Running on empty

Let me take you to 3am this morning, when I awoke to a sore throat because I had been coughing hard, in my sleep. This led to a full on, wide awake coughing fit. I go to the bathroom. Get a drink of water. Take another Sudafed. Go back to bed. I'm still coughing.

Joe: : "Tomorrow, you're going back to the Dr."

This spurs a full on meltdown with crying, and I pull my pillow from the bed and apologize for keeping him up, and go down to the very cold living room to try to stop coughing. I get back to sleep for maybe an hour and he wakes me up to get me to go back up to bed. I sleep for 35 minutes on and off,  and then, it's time to get up.

<-- this is how i look this morning. work is going to be a real challenge today. I have no intentions of going back to the doctor. this is just post nasal drippage. it's a huge pain in my ass. i need it to stop.


Ok, rewind. After dinner I stow myself away in the studio, and it takes me a good hour to get into anything. I feel panic set in as I realize all these people are going to be showing up this Saturday for a great "STOCKED" open house, and I have to deliver. I crank out a few pieces before bed. Whew.  Hopefully I can create several pieces each night this week- then I'll feel good about the weekend. I am looking forward to it. I found out Erin Siegel is coming up with her husband for the weekend- we'll be picking our book contributors.  You have until the end of tomorrow to submit pieces to the Flickr group for Jewelry Accord! I hope you are all working on fabulous, unique, and funky designs to submit!

Camera update. I sold my Olympus camera and will be shipping it off to its new owner today. My new camera, a shiny fabulous Lumix should be arriving this week, hopefully before the weekend. Which means, no photos for a few days, but I have some books to give away and maybe I'll do a tutorial for ya too.  So plenty of blog content coming. No worries.

Hope you are all getting lots of rest this week. I'll live vicariously through you all. And if anyone has any brilliant solutions for post nasal drip, please tell me before I lose my mind, coughing.