Another Open House

I've mentioned my jewelry designer friend Tara before in the past, she's part of the shop on Etsy called Beaded Bird Designs. Tara had an open house last night for her jewelry and some home decor items that she crafted. I wanted to show you some pics of her set up, she did a lovely job showcasing her jewelry!

It was so festive for Christmas, with handmade paper garland, and greenery throughout the house. Tara had great lighting on her jewelry too, which makes a huge difference when trying to sell it. I need to work on this for my next show.

I love this little luggage suitcase thing that she used to display necklaces on! And the stacks of books on the table gave it a cool vintage feel.

For some of the displays she even ripped out pages from old books, and displayed her pieces on these. It all falls in line with her jewelry style. She creates a lot of pieces using chain, vintage skeleton keys, old watch parts, and buttons, all paired with a few colorful beads.

She had a drawing for a prize, and I won a pair of earrings! They are the sweetest pair, and will look great with everything.  I also bought one of her necklaces that has a cool Keith O'Connor ceramic bead on it (see the ohe in the pic above of the suitcase display, its the one on the far right!)

I also got a sweet fabric pin, just love it!! The fabric is a pretty print with blues and browns!

Love how she rolled up large printed paper and draped the necklaces acrossed it! Very Clever! And the open book with the necklaces dangling down, that is so cute!

Here are wall hooks and mirrors that Tara embellished. What a nice presentation, eh?? She did a nice job, I know she was nervous about it, but I think it turned out great!!

Hope you are all getting all your Christmas shopping done. I've been avoiding it like the plague. Can always think of something else I could be doing. That's not good. Like, I only have 14 more days left.


  1. Beautiful display table! I love the frame that has been turned into an earring holder. I need to work on my lighting as well, but the place I sell does not have an outlet where my table sits. I'm searching for battery operated lights, but all I find is UGLY ones.

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I'm always trying to find ways to change up my display.

  2. What a clever set up. I love the rolled up paper idea too, and the opened book with the necklaces draped over the pages.
    Its my dream library.

  3. Tara's set-up is awesome! I love the old books and book pages. So cool. Y'all seem to have quite a few jewelry open houses up there. I've NEVER heard of them down here in Alabama. Though, maybe I'm just out of the loop.

    I haven't started the shopping either. Though, it looks like the hubs and I will be heading out this morning to start the process. Best of luck in your shopping pursuits!

  4. What a loverly set up! Really really sweet! Nothing like a warm open house to set the Season right!

  5. her vintage style display is lovely,makes an interesting backdrop for her pieces

  6. What a creative display!
    Beautiful jewelry too!

  7. Only 14 days?! Oh dear, I guess that means that by today I only have 13! Or 12 really, if I don't count Christmas Day....I have bought nothing! Best get beading....! Your friend did great job, I particularly love the hooks - they're really pretty.

  8. Great items, beautiful displays! You all have fantastic houses too! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lovely displays indeed =)


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