New Camera!

I couldn't believe how quickly I got my new camera. Oh! By the way, it's a Panasonic Lumix FZ40.  As of yesterday morning, Amazon said it was still be prepared to ship. I found the box on my porch about 8pm last night! I wasn't really able to play with it much last night, due to the beading bonanza happening up in the studio. Before I got home I stopped into the drug store and stocked up on cough syrup and Zyrtec. They worked WONDERFULLY, and I was able to sleep solidly all night long, no coughing!

Anyway, this morning was dark and rainy so the pics I took of the new pretties, aren't as sharp and crisp as I would like. Could be the settings on the camera, but could be the lack of light too. I will spend some time today going over the instruction manual and see if I can learn anything. I wish it was more basic, like click this button for less light, flip this switch for more light. It's always gotta be so freakin complicated, and I end up just giving up after the 5 minute attention span that I have for things like this.

Onto the jewelry...

This first design is one that I've had on my mind for some time. I drew it down on paper about a month or so ago, and finally brought it to fruition last night. With an appropriate title: Stepping Stones- I stacked drilled stones at one side, and beaded the piece with flat rectangular wood beads and matte finish jasper rounds.

This necklace is a remake of one that was in the Summer(?) issue of Stringing magazine- I did the original in pinks. This one features another heart shaped ceramic pendant from Mary Harding, a bird tube focal from Green Girl Studios, Faceted Ocean Jasper rounds, wood slices, and jade rounds. The Bird toggle pulls it all together.

I had fun with this piece- created the focal first. A pewter bead cap is wire wrapped below a lampwork glass flower and round (both from Gardanne Beads) I wire wrapped some yellow jade brios and dangled them out out the bottom of the beadcap. Simple strung with little turquoise heishi, and strawberry quartz rounds. Shibuichi toggle from Saki Silver.

This was a nice happy accident. I started at one end, attached the beading wire to the pewter flower half of the clasp from Green Girl Studios.  I was invisioning the clasp to be word at the side. I beaded the necklace randomly with lucite, mixed stones, glass, bead caps, amazonite, and enameled rounds from Barbara Lewis. I get to the end and attach the bee part of the clasp.  When I tried clasping it, I realized I had attached the end of the wire to the hole in the clasp that was supposed to be for the bee, instead of the little loop on the back of the flower. DOH! Instead of restringing, I attached the bee to it's intended place anyway, and then dangled an Earthenwood leaf to the loop on the back of the flower- creating my own little focal of sorts. ;) voila! problem solved!

A simple bracelet with leather cording and a set of Gaea's pretty ceramic beads in pale browns, pinks and blues. The focal is a Brave Horse pendant from Green Girl Studios. I added a small brass button as the enclosure.

This final bracelet was fun to put together. I used Rubber O Rings, and rust colored flowers both from My Elements, paired with Vintaj Brass jump rings. The brass toggle ring is from Vintaj Brass, and I created my own toggle bar with some other Vintaj findings. The charm cluster is wire wrapped enameled rounds from Gardanne Beads.


  1. Hey Lorelei! I'm glad you got some good rest last night. I think I may have kicked the tail end of mine finally too! yay!

    I'm so excited you got your camera already! The pictures look beautiful!

    I love the name "stepping stones" for the piece, perfect!

    I love happy accidents in art! They always make for a great design and story :D

    My favorite piece is the last bracelet! I LOVE My ELEMENTS! I love all of the texture, color and negative space in that bracelet.

    Much love,


  2. I love the enameled rounds as well. I forgot to get that in my post! So cool!

  3. Glad you are feeling better Lorelei. I had a yucky stomach flu the past few days, but I am feeling much better.
    Beautiful pieces this morning, you will have plenty of good choices for your open house. Thanks for the shout out.

  4. Watch out, paparazzi! Lorelei has a new camera and she's not afraid to use it ;-)

    I totally hear ya on the complicated instructions, btw. It wasn't until my sister-in-law took a camera CLASS and then explained my camera to me that I finally got it all figured out LOL!

    Love that necklace with the square wood and the drilled stones - awesome!

  5. Such a sad photo yesterday :0( So pleased you are feeling better... you always add a little sparkle into my day when I read your post :0)
    Love the new pieces... such talent

  6. ooo your stepping stones necklace looks so fabulous! I just adore the mix of elements you used, especially the stack of drilled stones. Where did you get those pretties?

  7. You just create the most wonderful jewelery. I don't know where your imagination is coming from.

  8. I must know where you found the o-rings...such a great idea!


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