On the Mend!

I am definitely feeling a lot better these last few days. I think I'm on the mend for sure. OR it could be, the several different drugs I'm taking to function correctly. lol
Either way, I feel better. and look better.

Having fun with my new camera. I have just as much fun messing around with iphoto.

Last night when I got home, I guess I was feeling motivated, and started setting up for the open house this weekend. I rearranged the furniture and and then started putting props out and before I knew it, the whole dang thing was put together.

After setting up I realized I was running low on earrings, so after this was all done, I went up stairs and cranked out 12 pairs of earrings.

On the agenda for tonight- Bracelets!
Something a bit more simple.
Un-spendy. We'll see what happens.
 I can't believe it's Thursday already.
I pick up Erin from the airport tomorrow!


  1. So glad you are feeling better! And YAY for Erin arriving tomorrow to spend the weekend with you. I'm excited for you guys :)

    The set up for your open house looks fabulous!

  2. SQUEEEEEAK!Squeak! I'm soooo looking forward to it! I'm gettin' on a plane tomorrow moring!!! YAY! I can't believe it. ACK! I need to pack! What to bring, what to bring? Can't wait to see you and Joe and the house! The place looks great! I'm going to run my fingers over each piece of jewelry, OH, it will be soooo much fun!

    I'm thinking I'll bring some beading projects to work on, so you can bead your lil' heart out up until the last minute if you want too! ;)

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling better!

    I'm inspired by your lovely display table and hope to have the time in the new year to do a makeover of my own display.

  4. I want to come!!! Your house/display looks awesome! I am selfishly hoping there are some earrings left to post on Monday....love them <3 Have a great time!!!!

  5. glad that you are on the mend...don't you just love photos and photography...love your place/space/santuary.

    Jan at www.ivegottadraw.blogspot.com

  6. Glad you are feeling better and the set up for the open house looks great!!

  7. Girl, you were motivated! Good to see you're feeling better, too. Sure wish I could come to that open house, but alas... Georgia is just too far.
    All my best.

  8. Wait - they have drugs that make you motivated to crank out 12 pairs of delicious earrings? You need to share your stash and help a sistah out! ;-)

    Glad you are on the mend!

  9. Anonymous12/02/2010

    Awesome sanctuary/display! All the best for your open house (wish I was closer...;) Enjoying your recent designs & challenges (you inspired me to shop at Michael's for the first time...;)


  10. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Your set up looks so beautiful and your new creations are fabulous! I wish I could stop by your open house. You'll do amazing!

    Much love,


    p.s. my word verification was "eurti" almost like your last name ;)

  11. Sending healing & happy thoughts! Love your displays!! they go perfectly with your very awesome & unique style of jewelry!
    You & Erin are going to do fabulous!!
    Enjoying the journey & warmth!

    Blessings & blissings to both of you!


  12. Wow, 12 pairs of earrings AND setting up for your open house, all after a day's work. You amaze me!!! So glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Where ever to find the time/energy? LOL!! :) Your set up looks awesome and I hope you have a great show! Now I have to get busy decorating my house today for the holidays, finishing my designs this week and packing to travel to my sis's house to do my open house next weekend - you're an inspiration! Thanks!!

  14. good luck with your open house today!

  15. oooo... lorelei your house looks so beautiful! i really like the display you've got... what great ideas you have!

    Also, so very inspired by the lovely earings you've put out here! Beautiful pieces. Anyone going to your open house is one lucky duck!


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