It feels like it's been days since I've been in the studio. I came down with something on my way from Raleigh last week. Yesterday, after feeling crappy all week, I finally headed to Urgent Care and found out I have a sinus infection, so now I'm on antibiotics. It's been YEARS since I've taken any. I very rarely get this sick. During the days, I feel great. I mean- functional!

Last night, Joe was watching a game on tv, so I was forced to head into the studio. I did a few new things.
This wire wrapped bracelet features pretty faceted citrine nuggets, peach Muscovite ovals, a Ceramic round from Gaea, and small teal ceramic rounds from Mary Ann Carroll. The large enamel ring is from C-Koop beads, and I finished it all off with a small bird charm from Jade Scott. This one will be available in my Big Cartel Shop shortly.

This second one,  a necklace- has to be one of my favorite pieces so far. I love this Green Girl Studios Floral Cross;

...instead of using it like a typical pendant, I used it as a connector, since it has a hole at the top and bottom. I did simple loops on the coral Swarovski glass pearls (that I got at Ornamentea) and wire wrapped blue opal coins along with vintage mother of pearl buttons. The brass disc chain is vintage, and was given to me by Erin of Tesori Trovati.
A random necklace with three different sections- Joe told me it looked like it was 3 necklaces in one. I guess?  It was a peaceful necklace to make, in between the coughing, anyway. ;)

This necklace is already spoken for- by an amazing woman I know, who not only battled cancer, but also brain surgery last week.  You ROCK, C. 

I figure in a few days I'll be back to normal. Til then, expect spotty blog posts.  xo