And the winners are...

I used the Random Number Integer Generator to pick the winners of my extra copies of the January issue of Bead Trends magazine. I am the designer highlight in this issue, a huge honor and priveledge- I am so excited for everyone to see the issue.

Without Further A do.... the FIVE (yes, 5 winners!!) are

Copper Diem
Debby B

Please contact me by email and give me
your mailing address!


  1. Congratulations to all the winners! I am going to try and track down a copy here in the UK!

  2. Congratultions Lorelei on the designer highlight spot. Can't wait to see it. You're a superstar!

  3. Five winners-how generous! I see the name Alice in the winners list and I'm hoping it's meeeeeeee! There were two entries with the name Alice, but the other one included her last name. I'm sending you my mailing address and keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

  4. The pieces you had in the issue were very nice. Keep up with the inspiratiion.

  5. Congrats on the Designer Spotlight - awesome!

  6. Hi Lorelei, I saw your spread in Bead Trends while at my usual Friday Barnes & Noble fix. It was amazing! Congratulations!


  7. Debby B1/10/2011

    Oh, thanks so much! I just got my copy of the magazine and the pieces you chose to include are just stupendous!!! They are photographed in a marvelous way that allows all the wonderful colors, textures and attention to detail to just pop! Well done Lorelei, congrats!!


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