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  1. Anonymous12/03/2010

    I'll ask the question all of us are asking behind your back -- why should we care? Why should we care about another post your "oh look, I'm WONDERFUL, I ROCK, BOW DOWN, I am soooo smooooooth"? I mean really. Get a clue. Not all the people who follow you do it because they think you're grand. They do it for they're daily laugh over tea.

  2. Wow, if you would like to leave a comment at least have the balls to put your name up. A LOT of people sign in because we love Lorelei and know what a warm wonderful talented person she is. Jealousy does not become you "Anonymous".

  3. Lorelei - I read your blog for the inspiration and to look at the beautiful jewelry (and I own a set)You have wonderful business sense and energy that I wish I had....You are wonderful

  4. Wow, Lorelei, that comment really was uncalled for. And posting it anonymously-I almost wonder if you were not the only wonderfully talented top ranked (yay!) artist to get the posting - I think they may have 'group grumped'. It must be Pluto's planetary alignment (yes, we astrologers still consider Pluto a planet) - because I've had a few snarky comments myself this week.
    So heads up! Beads ready! To hell with em all! We REAL beaders and designers all appreciate your success!

  5. Well, annonymous, are you just going to hit and run? Rude to say the least. We all care about Lorelei, her talent and look forward to her entries and pics of her gorgeous jewelry everyday. She is a very giving person who is contantly gifting us with information and fun facts that I'm sure you've been gobbling up until now. If you don't like looking, don't but don't be rude, it's so unseemly.

  6. Congratulations on being #2, Lorelei. You TRULY deserve it.

  7. And oh, yeah, Anonymous? - we REAL designers do BOW DOWN, and think Lorelei ROCKS and ARE appreciative of her success - and you know what? we know she does the same for us.

  8. Anonymous -- If you don't like Lorelei, then don't follow her or shut your trap. Most of us follow her because we like her and want to celebrate her successes with her. Only a very small person feels better about him/herself by being mean to others.

  9. Have to agree with Cary - have the balls to put your name to your words!

    Love the blog - your provide great inspiration! Have a great weekend.

  10. WOW that was uncalled for, rude and just plain out of line. I agree if you don't like don't look. Lorelei's work is amazing and she is a giving talented artist - enough said. Anonymous go crawl back under your rock this is the season to be jolly!

  11. Anonymous I'm surprised that someone as rude as you ruins the image of tea drinkers! If you don't like the blog don't follow it. I personally follow the blog for inspiration and to enjoy the wonderful pics that Lorelei puts up. She has been most gracious in sharing information with all of us which is something that not every one would do. Grab a cup of coffee to go and get a life!

  12. I personally liked that you put the ranking because I never knew about some of the other blogs and Wikio till you Lor. I think the anonymity of the internet gives people the balls to say things they never would in person. Don't let it get to you like I know you will. People suck sometimes and this anonymous may have been going through something horrible in his/her life and is taking it out on you.
    It is hard not to be a twinge jealous of someone who is successful because we all want that for ourselves but we need to remember it will come in our own time.
    Keep doing what you do kid!
    Shannon C

  13. Anonymous,your observations are incorrect.Lorelei has every right to be proud of her blog and the placement didn't happen by accident, she puts a lot of hard work into whatever she does..
    Even if you are unhappy and jealous,you should not be rude and steal others joy.
    perhaps your energy would be better placed in working to make something you might be proud of,your unfortunate comment certainly isn't in that catagory.

  14. Anonymous discredits his or herself in their opening sentence. How can she or he speak for us all??? "We", "they", "all", it's bunk. You are speaking for yourself anonymous. Don't include anyone else in your attack. If you feel defensive for some reason Anonymous, you should ask yourself why and how you can grow from it.

  15. Just when you think we're all grown up enough to play nicely in the sand box,...wow. I'm still shocked to find people who don't understand that we are ALL connected and that this type of behavor ruins the opportunity for growth and happiness. And we wonder why the world is in the state it's in,...because of sad people who feel putting negative comments/actions out there will will help their situation. Luckily, it only helps, and untimately strengthens, those they lash out at - Karma is nice, isn't she?

  16. Well, I luvs your blog! Anon sounds like a grumpy gus.

  17. Anonymous12/04/2010

    I must admit that I am right there with anonymous. Although Lorelei has a nice business going and I hope it brings her much success, sometimes her comments can be seen as the "look at me" type. I don't get that feeling from other blogs. One thing that I thought was very unprofessional was when she put on a special sale to earn the money to buy her ticket to Raleigh. Why does that have to be done in a public way? Why not just budget your household money and buy the ticket just as anyone else would? It looked like you were having a fund raiser for others to pay for your ticket. I also thought her post about people copying her designs was a bit overboard. If you are in this business, you need to face reality and know that if you put your stuff out there, people are going to be inspired by it and copy it. Take that as a compliment. If you don't want that to happen, then don't even write this book. I am not a sad person, not do I bring sadness into the lives of others. I have a successful jewelry business and look at many blogs for inspiration and ideas, however Lorelei's blog sometimes goes a bit too far and is missing some humbleness.

  18. Well, guess there are lots of different people around in cyber-space as on the ground..space..and some do not feel so good....
    I think the tea part was a good idea from the "dear anonymous" first comment!
    I do spend some time reading Lorelei´s blog with a cup of tea at hand and I FEEEEL GOOOD ! as I find interesting things to read an look at!

  19. Anonymous12/04/2010

    Why when we state our opinion are we looked at as "not feeling so good" or "sad"? That is a huge misconception.

  20. Because the way you said it was just cruel. And being cruel to others is sad and pathetic.

    Well, our anonymous friends, I have a solution for you: stop reading this blog if it bothers you so much! That saves you the annoyance of reading something you don't care for, and it saves the rest of us your negativity. Go elsewhere for your "inspiration."

    L, I look forward to your next post.

  21. Ok Anonymous - You obviously aren't going to be brave enough to show yourself, so please go away.
    WE like Lorelei and her jewelry and you are being a pain in the arse!

  22. Anonymous12/04/2010

    This is a sad post. When I looked at this post I thought oh NO not again. The same old same old people. Though they are very taleneted how about some fresh meat? I mean come on. I see some wonderful blogs refreshing that make great jewelry who you know of that you never feature. Is it a cliquey or a comfort zone thing?
    I have to agree with what these other Anonys said. Why dont they say who they are because they would get smeared, so they stay Anomys, so I can for one see why they dont. There are some people who sell well and write good blogs who will never tell you this. I wonder if you give people the time of day that buy from you too? Humbleness? I rarely see it. You will continue to plummet in sales and bloggers is my estimation. This reminds me of the Ghost of Christmas Past telling you a few home truths!

  23. Anonymous12/04/2010

    The old saying "less is more" would be good for you. Understated elegence is something so desired! But you are always such a taker and what can I gleam off the public?! Thats you. Getting off before I say more!

  24. Anonymous12/04/2010

    What is so cruel about commenting that "asking" for people to buy jewelry for the sake of making money to buy a plane ticket? That is just unprofessional...simply unprofessional. Go ahead and share with us your plans to visit here and there, but don't put on a special sale as a fund raiser.

    Just because we have a different opinion does not mean we are cruel, sad and pathetic. I LIKE Lorelei's jewelry and prefaced my post with a compliment to her. It's a country of free speech whether you know my name or not. Have a more open mind to other thoughts and feelings and all of you don't be SO CRITICAL of a different view of some of her statements.

    On to other blogs.

  25. I hope you also do not think it cruel that I am going to now comment on your cowardliness. Your different point of view would be much more respected if you could really stand behind what you are saying by coming out from behind the mask of "Anonymous". You want to say mean and cruel things but not allow the person you are saying them to even have the benefit of knowing who you are. If you have such strong convictions about what Lori is doing and how she is presenting herself by all means air them. We will also do the same to you. I am saying that you are showing a complete lack of class and being very unprofessional by putting comments up here and being too afraid of putting yourself under the microscope to let everyone know who you are.
    Stand up and say who you are or go away. Other people enjoy this blog immensely and adore Lori. If you do not share these feelings then just stop reading her blog.

  26. I make Jewellery and sell some of it, but also have bought some from Lorelei. We all do that. Because Lorelei buys as much as she can wholesale she has sold some jewellery pretty cheap. If a person had to buy all of the components that she has often put on her necklaces they would of spent a fortune to make something like it. I appreciate that she makes some things so affordable that ya just have to dang out buy it! Hope your Open House was warm and cosy! Its Christmastime lets all rejoice! ox

  27. Three words: De Lu Sional!

  28. Anonymous12/04/2010

    People post anonymously because we have very successful bead or jewelry businesses and you might be surprised who we are, and things like this are actually better handled this way -- unlike the public floggings that Lorelei has subjected unsuspecting jewelry designers to. Posting in this way is a last-ditched effort to try and get through to someone we hope will see the light of how she is quietly losing some of her biggest supporters. Or does she not see that? I guess there will always be new ones.

    No one likes to be taken advantage of, and then once Lorelei has taken what she's needed, asked for beads, asked for sales to support her habits, she ignores those who've supported her. If someone tries to befriend her and they are deemed unworthy -- that's no fun for anyone.

    But I do agree with the angry people -- I don't even know why any of us even bother to be here anymore when we're so turned off by the gloating smugness. I suppose the group of us had hopes for someone we used to hold in high regard.

  29. I'm shocked and sad for Lorelei by some of these "anonymous" comments. There is a reason why her blog is #2, because so many of us love it! Lorelei gives so much of herself to us. It was because of her that I learned to take better photos of my jewelry, learned to use Picasa mosaic and so many other little tips and tricks that I can't even think of them all. She could choose to keep all that she's learned to herself but she shares it with us because she has a generous spirit.

    Please don't let a few trolls get you down Lorelei. You have many fans and we appreciate all that you share with us.

  30. Anonymous12/04/2010

    I support the last "Anonymous" comment 200%. Thank goodness someone has finally hit the nail on the head! You are correct...she is quietly losing some of her biggest supporters.

    As for her little tips and tricks, there are many sources online and in your own camera instruction booklet to help you take photos. It's not like she is sharing really unique tips. They are things I've already done or have found myself elsewhere.

    Again, thank you "anonymous" for your comment. I wish we could chat.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Congrats on # 2 Lori! Thanks for sharing your talent and awesome supply sources! (I'd love to say go for #1 but I love ABS too!) : )

  33. Anonymous12/04/2010

    I have been reading this all day and have to throw in my two cents.
    There is a much bigger picture that most of us here are not seeing. All people involved know who they are, and it's none of our business to know their names "Anonymous" felt this was the best and only way to try to address the issues at hand, and maybe even try to salvage the relationship. We have all had friends that are difficult to approach and discuss concerns with. Let's let them work it out and not judge them or say mean things in return, it does absolutely no good except making yourself appear to be not so nice. I hope you all can work it out. Sometimes our Best Friends tell us what it is we really NEED to hear not what we WANT to hear.
    Best of luck to all involved.

  34. I have a feeling that sll of these Anonymus comments are made by one person. The writing is the same and there can't be this many hateful people who read this blog.
    Do you have back pain? Are you in an busive relationship? What makes you so angry? I really pity you.

  35. Congrats Lori! Happy for you! I wonder if "Anonymous realizes that their own visits to this blog have helped it go to #2?? I believe everything you see and read here is perhaps Lorelei's enthusiasm for her achievements! Perhaps she just wants to share a little of herself with us. She has certainly inspired me and my own work has become better through that inspiration. Perhaps we are all a little jealous??
    Keep chuggin along Lori!! No matter what people think or say!

  36. Wow, it's difficult to read some of those comments. I feel that Lorelei is genuinely excited about her achievement and just wanted to share her excitement with all of us! She is a gifted designer and has worked very hard to build her business. Her blog is a way to celebrate her work and success, as well as share her knowledge and sources. Why is it looked at as a terrible thing to be happy about your success? I'm sure Lorelei feels that she is among friends when she blogs, and who better to share your excitement with! If you disagree with something she has done then just send her a personal message to discuss it, why post it on a public site in such a cruel manner? There is a nice way to present your feelings and a very unprofessional way, for some reason "anonymous" has chosen the unprofessional way. No worries Lorelei, you cannot please everyone, just know that there are more people that love your blog and your work.

  37. Hell, I'll admit it...I am envious of Lorelei...but I'm also envious of Sandra Bullock, but I'd never try to bring them down like these "anonymous" morons (FYI...anonymous isn't as 'anonymous' as you think...it's not difficult to track you down...learn a little bit about computers before you hop on and take one for a ride) On a side note I do believe that Lorelei's sale to raise funds to go to Raleigh was great! I would consider it a business trip of sorts...To the first anonymous moron; I think it's funny that you were the FIRST one to comment on her post...as though her RSS feed is connected to you like an IV...kinda like a crazed stalker...anyways...CONGRATS Lorelei, keep up the awesome work :) oh, maybe have a special sale in your Etsy shop with a coupon code like 'ANONYMOUSMORONSCANKISSMYASS' just a thought.

  38. Hi, I just want to say something, because of course I have reacted on this whole discussion and the thoughts and opinions some people express. It has started me thinking a lot of philosophical thoughts about how we are as human beings, and for instance what we belive our idols have to live up to, or if art can be judged objectivly. So I have started to scribble down some of these thoughts that I would like to develop and make a post of on my own blog one day in a not too far future. It is a large and interesting discussion.

    So Lorelei please, until then, just know I am so happy for you being number 2, and please don't stop to share your pride and happiness on these kind of things. And I don't understand why it is something wrong to have a sale in your shop to get some money to go on a trip. It IS a business after all.

    All my best,

  39. Anonymous12/05/2010

    First of all, just because we choose to post without sharing out name does not mean we are morons. We have a right to speak our thoughts as does everyone else.

    It's a shame NOBODY has picked up on some of our real points ... "No one likes to be taken advantage of, and then once Lorelei has taken what she's needed, asked for beads, asked for sales to support her habits, she ignores those who've supported her. If someone tries to befriend her and they are deemed unworthy -- that's no fun for anyone." That statement was made yesterday. I haven't seen anyone answer those points.

    Also, those that have posted anonymously are not all the same person. As far as being envious, that's not our point. It's the way Lorelie sometimes shoves her success in our faces instead of being thankful for her blessings. There always has to be a new picture of whatever she has just bought, as if to say, "Oh look what I have. Do you have something that can compare?"

    Probably the first anonymous poster yesterday was waiting to be the first because some of us are so fed up with the (as quoted above) gloating smugness.

    Sea Shore Glass Girl: I once thought you were a good person. But your ignorant comments have shown your true colors. Why don't you grow up and act like an adult instead of making up such clever coupon codes that seem like they come from a middle school brat.

  40. I believe we have picked up on your points, just do not share them. That is our right. I think you have ignored the point that you are not acting professionally or with any kindness and it is upsetting people, and it is your right to ignore that, doesn't mean that people don't have the right to share these opinions with you.
    Can you give an example of what Lori is shoving in your face? She always lets people know exactly where she has purchased items so anyone can go get the same thing if they choose to do so. Also the companies that she promotes by showing their products get free advertisement. It seems like a win win. Yesterdays blog was her sharing her excitement at being #2 for beading blogs. She does have a right to be excited and share this with friends. She also listed the whole list which promoted every other blog on there. She went a step further and stated that people should check these out. That seems very fair to me.
    This is a beading blog for Lori's business. She loves what she does and is rightfully very excited by her success. She is also a very kind person. Her mother, father, sister etc read this blog and I'm sure you can imagine that it is hurtful to them as well to see the way you and others are attacking her. Wouldn't you want someone to send you a private message to criticize you instead of doing a hit and run such as you have done? Lori deserves the right to defend herself or, shocking, maybe tell you she's sorry if she has hurt your feelings.
    Please imagine here that you have a daughter. She does something to someone else that is hurtful. Instead of the other person taking her aside and discussing this they instead decide to go to the internet and post hurtful things for everyone to read. Wouldn't you be a little fired up? It's only a human way to be.
    I'm not commenting on this any further and I hope in the future Lori decides to block anonymous comments because not only does it hurt her, but also people that care about her a great deal. I know you were hurt yourself but please do the right thing and send Lori a message instead of doing this.

  41. Anonymouses - I urge you to look up the word KARMA....

  42. Anonymous12/05/2010

    Maybe you all should look up karma as well. We are trying to help Lorelei so she doesn't burn any more bridges than she already has. What goes around, comes around. And we are on the receiving end right now and don't like it.

  43. Karma is a bitch, as you will one day find out. Lorelei hasn't burned any bridges, but you sure have. Thanks to some pretty smart, internet savvy folks, Lorelei (and several others) know exactly who you are. Your best option at this point would be to write to her directly, apologize for your disgusting and embarrassing behavior and hope to God that those of us who know who you are keep our mouths shut. After your pathetic display of jealously and venomous attacks on L and others who have commented it would be a good idea for you to lay real low, take your meds and do your best to rebuild your own self esteem - something that is apparently in dire need of repair.

  44. ...For the record, I am a good person...possessing the ability to think up clever coupon codes does not make me a bad person. Punching a dolphin in the nose would make me a bad person, and that has nothing to do with coupon codes.

  45. Dearie me, what's the matter with these people?! Just don't read Lorelei's blog if it bothers you that much - no one is making you!! I make jewellery and have a blog and am NO WHERE NEAR as successful and frequently read as Lorelei and this is absolutely fine. I get the impression that you (Lorelei) work extremely hard at your business, therefore you deserve your success 110%. As for your Raleigh sale - well, it wasn't like the post said "send me money please, I want a holiday!" it said I am having a sale, if you want to take advantage of it please do. Nothing unprofessional there. There are some really crazy folk out there. Just don't read things that bother you so much - a very simple solution! Keep doing what you're doing Lorelei, your blog and jewellery are absolutely some of my very favourites.

  46. Anonymous12/06/2010

    God bless you all. I prayed in church yesterday and continuing to pray that this is behind us all.

  47. You have a lot of work do to if you want this to all be behind you. It's quite simple, really. Write Lorelei and apologize to her. Praying isn't going to undo all of the nasty things that you have said, but owning your mistakes head on will be a good first step.

  48. Anonymous12/06/2010

    Nancy: For your information, I wrote that last anonymous comments. I had not responded to this post all weekend long but was reading it thinking what a shame it is that this kind of stuff has to happen. I did go to church yesterday and prayed that it would stop. Please do not accuse me of leaving the other things that were said.

    I read Lorelei's blog occasionally and when I read it on Saturday it hurt me to see it. I am not savvy with blogs and that is why I clicked the anonymous button earlier this morning just like I will do now, but also signing my name.

    Kathryn Galloway

  49. I know only in a perfect world are we supposed to have 100% positive commentary on our blogs, but quite frankly I would expect it if this were a political forum or something of that nature, but for this behavior on a Designers blog is really a display of someone being jealous or envious of someone else's success and getting to the point where they cannot contain themselves. Just having "had enough" of someone else isn't a decent reason. You have to physically and intentionally seek out information about a person to read these things.. If you have "had enough" then just don't follow.

    Personally, I am a little controversial in my thoughts, posts online (and at home) and sometimes I am not all "rosie" and "everything is beautiful and stunning" in my opinion., however, as a bead maker with a fairly decent sized business I ALWAYS use my own identity and address these things as myself, so that I am held responsible for my actions, regardless. If this is how I feel, well then, all of my customers should know WHO they are buying from...because a piece of me goes into everything I make.

    The sale to go to Raleigh? I believe Lorelei may have thought that was a "fun" way to incorporate life & business.. cause people who are committed Bloggers invite you into their world and into their life. Everyone is different.. And it seems as though Lorelei's followers are people that enjoy being part of her world and the family she has created here with them on the internet. If they didn't they would have the option to STOP FOLLOWING HER. Whether you think its professional or not, it is what appeals to her and the people who dig her...and on HER blog why should she use your opinion as the compass to guide her in expressing herself?

    The burning bridges thing sounds very personal to me., you must have been hurt in some way..and if that is the case..then why don't you just email her and talk it out..

    Lorelei... You should be comforted with all the love shown to you by your supporters..without them where would any of us be? It is always nice to have a reminder of that, so thank anonymous for this unexpected display of adoration and affection :) It appears as though your success made someone upset.. but There is nothing you can do about that..just concentrate on the people who think you rock.

    For the people who have called anonymous every name in the book.. we have no idea who this person is. This could be a teenager, who read some previous posts and wanted to see how much trouble they could get into.. They could be an adult who has been trying to sell jewelry that cannot and is very frustrated. We just don't know. Just concentrate on the positive and if they ever make themselves known as a person with a real identity then issues can start being addressed.

  50. Kathryn: Thanks for clarifying that that last anonymous comment was from you. Considering that all of the other anonymous comments came from the same person I am sure you can understand why I would think that yours was part of that. Thanks for clarifying and I apologize if I turned your genuine comment into something snarky. I get very protective with it comes to my girl, L.

  51. I personally don't think anyone should read blogs just to laugh at someone or get their daily laugh in. That kinda speaks multitudes to your character.

  52. I think lorilei is brave to be so open. Why can't she have a sale to raise money for something she wants? she shouldn't have to hide it. Can't you work overtime to buy something you want? Its the same thing. She was just willing to say what it was for, and wasn't lying or hiding anything. She was trying to make some money to do something she wanted to do. Isn't that the point of making money? Does your whole paycheck have to go back into your business?

  53. Wow, there are some panties in a wad here! I only have one thing to say to the first Anonymous post - it would be nice if you knew the difference between "they're" (which means they are) and "their" (which is possessive).

  54. Kim Melton12/06/2010

    Lorelei, I come daily to your blog for eye candy, inspiration, humor, and the honesty that you are brave enough to put out there! You are loved immeasurably!

    Wow, Anonymous, I ask this with complete compassion and sincerity: Have you considered therapy? You should, you really should! And, you might want to spend some time brushing up on your communication skills - just a loving suggestion!

    And, now, to help balance the karma, I am headed over to Lorelei's Big Cartel Shop! Love you Girl! XOXOXOX

  55. Anonymous12/06/2010

    I posted as anonymous because I'm a coward and I did not make it in the list. I'm just bitter and have nothing else to do but stir up trouble. I hope I burn in hell.

  56. swopemelmel12/06/2010

    The "Anons" claim they are not morons yet they must be if they think anything on the internet is truly anonymous. If needed a computer tech could trace this in mere seconds!!! What is the world coming to when you can longer be proud of what you have done. I adore you Lorelei, you make me feel like a world class designer when really i'm just a craft lover making jewelry at my living room coffee table!!! To quote a famous cartoon character "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." Gee, I thought everyone learned that in kindergarten. Melanie

  57. Wow - Lori! You let that comment through? They are truly bitter in deed. They need to get some help.

  58. This is why people shouldn't smoke crack before leaving anonymous blog comments. It's just sad, really. Maybe an intervention needs to be organized?

  59. Well, there's not much I can add to the conversation here that hasn't already been said. I know Lorelei personally and I can tell you that the negative accusations against her are completely made up and false. I think the anonymous commenter knows that what they say is wrong and slanderous, otherwise they would be able to stand behind what they say. Lorelei is a personal friend of mine. She has a pure and generous heart. She is the most honest, open and real person I have ever met in my entire life. Nothing is hidden. If you read her blog regularly, you know absolutely everything about her. She shares her life completely and honestly.

  60. Wow - not quite sure what to say... I don't think you have done anything wrong, love the sale idea to fund a trip... I mean it's not like there was any pressure to buy and she was only promoting herself as any other seller does.

    It's sad that people can feel this way but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion... we just don't have to agree with it.


  61. Hi Lorelei, I go onto many blogs daily, but yours is always the first. I'm sometimes dissapointed when you haven't updated your blog. I've come to expect someting from you every day. I find your jewellery inspiring and your business ethic motivating. As I live in South Africa, your lifestyle is also interesting. Keep up the good work.

  62. I came across this post today and thought it was a wonderful reminder (regardless of your faith perspective) for all of us women (myself most certainly included)...


  63. Lorelei, I've always thought you were super brave to leave your comments open without mediation, like so many are now, and I know how it hurts when you get negativity. But I also know how strong and sensible you are.

    I joined Wikio early on, and for a while my blog was #9 in the list of Jewelry Blog Category - I was amazed. And then I hung on in #20 for a while. But I always knew as other blogs joined, I might slip down, and it's just part of the way of the world. I am truly thrilled that Art Bead Scene still reins as #1, and that you are there consistently as #2.

    Stay blessed, don't change. My old grannie always said not to compare yourself with others, as there will always be someone richer and someone poorer, someone taller and someone shorter. All we can do, myself included, is to be TRUE to OURSELVES and embrace the gifts we are given. They are truly ours, and only we control what we can do with them .... LOL. Lynn Davis

  64. I think this person is looking to push buttons and create strife. Responding is to give them what they want. I feel sorry for them, they do not have any talent to feel good about.

    You, on the other hand Lorelei, you've got loads of talent and I LOVE hearing about how you have inspired so many other people in addition to myself!


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