Dug out the Resin

The first time I used ICE resin, I struggled. It wasn't fun, I couldn't get the bubbles out, it was a weird color. I hadn't played with it since. I noticed the original bottles had actually completely hardened- I think it was part A. I mentioned it to SLK at Beadfest, and she gave me another set of bottles to try.

I finally dug them out last night- and am quite pleased with this second try! I followed KJ's tip on warming the bottles a bit before using it. That helped a TON! Thanks KJ! There were hardly any bubbles. The color was slightly yellow but it didn't seem to affect anything. I flowed smoothly and besides a few discoloration of the papers on a few, they came out great!

The first 2 sets of pictures are Tierra Cast bezels from BelloModo.com. I have had them for awhile- wondering what to fill them with. Ironically, I received an order recently from BlackSheepYarns, and she wrapped my package in a double sided map. France on one side and Spain on the other. Coincidentally, I am travelling to Madrid in March, and Paris in April- both trips for work!

The clasp above is from MissFickleMedia. I have had this one for a long time as well- I filled it with a pattern from some scrap book paper I had on hand.

These two clasps are my favorite! I got them from Etsy seller FireandSkill. They are good quality silver bezel clasps- really well made and beautiful! I can't wait to use all of them in some designs. I suppose I should let the resin cure a few more days. they seem dry to the touch but you never know.

The only problem with the resin is I made way too much. Ended up throwing a lot of it away- such a shame! But I only filled these bezels and I figured it was better to have more than not enough. Right? Looking foward to doing this again soon.


  1. Oh dear, I purchased some ICE Resin about 6 months ago, I wonder if it will be hardened already. Sheesh, I need to use what I have instead of letting it sit there.

    Your pieces are gorgeous! I must give this a try.

  2. I've had mine on the intention shelf too, guess I'd better go check it. Great pieces Lorelei. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've had mine a long long time, seems I heard somewhere that it can be re-constituted somehow. I love all these pieces Lorelei, I must also dig mine out and see if I can use it!

  4. Great pieces! Resin is such a slippery trickster! But it looks like you mastered it!

  5. I read you should use Ice Resin within a year after oopening...I too need to get busy with mine before it's bad. All pieces are beautiful! Happy Creating!

  6. They look great Lorelei. I've got some bezels I've been meaning to work with and the resin. Such a procrastinator. I'd better go check out my resin... You'll be making some beautiful stuff with these!

  7. love these..the maps a great.

  8. Really cool! Good for you going back and trying again!

    Did they stay kind of yellow or did it clear up? For some reason I thought this particular brand was supposed to be very clear.

  9. There are all gorgeous, Lorelei. Simply gorgeous.

  10. awesome bezels and clasps! I can't wait to see how you use them all :D

  11. Wow, these are FANTASTIC!! I am so impressed. Resin scares me...but seeing your results, perhaps I should have a go? It's the type of thing I feel I'd like someone to show me rather than trying by myself...maybe you should do a vlog...?!

  12. I've never used resin, but have a book on it, and it says to coat your pieces (front and back and let dry) with something like clear drying Elmer's glue. The discoloring you got probably was the dye in the paper dissolving into the resin. Love your results... I want to try it some day, too.
    <3 Terri

  13. Do you need anyone to carry your bags in March and April? I would volunteer!!! Love Paris - the flea market, the stalls, the shops, the food. Lucky you - can't wait to hear more about it.

  14. Lorelei, thanks for sharing your experience, now when I try I'll know to warm up the resin first. And to QuiltNCards, thanks for the tip on coating front and back of the paper before using the resin.

  15. Just love what you have done with these Lorelei. I have never tried resin yet that is something on the to do list. I really like the maps the best. Can't wait to see what designs you come up with to use these with.

  16. The designs look great. Thanks for the tip about heating it up a little. I am hoping mine is still in good condition so I can try it as well.

  17. I have not been brave enough to try it, but I think you inspired me!

    Lovely work as always.

    Kathleen xx

  18. I've been wanting to get some ICE Resin for a good while. You might have just inspired me enough to finally break down and get some.
    The pieces are BEAUTIFUL! Great work!

  19. Love them all. I thought it was South America on the maps first. Thanks for telling where you got all the nice looking bezels also.

    I have a few rings since a while. I really should have a go. Just another thing on my list of things I wanna do ... I'm not scared at all to be honest. Probably coz I've done similar things in my past. Like glues and other material mixes. Anyway I would like to recommend you who are, to buy the new beading E-mag from Interweave, can't remember the name right now, but there is just one. There is a whole section on resins. And one or two films with Susan Lenart Kazmer where she shows and explains how to go about it. Very good all of it.

    to g

  20. ooh Lorelei

    what are you planning to do with those gorgeous resin pieces.

    please please if your making a bracelet can it be a smaller size.
    i know... me harping on again...

    lucky you.. Paris.. Madrid.. all sounds romantically exciting.. you must be so looking forward to such wonderful trips.

  21. Oh, too bad you tossed the leftover resin. Do you have any 2-part mold compound? Had a class where we made molds out of ANYTHING (old jewelry pins, charms, soap, etc. Molds dry in 20 minutes, then you can fill them with the resin. You can add color, glitter, stuff, etc. Once dry the pieces pop out of the molds and can be used like cabs or drill holes for pendants. Best part the molds can be used over and over again.

    Like what you did with the bezels. My favorite city - Paris -you'll love it! Lucky you....

  22. I was amazed to see what you had done with the maps of Spain... for I am a Spanish reader!

    Your pieces are gorgeous, and if you need advice about what to do or see in Madrid just give me a call- I will be delighted to show you around and even take you shopping for your bead cravings!

    Have fun,


  23. lately i too have been on a bezel making craze. Been soldering my own, and filling them with resin... such fun! Those are really gorgeous bezels you got off etsy there... definately somethign i may need to go check out.

    I second the suggestion about coating the papers. I used to have that problem a lot, but now i coat teh papers with gel medium before painting them, and haven't had a problem with color changing or unwanted transparancy since.


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