Secret Santa

I participated in a Secret Santa swap, hosted by Nicole of Lillyella, and sent out my gift to my recipient a few days ago. I got my gift from a stay-at-home crafting Momma in Watervliet MI- I was thrilled to get an unexpected gift in the mail- there is nothing quite like it!!
Kailyn shopped at a local chocolatier and sent some tasty truffles, a girl after my own heart! ;)
She also stopped into her local bead shop, and sent along some gorgeous Owyhee Jasper, Turquoise bird shaped beads,  a hank of gorgeous gold glass seed beads, and some Tulip shaped Unakite! All packaged in the sweetest little Christmas themed TIN!!
I can't wait to find out what my recipient thought of the gift I sent! Hopefully she'll blog about it.
THANK YOU NICOLE, for organizing such a fun swap!


  1. You are so unexpected gist in the mail is like fresh fallen snow...a real gift! Merry Christmas Lorelei!

  2. oooo, I participated in that swap as well. Haven't received mine yet, but beads? What a great gift!!!! ;)

  3. love your blog...glad tidings for you and yours during this season of love,

  4. Oh what fun and lovely gifts!! Sounds like fun!

  5. Awe..o...hmm! It is a wonderful thing to get things in the mail. Oh, are those tulip shaped beads Unakite? Those are many possiblities! :D


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