dear anonymous

Dear Anonymous Commentors,

Although my first instinct is to completely ignore your rude and uncalled for comments, I also want to be able to defend myself, or at least let my other readers know a. how this is affecting me, and b. how much the positive comments mean to me.
I think I owe it to them, especially after being so silent all weekend.

Typically, I try not to let things like this bother me- and I think that would have been the case, had it just been one comment. But to have several comments come in, from supposedly different people- it really caused me to think about what it is I'm supposed to learn from this, and evaluate my goals for this blog.

Seems that I have to first clear up the misconception about the Wikio list. I do not CREATE or INVENT the Wikio list.  I am on the list, and Wikio asks me to show the sneak peek of the list on my blog every month. I have no control of being on this list. It's created by the Wikio team and is compiled by the number of incoming links from other blogs. I have no control over this. I am quite proud of being on this list, and see no problem with obliging when they ask me to share it. 

Secondly, the trip that I took to Raleigh was not only a fun trip to be able to see my cousin who I hadn't seen for over 10 years, but also contained a bit of business. I was able to do some bead shopping, meet a business owner, meet a bead artist, and make connections.  Considering this blog is a tool to promote said business, I really see nothing wrong with promoting a sale to go on a trip that 5 years ago, I would never have been able to go on. This past year, I have been able to travel to see and meet people in the beading business, because I have promoted my jewelry, worked hard at creating connections and personal relationships, and made money to be able to afford trips like this. I might remind you that I do also have a full time job. This isn't my only gig.  I work hard at that job as well, but I certainly don't make enough money to be able to budget it for extraneous fun or business trips.  The fact that you think it unprofessional to have a sale in my own jewelry shop, to go on a trip is completely ridiculous and I can't believe I am even having to sit here and explain myself. 

As for the personal attacks, the "real" points that apparently I take advantage of people, taken things, asked for beads, asked for sales - I'd love to talk more to you about this in case it is warranted and I owe you some sort of apology. By leaving anonymous comments, you have closed that door for me, and so the conversation really cannot be had at this point. I think I've been pretty good about promoting other businesses on my blog.  If you know me at all, which it's clear that you do not, you would know that it's the personal relationships that I've made, that are most important to me in this business. I try very hard to respond to every email, dote on every bead artist, and promote them in every way I can. However, I am not a robot. I am human. I make mistakes like everyone, and although I do not have children and that kind of responsibility, I am still busy working a 9-5 job, maintaining my home, my relationship with my husband,  writing a daily blog, updating 2 online jewelry shops,  maintaining my business.  If I wronged you in some way, I feel I deserve enough respect of you contacting me via email so that I can deal with it in a constructive way. Leaving nasty comments on my blog isn't very constructive, if you ask me.

As for not being an expert at jewelry making or photography, you hit the nail on the head.  I don't claim to be an expert. However, I have worked hard to get to where I am in making and selling jewelry.  along with this, has come a nicely sized following on this blog...and a ton of emails and comments I never expected asking for help and how do I do what I do.  Since the questions are repeated over and over, I find it's easier to do a blog post answering those questions on what works for me.  Interesting that those are the ones with the highest viewings, eh?

So, the goal of this blog- essentially is 
* my own personal journal where I can talk about things that happen in my life, on a daily basis. Like going on trips, meeting people, creating relationships with new friends. I love to buy beads, and am excited to share these purchases with you. I never intentionally show things I've bought on the blog, with the mentality to say "look at me, look what I can buy". I show these things because I want to share these things with you, share the excitement over handmade goods, and share my life here. What you see, is what you get. 

* my other goal is to use the blog as  a place to promote my jewelry business. An important thing that people like you seem to forget-  this is my hobby. I already have a full time job. HOWEVER, in order to keep my hobby going, I must make jewelry, to sell jewelry, to make MONEY, to buy BEADS, to make jewelry, and so on and so on. The blog is a great place to show my jewelry, promote it, talk about beads, talk about taking photographs, show props for displays etc etc. Do I really need to explain this any more? 

So my suggestion for you is, if you come to this blog, searching for things other than what I've listed here, expecting a different type of blog or expecting to see nothing personal, and nothing that concerns my jewelry business- [which makes me think "what's your ulterior motive??]
Then you've come to the wrong place and need to move on. You are not welcomed here. I don't want to read your bullshit,  and I know for sure my readers don't want to read it either.

For those of you who left positive, reinforcing comments on my blog this weekend- thank you so so very much. I am glad that you find the content here inspiring, interesting, funny, and worthy.  I appreciate every single last one of you from the bottom of my heart. It's so nice to feel loved. and also really nice to feel like you've got my back.

I have no intention of giving all this bologna another thought. I wasted an entire weekend fretting about how to respond this kind of behavior. I missed out on a nice visit with my friend Erin, who came all the way to NY to have a nice relaxing and fun weekend with me. I sincerely apologized to Erin- this is not what I intended for this weekend. And I am truly sorry.



  1. go you! If you want to have a business I say go for it. If you want to blog, blog away. Go on trips, have sales, bargain w/others etc. I support your right to do all those things! If someone doesn't like it or is jealous they don't have to be involved. I am a self taught jeweler and love the process. I blog and complain and laugh and live just like the rest of the world-if someone doesn't like it they don't have to buy from me or read my blog etc. Just ignore those kooks.

  2. Ignore the haters. Your jewelry is brilliant. I admire your talent and dedication to it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Said with class and dignity, which Lorelei is the very epitome of.

  4. OMG, I never even read the comments on that last post. How can people be so rude? I'm stunned--beyond stunned. It sounds like there's a bit of jealousy, insecurity, and a chip on the shoulder for some reason. But a true professional person would never air it publicly.

    Lorelei, it's easy for me to say to just ignore it-or them, and to focus on the true friends you have, the readers that keep coming back, your ratings, and your returning customers. But easier said than done--huh?

    It's YOUR blog, baby. Do what you want and don't apologize for it or shrink from it. I've seen a lot of people promote a sale for a trip, or to pay off certain bills, etc. I've seen a lot of people report their rankings. If someone doesn't like it they can move on. And I do hope this one has moved on....

    I love your blog and try to make it here severaltimes a week. Just keep doin' what you're doin'!

  5. Amen! Very proud of how you handled this. I shall be even prouder when I wear your pieces.

  6. I am sorry this is happening to you. I thought that there was a way of blocking anonymous postings. Am I incorrect?
    I love your blog and your jewelry....

  7. Keep going - and as you said "ignore the bullshit"! And as a last word: Great response!

  8. I began following your blog, first just reading it and lately participating. I love reading your blog, it has inspired me to begin one of my own. These people are worried about your talent, I have my degree in design and I'd stand here and say you do very nice work. Work to be proud to display. So continue Lorelei we all care!

  9. What is the intention of those who come into your own lovely corner of bloggerland and bring so much dirt and waste into it?! How poor they are! That's the reason why they stay anonymous, I bet! They are nothing! Not worth a thought.
    You don't have to explain yourself, at all!
    Love your blog!

  10. OMG. I was offline this weekend, and am now just reading everything. Lorelei, I'm sorry to hear these kinds of comments brought you down and ruined your weekend. You must know that your designs are fabulous, and MANY people like what you do, based on the fact that you are fabulously successful. It all sounds like sour grapes to me. Just keep being you and doing what you do, and you will prove that the negative comments are of no value.
    Congratulations on ALL your successes.

  11. Great response, L! Beautifully said. No need to apologize, I had a fun time with you, of course! There's no way I couldn't. You handled everything incredibly well! I'm kind of glad I was there with you when all of this went down because I offered a distraction from it and maybe me being there soften the blow of some the hateful words just a little! Love ya, Girl. Keep rockin'!

  12. Way to go Lorelei and well said!

  13. Hi Lorelei,
    How S*ity! Don't let Sour Grapes get to you!! You are so Awesome and have a great following and are so kind and thoughtful and share way more then any other sites out there!!! Don't give these comments anymore thought!! I expected to read all about your open house this morning, what a shock! Have a great day Lorelei and ignore the haters, they don't deserve any of your time!!

  14. Lori, I read most every blog post. I don't understand the haters. I love you and your jewelry! Keep at all of it!

  15. First of all, it stinks that you feel like you have to defend yourself at all. You don't need to do that! This is your blog, this is your voice for whatever you want to share and it's also your vehicle to promote your busniness if you choose to use it that way.

    You're a wonderful supporter of other people's work, as well. Making any business endeavor suceed these days HAS to include reciprocal relationships and you really do a great job at that. Plus, you work twice as hard as any one person I know - whether it's for your jewelry business or your house or your friendships.

    I think those negative comments just mean that some people can't appreciate another person's creative energy and the hard-earned success that may come along with it.

  16. Well said! Not that you needed too or should have had to in the first place!

  17. I read blogs to learn what is going on in the world of creativity in an area that I hope to be successful in. Your blog is in that circle. I have learned a lot about the perils of having a blog. When I post on my blog, I write for friends, family, customers, future customers, and basically myself. It never occurred to me that what happened to you could happen to me or anyone putting them self out there for the world to see. It saddens me to think that people would take a private issue so public. Not knowing any of the inner circle personally, I have no stake in this fight. You handled this difficult situation professionally and I will learn from this too.

  18. Lorelei you know how much I love reading your blog. I'm sorry you had to deal with such hurtful comments over the weekend. I hope you'll continue to share your journey with us for a long time, I always look forward to reading what's up in your corner of the world.

  19. Very well said Lorelei! As I have mentioned before, you have a gift and many of us are inspired by you and your talent.

    Your blog is just that, your blog, and you should be able to post whatever you like on it, others don't have to read it if they don't want to. I think it's wonderful that you share your recent purchases, I wouldn't have learned about all of the incredible bead artists on Etsy if it weren't for you promoting them.

    I also feel that you are very generous with your knowledge and success. For example, you could have easily just contacted your favorite jewelry designers to see if they would like to contribute to your book, instead you opened it up to any and all beaders to have an equal opportunity to be a part of something so wonderful! I think that was very generous of both you and Erin.

    I say continue sharing as you always have, continue being excited about and sharing your success, continue making fabulous jewelry, and continue being the wonderful and talented Lorelei that you are :o).

    All the best,

  20. You have great blog just the way it is! Thanks for putting yourself, your process, and creations out there.

  21. I'm sorry someone attacked you!!! There must be a real hater out there and that is just so ugly. I've seen some similar posts this morning from other blog authors and I'm starting to be sorry this hater is getting so much blogging attention.

    Anyway - like is said to Lori, over at Pretty Things, just keep keeping it real and I'll keep reading!

  22. Lorelei, siento mucho que hayas tenido que pasar por una situacion tan triste como esta. No hagas caso, tu brillas con luz propia. Tan es asi, que somos muchas que solo te conocemos a traves de tu blog solamente y te queremos y admiramos mucho. La personalidad que emana de tu blog es radiante, interesante y sobre todo genuina. Un abrazo desde Puerto Rico.

  23. well said! <3 now...on with the show! :)

  24. just another vote of confidence and support here. i love your spirit - which comes across here as nothing but generous, joyful, and creative - and the life you share with us , whether business, personal or anything in between.

    keep the faith!

  25. I am constantly amazed at how comfortable people seem to feel using the internet to say things that are inapprporiate, rude and/or offensive. It is as if social filters for civility and basic respect don't apply in cyber world. I am a big fan of your blog and your work and judging by the reaction to the posts today and Friday, you have a legion of supporters. Hopefully you can put the sour grapes of a few people behind you and continue to engage the rest of us in your creative process.

  26. Whoa! I can't believe that I missed all this...I see a list of wikio links and think "ok, those are the rankings for the month, cool". It didn't even occur to me to look at comments, what's to comment on?!! (I guess congrats for being on it but that's not a surprise or anything new!).

    Kudos to you for leaving the anonymous comments up and addressing them in a also would have been well within your right to delete them as they're nothing but negative energy. That said, it would have just riled up those anonymous commenters more so I think you made the right choice.

    I am so very sorry that this type of blechy behavior ruined your weekend. As someone who tends to take things too personally, I can understand that it would cut deeply and become the focus of your thoughts until you could address it.

    I hope that you can wipe it from your mind now though and move on...people who aren't willing to stand behind what they say should not be given credibility in your consciousness!

  27. I have found your blog to be extremely inspirational, and I have never felt like you were shoving your success in our faces. It is clearly excitement and enthusiasm that you're conveying - and those who interpret it otherwise are obviously projecting their own insecurities.

    I don't remember how I even found your blog in the first place - it was several months ago, but I now read it every day (or every new post), and it has led me to the amazing jewelry-making blog world you and all your colleagues and commenters inhabit. And I don't see that as a clique, but as a mutual admiration society/artist collective of sorts. That is SO positive and constantly inspires me!

    Keep being awesome :)

  28. Beautiful response Lorelei. Not one iota of mean spiritedness but lots of spirit. I am so glad that you can carry on and not let this get you down. I, and many many others love your blog and love to hear about your life.

  29. Blogs by definition are journals. They are personal by nature. The fact that we choose to share our journals with other people should not be overlooked. I find it noble that you decided to "talk" to the anonymous commentors. Most of us would have just ignored them, then had a really crappy weekend. I think you said it all and I admire you for it!

  30. Lorelei -
    I admire that you're willing to put all comments on your blog, not just the ones that agree with you or compliment you.

    I do not envy you for having to come up with something to put in your blog every day, or nearly every day. In the days before blogging, I did a weekly commentary on a local radio station, and those who don't have frequent deadlines to make, can't possibly understand how difficult it is. That's one of the reasons I don't have a blog. It's a lot of pressure. You update your blog more often than most bloggers do. Maybe what some people need to understand is that Internet marketing is a whole different animal; it requires contact on a personal basis with customers, and that necessarily involves talking about one's life. That's the way it is.

    As one of those who has asked in the past for information about your thought processes, etc., I have to say thanks for listening to my request and responding as you have.

  31. I read your blog because you're funny, inspiring, interesting. If you left out all the things that the complainers are talking about there won't be a blog. What in the heck do they think a blog is? Keep up the good work, keep showing your creations, talking about family and friends, your fun trips, business or otherwise, enjoy your life and continue to share.
    Love it all.

  32. I was away from my computer this weekend. I just discovered and read about this uncalled for attack on you. It is unbelievable that it has been going on for days and that they used your Blog to do this. I am so sorry that you have been hurt in such a matter. You just have to know that you are loved and respected by your friends, family and peers.

    I, too, so enjoy your blog and your unselfishness to share your special gift of talent with us all. You just keep on being you Lorelei...because you do ROCK!

    I support you,

  33. Wow Lorelei, someone out there has a problem and you don't need to be a part of it. The one good thing that comes from hearing sometone like that is it reminds us of what we don't ever want to be and how to gracefully refuse to particiipate in negativity!! I love your blog and missed reading it the last two weeks - I have been so busy with craft fairs ect... My advice- Just move forward and let that all go back to the hateful person who spewed it. Hugs

  34. Very, very classy Lorelei! My very best wishes for closure, you're a strong chick :)

    -Some people speak from experience, while others, from experience, don't speak-

  35. Wow - Well said as I also said to Lori Anderson - If you want to have dancing pigs have dancing pigs it's your corner of the universe. It's like someone walking into your house and saying, " That couch is really expensive - I could never afford it - could you remove it while I'm here?" DON"T COME HERE INTO SOMEONE ELSES HOUSE IF YOU DON"T LIKE THE COMPANY! Obviously it is not someone you would want in your personal space anyway.Kick them to the curb!

  36. What is wrong with people? Who is anyone to judge how someone should or shouldn't run their blog or business. You work hard to make this work, and what you do with the funds is your business. You don't ask other people what they spend their paychecks on, or if a trip should have been funded by their job. I think perhaps these people are jealous, that you get to do something you love and reap some benefits along the way. Anyway- I love you blog, I think you do a great job, and you shouldn't worry about the naysayers (is that a real word???)

  37. Stranded Beads12/06/2010

    I'm new to your blog, as well as being a new jewelry designer, and I have found you warm, charming, helpful and inspiring. I love your blog! You responded to the hate with grace, dignity and professionalism, and I admire that. You now have a life-long fan.


  38. You go Lorelei!!! First class Dawlin'!! Na! Love your blog and your creations....

  39. You have a very inspiring blog. I enjoy reading your comments, learning new techniques and seeing your new work. Sorry about that bit of nasty grapes. I suggest you delete "anonymous" into cyberland.

  40. Lorelie -

    I never read (or add) comments on blogs - I'm just plain too lazy, and I figure everyone else who posts comments have already said what I would have said. But this little brouhaha you've had to deal with has compelled me to let you know what it is I've gotten from all of your hard work.

    First off, I love your work, including the work you do just to maintain this blog. I would love to be able to be as successful as you when it comes to selling my designs, and I know that a blog is an important marketing tool for doing so. You've taught me that although this is a hobby, it is also WORK - and that I need to be prepared to commit to that work if I want to make a go of it - so I'm taking my time to work out how to do that. I will eventually have my designs on-line, including my own blog, but I'm not rushing into something that could overwhelm me. *You* have been the inspiration for my slow but determined approach for doing this right.

    You have opened a world to me through the sharing of your sources and your own inspiration. There are many Etsy shops that have earned my business because you have taken the time to tell us what you use and where you get those things. Do I go to those shops with the express purpose of finding the exact same item so that I can copy you? No. But if I see that you make repeated purchases from the same artists, then I figure they are artists who are honest and reliable and have a good product - something I don't have to try to discover on my own.

    Please know that your blog, your business, and your success are an inspiration to many people in this vast on-line world. I know that too often it is the (few) harsh words of unthinking people that tends to pinch our souls and remain with us far longer than the (many) words of praise, but know that those of us who love and admire all the hard work and beautiful creations that come from you far outnumber the others (so says the Queen of Run-On Sentences). We can see your beautiful and generous soul. Thank you.

    See? This is why I don't post to comments - it's not a comment - it's a novel!


  41. Lorelei,
    I can not say anything here that everyone else has not already said! I'm just here to show you support! I am not sure if you know just how much adoration there is for you in my home! You are an inspiration to say the least! Don't mean to be gushy, but we love you here in my neck of the woods! Take care!


  42. Kim Melton12/06/2010


    Great post! Your blog is wonderful! It keeps me coming back daily! I love that you give us a peek at what tools, cameras, etc. that you buy! It is like accessing a bead-related Consumer Reports! I love reading about your trips; the sale to support it is just great business savvy! Keep up the good work and know that you are loved!

  43. Whoa, I guess I was living under a rock this weekend to have missed that post.
    I have to say if you feel wronged by someone it needs to be handled via a phone call or email. If you feel personally wronged handle it in a personal manner.

    It's also a good idea to formulate your thoughts before you talk about what is on your mind, delivery is everything. After some night time "discussions" with my husband, my rule is sleep on it and if it is still an issue in the morning go for it. Sometimes I wake up and I don't even remember what we were fighting about, I mean discussing.

    If you don't like a post, move on to another post. Do you like every opinion your loved ones have? Based on my conversation with my teen this morning, I don't think so.

    I have to mention a quality of Lorelei's that I have always admired, in her product descriptions she mentions each and every product she uses. I have no idea how she keeps track of it all, but I am sure this has steered a lot of business my way. This is not an expectation I have of anyone that uses my products, I just consider it one of Lorelei's most generous qualities.

    If you give away free products to a designer there is no guarantee they will be published, it is a way to market your product. If you don't get the results you desire then don't do it anymore.
    Sometimes I sell wholesale to designers if they need products for a book or magazine publication, its a marketing tool, its a two way street, you have a choice.

  44. I am likely to misquote this, but there is a line in Little Women where Marmy tells one of her daughters "Nothing invites ridicule more than the sight of a woman enjoying herself." Let's take that out of context and apply it to this situation. While I'm not inside the head of the folks who left the anonymous comments, the feeling I get is that they are unable to handle not only your success but your pride in your success. If there is another motivation, they at least owe it to you and themselves to clue you in on how you "wronged" them to reach a resolution. Otherwise, what's the point? Why can't we just support one another and ignore those who have a style of writing we don't enjoy? It's that simply, really. No nastiness, no cruel remarks, no anger, no wishes of bad luck. It's just so unnecessary. Remember to be kind -- we can all use some by extension or receipt.

  45. I'm at a loss for words but everyone else has already said it. I can hardly believe anyone would leave negative comments! You've handled it with such grace and dignity. All the best to you.

  46. Anonymous12/06/2010

    How about another Anonymous comment?

    I am anonymous because I do not like the way you have to sign in to google to post a comment. I have no URL. I do finally have an open ID, but anonymous is easier!

    I really enjoy your blog. I know it is to promote your jewelry- why on earth would I have an issue with that? I get the opportunity to learn by reading your blog. I learned about making collages from you. I have enjoyed seeing your table scapes for selling. I don't like all of your designs but I like most of them and absolutely love a few. Your work inspires me.

    If what you had to say wasn't of interest to me, I would move on. By that simple logic, what you have to say must have been of some interest to the weekend detractors or they would have moved on long ago.

    You have plenty of support, just ignore the bad actors.


  47. Well said Lorelei. I don't post comments very often but felt the need to in regards to this matter. Please know that you have inspired me to try a few different things in my work and I thank you for that.

  48. Lorelei there is a time for all Seasons! Someone will always have something to say try your best to rise above it and move on. Your really so very creative and you have given alot of yourself. Hold your head up high sometimes Success comes with its its unruly cousins knocking about! Have a great Holiday that is upon us!

  49. Lorelei - sorry you had to deal with crapiness but love your response. You know the most criticized is often the most successful, and the most successful is often the person who is working the hardest and using their talents well. I find it hard to believe that anyone would ever consider you anything but kind, talented, funny and extremely supportive of others.

  50. oh some people.....
    Keep smilin' sweetie

  51. WHOA. I totally missed all of this crap!

    And that's what it is, Lorelei. The people that love you will always have your back. Forget the trolls as best as you can - free speech is all well and good, but this is YOUR blog. Why do people forget that? You can do whatever you want with it, and post whatever you want on it. If someone doesn't like it, they only have to click close, and go about their day.

    The only thing you can do is try to put this ickiness behind you. Big hugs!

  52. If you judge people you have no time to love them.

    Lorelei, love your blog, love your jewelry, love your blog, love you!

  53. Lorelei - You handled this so well - I am just sorry you had to explain yourself to anyone. Don't even give this another thought - it is waste of time and energy - we all love you ; )

  54. POOH, POOH, POOH!!!!

    Anonymous commenters really stink, mainly because they have to spread their sh*tty attitude around, a plague on them all!!!

    Your reply was right on but I am so sorry that you had to waste even a minute of your life on this....please, please don't feel like you have to do that anymore, THEY have the problem, there's no need for you to swallow their bile!

    I LOVE your jewelry & your blog, I admire you for your energy & creativity & wit, it's always such fun to visit here & it's opened up a whole world of wonderful beadery for me, so thank you, you deserve all you've earned & more!!!

    Your friend,

  55. Anonymous12/06/2010


    I read your blog often... I love what you give us. You have an amazing gift... not just in jewelry design (and I am awed by your design) but you have a gift of business sense. You write brilliantly and you always have an interesting viewpoint. I think you are so good at always showcasing the artists when you use their beads and I often wonder how on earth you keep track of it all. I love the peek into your personal life that you give us. I love to see your studio and hear about the trips you take and friends you have. I wanted to go with you to Ornamentea... I have been buying from them for years... so it was joyful to hear about it! I love hearing about the bead shows you go to and even how you set up for your craft shows. I respected you for offering a sale to help you get where you want to go! You go girl! Most of all I love how you responded to the very inappropriate comments on your blog. I am saddened that you have to put up with the comments by people who are obviously jealous. It is clear just from following your blog that you are a very fair and down to earth person... we all know that you would never intentionally wrong someone. Sending Hugs and begging you to continue to be you! :-) Kris

  56. deb g from ma12/06/2010

    Lorelie, I love your blog. I look forward to seeing your new posts and of course, your jewelry. I cant believe how some people love to spin things. I find your sharing of info to be so generous! As far as having a sale so you cold go to Raleigh, I cant believe anyone would take offense to that. What jerks! Duh, we all know people sell stuff to make money. So you said what you'll be using the money for. Don't feel bad, Lorelei. If Mother Teresa had a blog some people would find fault with her, too. I love you.

  57. Anonymous12/06/2010

    Lorelei, you are a class act and I love you for it! I'm sorry you had to experience another person's insecurities, they surely have issues with life.

    Don't EVER change, people LOVE the hell out of you, me included!

    Love & sunshine

  58. Brenda Bailey12/06/2010

    Hey,wait a minute! I worked all day in hopes of coming home to check the computer to see how your weekend sales went or to read the names of the chosen few who will be contributing to your book! You have a wonderful following of very talented individuals who value your work and you in particular. Learn to disregard the individuals
    whose lives are thoroughly consumed by hatred and jealousy. It has everything to do with their own insecurities and really nothing to do with anything you have done in particular.


  59. Dear Lorelei!

    I applaud you!

    Your talent (in all areas) is beyond reproach!

    Your blog is informative and entertaining!

    You are open and honest and for THAT I am grateful!

    So whoever the "Grinch" is ... let 'em go...we your loyal followers aren't paying attention to "them" anyway...we come to your Blog because we respect and care for YOU and your TALENT in writing AND in creating beautiful jewelry!

    Keep right on doing what you are are ADMIRED...and you are one of my FAVORITE BLOGS TO VISIT!



  60. Grandma always said if you dont have anything nice to say - say nothing at all. I like your answer....I love your jewelry...I follow your blog....dont let a few rotten apples spoil your blog...I wish I was as talented as you....I appreciate you as many of your followers have written above do....dont let them bother you...."anonymous" has no class!

  61. Well, I second (or hundredth!) what everyone is saying, you are amazing! You give so much to the beading community, don't let the comment get you down!

    Although it's strange that you and Lori Anderson both got vicious anon comments over the same weekend... methinks there is a some mean-spirited person out there who doesn't deserve the love you both pour into what you do!

  62. Your Blog is on my reading list, and I have been a follower for some time now, and I enjoy it immensely. You do such a great job keeping it very interesting, and adding the personal touch. Your pictures are great and I look forward to your posts daily. I am enjoying your success with you. You are a rising star and it is great to watch this happen. You are a hard working, very talented girl and others maybe jealous of this. Just keep on being the happy, sometimes silly, friendly and generous girl that we are all so fortunate that you share with us. You bring us a lot of joy.
    Very Sincerely,
    Karen Keegan

  63. You SHOULD be proud of your accomplishments. You've obviously worked hard getting to where you are today. I know through acquaintances that you've not asked people for freebies but they've offered them up to you because you've given them such great press (which has led to sales for them) on this blog. Isn't this what small, artisan businesses and networking is all about? It's nice to be able to have that ability to help each other out.

    Just as in watching something on television, if you don't like the show change the freakin' channel. If you don't like the blog, don't read it.

    Keep your chin up!

  64. You go girl! I read your blog everyday and you never fail to inspire me!!!!

  65. Wow, Lorelei. :-(
    I've been following your blog since I found it in September after I was hospitalized and needed books to read. I found "Chainstyle" and one of your biggest fans was born! I usually don't read the comments very often but when you posted this today I went back and read what went on. I am so sorry that someone would feel the need to attack you like that. Your blog is fun, informative and above all - inspirational! I hope all the positivity from everyone cancels out that negative, nasty person. Keep on keeping on and try not to let horrible people like that affect you!


  66. mariposatonta12/06/2010

    i'm amazed how people think that they can open their mouth and say what they want without any respect. i love your blog, i love your jewelry and love your stores. i love to open your blog and read about the same things i go through everyday. this is your blog, and if somebody don't like what you say on it, they don't have to read it. if you want to have a sale to do what you want to do, who cares, your store, your product. who are these people that think that they can dictate what you do or say. You keep doing what you are doing. i have learn of some many vendors and got to read some many different blogs because of you, and for that i'm grateful. You go girl, keep it up. i wish you all the success in the world, hope i can follow your example. Smile and keep your head up!

  67. Lorelei,

    The best negative reinforcement is to ignore these people. They are obviously being hurtful in order to illicit a response (shame on them! And so near the holidays, too). I would not like to see your blog degrade into some sort of petty battlefield on their part; you and your blog are too good for that.

    Glad you had fun in Raleigh. :) Hope happier things steal your attention away from this rough stuff.

    - jams

  68. My word verification for this post is "braps," which could perhaps serve as a new word for blog brats...peeps who have nothing better to do than to spread disinformation and discontent. Sigh. I feel for you Lorelei, but also know that you did what you needed to do by addressing this anonymous heckler.

    I like your blog...and even though I am not a beader or anything along those lines, I can see that you handle yourself well and share the spotlight when you can. You are lovely. Embrace all the love that we, your friends and fan, are sending you n-o-w!


  69. Lori - I love you're blog and follow it religiously. I especially love your enthusiasm and passion and am quite envious of your talent and success. Especially of you chutzpah! I wish I had the confidence that has brought you such success. Please ignore those Negative Nellies - they're not happy unless that make other people unhappy.

    We love you!!


  70. Anonymous12/07/2010

    Hey Lorelei-

    First let me just say that I am so sorry that you have had this situation come up.

    Honestly, I never normally get involved in things like this and normally remain quiet, as it reminds me of being 15 and in High School, but I felt the need to say something here.

    I totally agree with everything that you have said. This is your journal/blog. That means that this is your personal space in HUGE online world, your place to write and post about whatever you like.

    NO ONE has the right to tell you what to post about, or to make you feel bad about what you post... it equates to someone coming and picking up your handwritten journal and telling you- "what in the heck are you writing that in here for"... they have, once again, no right.

    You post about whatever your heart desires. We are ALL grown women here. We are not in High School anymore... there is no in-crowd or out-crowd. We are ALL artist and have the right to share whatever we choose to or not chose to.

    Keep creating and posting what is in your heart Lorelei. All that really matters is how you feel and that you are happy with what you share with the world.

    Like I always say, there is an audience for everyone and everything and you will always have supporters and unfortunately haters... but you keep going... and let what is in your heart guide you.

    Take Care.

  71. L, what can I say, except some people really know how to knock the wind out of your sails when you're feeling good - its called Tall Poppy sydrome in Australia - ie when you get too popular, some so and so comes and cuts the flowers off to keep you held back..! I dont get why someone needs to be so negative (its sad but happened to me recently, at least in a more private forum, but took me 24hours to get over it) - we all love your work, we love what you do, and what you share with us, and, my girl, you have a heart of gold. Dont worry - deep breathe, and delete the nasties...!!!
    Vicki xxx

  72. So well said, Lorelei.

  73. I wish there were a 'like' button on all of the comments here this morning... kudos to you for facing your 'attacker' in the only way you can. I follow (like others) because I like your style... not just your design style, but your writing, photographs and glimpses into your life as a creative individual and as a person.
    Since my family owns a bead store, I don't buy beads at Michael's, but I love what you have created in your little challenges... I am always amazed when my students will create such different designs when supplied with all of the same materials.
    You are an amazing person (if you don't believe me... read the dozens of former comments on this post). Keep up the wonderful work, blog, life, you have earned it!

  74. Hi Lorelei - I wish you wouldn't take the anonymous comments to heart. You've earned your audience because we find you interesting and fun. If they don't feel the same - they should just keep moving on down the line. Keep up the good work.

  75. Lorelei-
    I love your blog and read every single entry! I've learned a lot from you, for example I packaged my earrings in little cellophane bags like you did and they were a huge success at a show last weekend. Your blog is inspiring, entertaining and full of enthusiasm. You wrote a thoughtful response. Now close the door on it and move forward. Your work is awesome!

  76. You have had such an overwhelming response, you may not get all the way down here to my little comment...but I am leaving it anyway, because I think you are great! I think you are very brave to do what you do (it's hard to put your creations and your personal opinions on display)- you have established a successful business for yourself and a great reputation. I hope you have found new strength and encouragement after this.

  77. Anonymous12/07/2010

    I am sorry, I am commenting again... I must say, Wahooooooooooooooo! I am so happy that this "one" negative person has brought out so many positive comments to you Lori! I wish you did not have to go through that horrible experience, but I bet this person is really ticked off by all of the awesome supporters you have! Bahahahahahahahahaha! Seems to have had the opposite effect. I love what you do and I really love your supporters! Hoping steam is blowing out of this person's ears! ROTFLOL!!!
    You have an amazing day! Kris

  78. Way to go Lorelei! You handled this situation beautifully! Very well said. I look forward to your future blog posts and to seeing where life, your business and your blog takes you in the future.

  79. there does seem to be a rash of massive bitchiness going around. it doesnt BEGIN to deserve the time, energy and grace you have used to address it. you have NEVER boasted on this blog EVER EVER EVER. you've never been more than humble and only ever made jewelry that displayed your joy at the creations of bead artists that clearly delight you. you never even mention the obvious fact that you are able to do things with these lovely beads that most cant.
    blah blah blah. everyone's said it already.
    just goes to show that you've made it big when you begin to attract some random unbalanced 'haters'. hell, at least this happened in your comments which you can, if you want, erase or control. my bit of random hate came at me in my FEEDBACK. oh well! after realizing how much it was this person's own issues and nothing to do w/me, i stopped caring.
    but enough about me. you know i think you ROCK! i even had a dream you came over to my house (I know, weird, right?). And ever since you commented on my blog, "aren't you cute as a button?" I think of you as one of my very favorite people ever. it's totally true. you are up on my toolbar right after my own and my best friend's blog. i can't over-emphasize how highly i think of you w/o getting a little weird.

  80. I am so glad that I had found your blog. I enjoy reading it and you have great ideas. I love seeing what you do at the shows and how you promote your business. I'm just starting out and I do appreciate your input! You do not need to justify to anyone your intentions. There will always be people in the world that like you and don't like you. Don't take it personal. I for one like you!

  81. What?! Hi Lori I haven't left a comment on your blog for a long time, actually I haven't been blogging or leaving comments anywhere, but I have certainly been around.

    I am so sorry this has happened to you, chin up you have handled it beautifully, I just wanted you to know that I am happy to have found your blog over a year ago, and thanks for sharing your life with us.

  82. Totally classy response and so you. Way to go. It is YOUR blog afterall.

  83. To be honest? Even responding is too much credit for the anonymous. You do not owe anyone an explanation. Although I totally understand the need to give one.

    The fact that you are at #2 in the Wikio list proves how many people like you. The fact that you are working on a book (long overdue in my opinion) proves that people like your work. The fact that your jewelry is features in many magazines proves it too.

    Just think happy thoughts dear Lorelei.

  84. Bravo! Everyone else has already said it, so I won't repeat. There's a reason I follow your blog, Lor, you just keep doin' what you're doin'!!!

  85. EternoJewelry12/10/2010

    This is going to sound really horrible and I wouldnt say I'm a horrible person but seriously why even explain yourself to these people, they are a complete waste of oxygen...I know harsh but nevertheless true. I really like your blog, its interesting and informative, your photos are great and your love of beads really shines through. I too love beads, handmade beads are my passion and given every chance I get I will show them off to people because they make me happy and what is wrong with that. Surely being happy is better than being negative and hateful. So take some advice from someone a lot older than you, dont give them another thought! You cant please everyone all of the time so you might as well please yourself, thats my motto. Carry on with a great blog..I love reading it! Happy Christmas, Di xx

  86. Anonymous12/19/2010

    Thank you for the time and energy you put into your inspiring blog! It is so appreciated.

  87. I am from Singapore. I really do not understand why some people likes to go round visit blogs then leave negative comments. Anyway I like what you do, and keep it up. I also like to keep my hobby going, but my items are not up to standard for sales. I hope one day I can also sell my items so that I can have money to buy more beads and make more and keep my hobby going.



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