Bead Table Wednesday

I finally got my act together to participate in Heather Powers' Bead Table Wednesday! You can check out the Flickr group here.  And of course, I am enjoying the new Hipstamatic app on my phone, I am still kind of struggling to figure out how it works. I need an instruction manual or something.

Today, my bead table looks like this. I am still trying to use lampwork beads. I have so much of it and rarely use them, so you'll probably see lampwork mixed into pieces quite a bit for the next few days.
I did a little beading early this morning with my coffee. Sometimes it just works out that way, if say, there isn't anything distracting me on the internets.
You'll also see my new Tronex tools. I plan on talking more about these in a separate post, in the near future, I promise. But for now I will just say: NIGHT & DAY. I love them so much more than the Lindstroms.... they just feel better in my hands. I am looking forward to getting some bent nose, and some short chain nose, but for now, these are sufficient to do most things.

Anyhoo, what's on your bead table today?