baomp baomp...... chicachica.....


  1. Lovely of course! I love its playfulness, and swapping the most common position of beads and chain (gosh, so badly explained but I hope you understand what I mean). Nancy's pendant looks great also. I am working with one of hers myself right now. And I love how you use that chain, when I've seen it in the shops I have not wanted to get it, but seeing how you use it makes me change my mind, (think I've also seen something by Heather Powers where it looks very good). So insiring all of it! Thanks!

  2. you have perfect jewelry for women with short hair...your pieces are just as interesting in the back as in the front!

  3. I love the chain on this one, and I agree with artybecca, it is beautiful from front to back.
    Wishing you a merry Christmas.

  4. channeling Ferris Bueller? I love it!

  5. Anonymous12/18/2010

    love this piece!!!

  6. Pretty! I really like the bright greens; they make me feel happy in these bleak winter days. :)

  7. Wow, it's so fabulous.Lovely work.I too love your work which is so simple and elegant to provide a grand look and feel.

  8. Love it!!!!


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