked like a charm! Fell better soon!


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