Flowers Dots and O Rings


One of my favorite new components to work with are Yvonne's rubber O rings, and petal dots beads- both from her Etsy store MyElements.  These bracelets seem to be quite popular, and people keep snatching them up.  I love the pairing between the rubber and the Vintaj Brass jump rings.  The color combination possibilities are endless- and they seem to work well with Green Girl Studios and Anne's Gardanne Beads enameled rounds.
The green one above is tentatively reserved, but the Purple one below is now available at Big Cartel.



  1. Hi Lorelei! I love the bracelets1 I thought the first one was great with it's brilliant turquoise, but when the sencond photo! The purple and chartreuse combination is really striking, and I love the way you folded some of the rings over!

  2. Merry Christimas!
    Helena :D

  3. Love the rubber O-rings! I gotta get me some of these better colors--the ones that are widely available are mostly ugly. Never thought of pairing with antique brass, but it totally works!
    Erin S

  4. These remind me of a post modern flower garden! Merry Christmas Lorelei!!!

  5. I love the contrast of the brass bead caps on the enamel beads, they really work together. Great colors, if you ever make it to Rochester again, Let's Bead has a whole wall of rubber rings.

  6. I've never seen those rubber rings worked into metal like that, and I love the effect!!! Your color choices are gorgeous!!! Well done!
    Happy Holidays

  7. Love them both, especially the turquoise one! I am definitely in for the Fusion Beads Challenge - I just hope my beads get over here to the UK in time! Sometimes Fusion packages take a wee while so fingers crossed. Love the mixture of bright colour and vintaj you've got going on here - gorgeous!

  8. Very cool :) I love the colors!

  9. Both bracelets are beautiful and very wantable! I really like how you combine the o-rings, the jump rings and the petal dot rings.

    I ordered all my challenge beads yesterday. My experience is that FusionBeads are quick, Rebecca. Let's hope that goes for this time too. Otherwise I am upset!

    Merry Christmas Lorelei!!!!!

  10. these are cute and look like so much fun!


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