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Let me catch you up one what you've missed these past few days, before the cranky pants showed up at my blog.  Erin arrived at the airport on Friday, late afternoon. I drove to Syracuse to pick her up, and it was great to see her walk through the airport. If only we lived closer, she's one of those people that you want to hang out with every second because she's positive, easy going and so rad!

We headed home and picked up Joe and then headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for some grub. It was delicious! That night we did some last minute beading, and Erin created some earrings for our book that are going to knock your socks off. We talked shop, we talked shopping, we talked jewelry, and Christmas, and Family, we talked and beaded and enjoyed ourselves well into the night. 

Saturday morning, we enjoyed a great breakfast out, and then started getting everything set up for the Open house. The food is always my favorite part of this event- I made Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread, we had tomato pie, hummus, tabbouleh, pretzels, chips, french onion dip,  and Toffee crunch cookies (that unfortunately burned) The fire burned warmly in the fireplace. People started arriving about 2pm, and it was pretty steady for 2 hours.  Although I probably didn't sell as much as I did last year,  the sales equaled last years totals- all in all, a great success!

After that ended, Erin and I went out to Michael's so that she could pick up the beads for the Michael's challenge. (the reveal date is Dec 17th!)  Erin and I are so different in our shopping habits, Erin is a thinker. She plans things in her head as shops, where I get so distracted by the pretty that I just buy the first thing that catches my eye.  I ended up buying several boxes of Swarovski crystals in a myriad of colors, and some chain.

We headed next door to TJ Maxx, as I've been constantly thinking of better ways to store my jewelry. We were looking for jewelry stands but ended up finding the coolest fabric lined trays instead. I think these are wonderful. The compartments are big enough for even chunky necklaces and pieces don't get all tangled with each other, which is a goal lately! Of course we had to get one of each color!

That night we had a nice chat session with Nancy, since she got a new mac and we can now skype. That girl always makes me laugh, and it was cool to see Nancy and Erin talking face to face for the first time. Unfortunately the conversation was geared towards the cranky pants comments on the blog, and not more fun and interesting topics like beading and shopping. 

Got a great nights sleep that night, and Sunday we enjoyed an enormous brunch at the Radisson. Headed out to Syracuse, and stopped in at a local craft fair where Nancy was selling her wares. It was a packed show, they really had a wide range of different vendors. I snagged a couple of cute ceramic tumblers. 

From there we headed to the local Barnes & Noble to kill some time before Erin's flight. We had a chance to take a small video of the announcement of the Contributor winners. Now I just have to figure out how to get the video OFF the camera. I can see it's on there, but when I put the card in the computer, it doesn't show up. Reading the instructions would probably help but that's not how I roll. So if anyone has any suggestions,  please let me know!

It was sad to see Erin leave, and I am looking forward to our next visit to Amesbury this summer to see her, and Josh and the baby. But we are trying to plan a fun beady trip to NYC sometime in mid-January.  I hope it works out, I am dying to go back to Metalliferous again.

In other beady news, the contributor announcement will be happening very soon.  I am working on jewelry for our book first and foremost!,  a fun Secret Santa swap, the Michael's challenge, the Christmas party donation for the silent auction at work, and will be putting together posts for the 12 days of Christmas BOOK giveaways! Lots going on in the studio these days- I'm also planning on moving the studio downstairs to my office. A smaller space, but we are doing some rearranging upstairs to accommodate a new bed in the master bedroom. One that will allow more room for Miss Marley to stretch out her paws, and not lay on top of my legs every dang night.

Hope everyone is enjoying the comforts of home, the holiday hustle and bustle, and getting all their shopping done. Speaking of shopping, ours is currently on hold due to some fraud that ended up resulting in an empty bank account. :(  Hoping it all gets resolved soon!



  1. Those trays look fabulous and look like they are perfect for your jewelry - good catch!!!

  2. What a fun time you had together! I just love those storage trays you found. I might have to see what I can find at our store here.

  3. Love those trays! The colors are striking and looks like they stack nicely!

    By the way, Lori, how are your sinuses doing? Hope you are feeling back to 100%.


  4. Great post about our time! I had such a good time with you even with the cranky pants! I don't think anything could have soiled it for me. YAY for those trays!!! They look great with the jewelry in them! That was such a fun find. Hope they really do work out well. I would comment more, but I've got a fussy baby here! Can't wait to see you and Nancy again! Talk to you soon! Love ya!

  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend! :) I have a few of those trays as well--only in the smaller square version. They worked perfectly at my show last weekend to house my rings. I love TJ Maxx!

    About the video--I use Picasa to import my photos from my camera, and the videos usually come right along with the photos when I select the video thumbnail, and can play it right in Picasa or another program. Sadly, that's all the help I can give on that front. :)

  6. Misery loves company, right? No skin off your back..move one! :) and we love you no matter what you post. We visit your blog, regularily and deliberately. We enjoy it and we enjoy you!
    Glad you had a wonderful weekend, friends help us see the light and give us direction! So high five to Erin too!

    By the way...love those trays!!!!

  7. I am LOVING those fabric trays you got and would probably have done the same in buying one of every color! I'm so glad you got a weekend with Erin and wish I could have been there. Hmmmmm, a January weekend in NYC to shop and go to Metalliferous? Mebe I could crash it? :D

  8. I want to cuddle up in your living room with a good book and drink some cocoa. It looks that cozy. It looks like it would even smell like Christmas. Glad you had such a great weekend!

  9. Bummer about the fraud but yay for an awesome weekend! Not sure if yr using windows, but make sure you select "all files" when pulling up the contents of the card. I had to do that when I used Movie Maker 'cause it didn't recognize the files - once I "found" it on the chip the program did fine with it. :-)

  10. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Congratulations on a successful open house, too. I *love* TJMaxx and Marshalls, and am a bit of an addict. They always have something one needs, don't they?

  11. I think they strategically place a TJ Maxx or Marshall's next to every Michaels - I wonder if they are owned by the same company? Great boxes and great company - what else do you need?

  12. Anonymous12/08/2010

    Good to hear about your lovely weekend! But did I miss an announcement about another Michael's challenge? I need to pay attention better.

  13. Beautiful arrangement for the show; I'm glad you had such success! As for the Ms. Crankypants comments (I just got caught up), they really seem to come from the same person, or maybe two people at most. A basic text analysis (I'm an editor by training) shows a similar narrative style in each, with similar grammar and sentence structure and so forth. Your visibility is VERY well deserved, and it also makes you a target for disaffected, insecure people who feel compelled to tear down others rather than work on their own issues. I love your blog and find lots of inspiration from it even during my long dry spells, and I hope Ms. Crankypants doesn't dissuage you from continuing to share your beautiful creations and words.

  14. Yay!! (that's all -- you had a pretty wonderful weekend except for the part that will get fixed)


  15. I think I need to go to TJ Maxx! COOL trays! Glad your weekend was wonderful - can't wait for the book. I have a project book idea of my own in mind - so I may need to pick your brain at some point (I promise it won't hurt!)
    Glad tidings and wonderful wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Lorelei,
    Cool Moon

  16. Thanks for your sweet comment awhile ago :) I saw your open house post earlier (I'm not always great about remembering to comment:something I need to work on!) and thought "thank God I'm not the latest one holding an open house! Yours looked amazing and I loved your set-up!

    BTW-not to bring up the yuck from the other day but have you thought about turning the anon button off? I know there is some way to do it...

    Have a great day girlie!

  17. Such w warm toasty post! Thats a great feeling for your open house and close friends to boot. Whats the olde saying *One is rich and never alone who has friends. I wish you a warm fire and happiness many days to come too Lorelei!

  18. Your house is so lovely! It is making me want to decorate! Glad you had your girls with you all weekend!

  19. swopemelmel12/08/2010

    Now that's the kind of post your readers live for. You never disappoint L. NEVER !!! I must say I would like to meet Nancy. She is one kick ass chick !!

  20. This is so fun! Thank you for sharing what a great time you all had and the yummy shots of your jewelry! Those trays are perfect.

  21. I have said it before and I am saying it again, I wish I lived closer to you! What a fun time it looks like you guys had. I hope you get everything worked out with the fraud I have been there myself a couple of times and it's not fun. So sorry it happened to you.
    Shannon C

  22. Love those trays! I think you may need to connect your camera directly to your computer via the cord that came with the camera, sometimes it doesn't like to transfer via the SD card...it's worth a shot :)

  23. Love those trays and what a great idea...makes me want to take a 2 1/2 hour drive to get a TJ Maxx fix.

    Glad you had a great time you deserve it!!!!

    Smiles, Pam

  24. I haven't been to TJ Maxx in forever, but looks like I need to head there. I love those trays!!!

    Lori, I hope you get the fraud problems worked out -- that totally stinks, especially at this time of year. Hang in there, girlfriend!!!

  25. Sounds like so much fun! I saw those trays in TJ's the other day - what an ideal use for them! Bravo.


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